• So in any work of fiction when world building you ought to make the world feel more real in order to make it believable, even when the world itself is fantastical and out of this world.The mod does a great aspect at this in most things, from the map, to lines of dialogue, to small books and quest, to the structures and furniture.But I notice one thing were at times the mod does not feel believable at least in certain places.Food,now I don’t mean the lack of food in chest and so forth ,you can find this all over chest, you can buy it from traders,etc.No what I mean is how food is made, as in farms.So in normal Minecraft right, when you go to a village you expect to find wheat growing or potatoes next to the village.We sometimes overlook this as we simply come loot and go this food,but this is a great attention to detail as small as it may seem.We know of course that we in the game are the only ones who actually need to eat food,the villagers don’t need to do so, from a game play perspective it’s at most a convenience to the player. However in a world building perspective it makes tons of sense, the villagers in game don’t need food, but in this fictional world that’s being crafted and told to us by little details like these ,we see that they do.Now in the LOTR mod I feel like this is a sometimes forgotten detail, if you go to a Hobbit Home you can expect to find tons of food, breads,fruits,etc.But my question always is, where the hell do they get it?It does magically pop from the ground or appear from thin air even in the fantastical world of LOTR it is grown.So where in the mod are the Hobbit gardens or farms?There is stables and they have hay bales, but where is the wheat grown?The only place food is grown are the tree gardens were pears, cherries and apples are grown.But what about the vegetables?wheat?other fruits.This is also true for Bree specially where there is basically zero tree gardens or farms, hell their isn’t even stables for other animals besides horses.I will however give it to Rohan for example who do actually have farms growing wheat inside their settlements and we see bread as their most common food inside chest.But what about the Ale they have, where is the resources to make it grown for example?Mordor also does a good job at this with its realm to the South which is where it’s food is grown.But Lindon and most of the Elven Realms Gail hard at this, with one huge exception,Dorwinnion.This is why Dorwinnion is my favorite faction and biome, as it’s structures and towns are full of farms and so forth.I know I may be nitpicking but it’s details like these that make the world come alive.

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