Note: The Ticket booth's coordinates will not be posted on this page. Please do not ask for them.

The Ticket Booth is an Easter Egg in the Lord of the Rings mod. It spawns somewhere in the Far Harad Grasslands.

Exterior Edit


The Ticket Booth is made of Oak Wood and Stone Bricks. A sign located above the door reads "Now Showing The Lion King". The Ticket Lion stands by the door to sell visitors tickets.

Interior Edit

Inside, the structure is similar to a movie theater, with red carpets and oak chairs. The screen is made of Hardened Clay, but, sadly, the film is not currently showing.


  • The first picture of the Ticket Booth was posted on February 13, 2017 on Facebook, by Crossbuilder.
  • This structure first appeared on the Lion King mod, also developed by Mevans, where the player could buy a ticket to enter the Pride Lands dimension.
  • The Ticket Booth is the only Easter egg structure to have a structure spawner, only obtainable via command (not to be revealed).
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