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Tol Rhúnaer is the name given to the island in the Sea of Rhûn. This island is uninhabited and forested, and features occasional trees in what's mostly a mix of light forest and scrubland.

Tol Rhúnaer is technically a sub-biome of Rhúdel, while Eryn Rhúnaer, the forest sub-biome found deeper into the island, is a sub-biome of the Eryn Caran.

Entering the island for the first time, earns you the achievement "The Isle in the Sea".

Sub-biomes Edit

Eryn Rhúnaer Edit

Eryn Rhúnaer is a sub-biome very similar to the Eryn Caran, found in the middle of the island. Eryn Rhúnaer is a forest of mostly redwood trees, and is far denser than what is found on the more coastal parts of Tol Rhúnaer. The forest of Eryn Caran has greenish fog like Fangorn.

Variants Edit

Tol Rhúnaer Edit

  • Standard
  • Forest
  • Forest Light
  • River

Eryn Rhúnaer Edit

  • Standard
  • Lake
  • River
  • Hills

Structures Edit

No structures generate here, as this island was likely uninhabited.

Mobs Edit

(To be added)

Vegetation Edit

The forests here are similar to Eryn Rhúnaer and Eryn Caran, but are considerably less dense. A greater amount of shrubs and plants grow here, alongside scattered trees in what can be classified as a light forest.

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