But the Isle of Tolfalas was almost destroyed, and was left at last like a barren and lonely mountain in the water not far from the issue of the [Anduin] River.

The Peoples of Middle-earth, The Tale of Years of the Second Age

Tolfalas is an island located off the coast of Gondor. It is independent from Gondor and is its own biome.

Tolfalas is a desolate island. It contains dead trees, rocky hills, and small mountains. No NPC's spawned here (other than bandits), until Update 34. Corsair camps, and their inhabitants now spawn on the island. It may however still make for a nice neutral base for good and evil players, due to proximity to Gondor and the river Anduin. Tolfalas is bordered by beaches, which lead to the Bay of Belfalas and Belegaer. It is a wonderful strategic position for any players living in Gondor who have an enemy in Umbar, or vice versa.

Upon a time, Tolfalas was inhabited by Númenoreans, but the Drowning of Númenor destroyed and desolated the island.

Once the player enters Tolfalas, he/she earns the achievement "The Isle in the Bay".


Aside from the bandits, the normal temperate common animals may be found in Tolfalas.

As of Update 34, corsairs and their camps may also be found here.

Corsair Camp in tolfalas

Variants Edit

  • Steppe - A very flat version of the biome.
  • Hills - A hillier version of the biome.
  • Mountain - A mountain that rises from the surrounding terrain.
  • Dead Forest - A version of the biome forested with dead trees.
  • Dead oak forest - A version of this biome forested with dead oak trees

Vegetation Edit

The grass on the island of Tolfalas is a sullen shade of green, rather like that of the Barrow-downs. The trees here are all dead, though they still provide a plentiful source of oak wood.

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