Torog stew (Sindarin: Troll stew) is a delicious meal, at least for Half-trolls. It is not stackable but it fills 8 (8food). It can be found in chests in Half-troll houses and Half-troll warlord houses.

Crafting Edit

Torog stew is a cold dish and requires no furnace to make. To prepare it, put a wooden bowl on a Half-troll crafting table, add any type of bone (no matter to whom it once belonged), some rotten flesh, and spice it with a pinch of dirt. Enjoy!

Half-troll crafting recipe
Half-troll Crafting
any bone
Rotten Flesh
Torog Stew

A Hobbit would never taste it! They would rather taste like it instead!

Food of Middle-earth

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