When a structure-bound trader is killed, a large floating silver coin icon appears above their point of death. As long as this coin remains in the world, the trader will respawn after a random amount of time, which can be anything from a few minutes to over an hour. It is necessary to keep the chunk loaded, so make sure, to stay in the vicinity.

If there is not enough room for a trader to spawn, the coin will gradually rise up through any obstacles in its way, guaranteeing an eventual respawn.

This is very useful on multiplayer servers with players who would love to give others a hard time by killing traders near their base.

These trader respawns can be broken in creative mode by simply hitting the hovering silver coin and doesnt have a moderation menu. However, one should not shoot the coin in survival since your arrow will fly right back at you and damage you. The same goes for invasion symbols.

Travelling traders do not create a floating coin when killed and therefore do not respawn, since new ones will always be travelling over Middle-earth. The same holds for traders, that are not connected to a certain building, but spawn randomly, like Dwarven miners for example.

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