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There were bones on the floor and a nasty smell was in the air; but there was a good deal of food jumbled carelessly on shelves and on the ground, among an untidy litter of plunder, of all sorts from brass buttons to pots full of gold coins standing in a corner.

The Hobbit, Roast Mutton

Troll hoards are small groups of treasure chests and piles found in caves in biomes in which trolls spawn.


They are most commonly found underground in the Ettenmoors and scattered throughout Angmar, but can also be found in the Trollshaws, Coldfells, and basically any biome you can find a normal Troll in. They are not spawnable structures but a group of chests on the ground or in the walls of a cave.


Troll hoards can yield great treasure if you stumble upon one or more of them. They usually contain pieces of Ranger and Lindon armour and weapons, as well as silver coins, silver and gold ingots or nuggets, and rings. Iron or bronze equipment, bones and skulls are some of the more mundane items that may be encountered. In addition to chests, treasure piles spawn in hoards allowing for additional gold, copper, and silver loot. Mithril nuggets can also be found in the depths of a troll hoard.

In the troll hoards of the Ettenmoors biome, it is possible for chests to spawn containing troll totem pieces, which are needed to summon the chieftain. This is a fairly quick way to get loot if you are aligned with Angmar or are a very brave adventurer.

The complete loot table can be found below (chests will have between 1 and 4 of the following):

Loot table
Item Amount Rarity Image
Bone 1 Very common Bone.png
Gold Ingot 1-2 Common Gold Ingot.png
Skeleton Skull 1-4 Common Skeleton Skull.png
Silver Ingot 1-2 Common Silver.png
Silver Nugget 1-4 Common Silver Nugget.png
Silver Coin 1-30 Very common Silver Coin.png
Gold Ring 1 Uncommon GoldRing.png
Silver Ring 1 Uncommon SilverRing.png
Mithril Nugget 1-2 Very rare Mithril Nugget.png
Lindon Sword 1 Rare SwordHighElven.png
Lindon Battlestaff 1 Rare PolearmHighElven.png
Lindon Longspear 1 Rare LongspearHighElven.png
Lindon Dagger 1 Rare DaggerHighElven.png
Lindon Helmet 1 Very rare HelmetHighElven.png
Lindon Chestplate 1 Very rare BodyHighElven.png
Lindon Boots 1 Very rare BootsHighElven.png
Lindon Leggings 1 Very rare LegsHighElven.png
Rivendell Sword 1 Rare SwordRivendell.png
Rivendell Battlestaff 1 Rare PolearmRivendell.png
Rivendell Longspear 1 Rare LongspearRivendell.png
Rivendell Dagger 1 Rare DaggerRivendell.png
Rivendell Helmet 1 Very rare HelmetRivendell.png
Rivendell Chestplate 1 Very rare BodyRivendell.png
Rivendell Boots 1 Very rare BootsRivendell.png
Rivendell Leggings 1 Very rare LegsRivendell.png
Mordor Scimitar 1 Uncommon ScimitarOrc.png
Mordor Warscythe 1 Uncommon Mordor Warscythe.png
Mordor Dagger 1 Uncommon DaggerOrc.png
Mordor Helmet 1 Rare HelmetMordor.png
Mordor Chestplate 1 Rare BodyMordor.png
Mordor Leggings 1 Rare LegsMordor.png
Mordor Boots 1 Rare BootsMordor.png
Iron Sword 1 Uncommon SwordIron.png
Iron Dagger 1 Uncommon DaggerIron.png
Iron Helmet 1 Rare HelmetIron.png
Iron Chestplate 1 Rare BodyIron.png
Iron Leggings 1 Rare LegsIron.png
Iron Boots 1 Rare BootsIron.png
Arnorian Helmet 1 Uncommon HelmetArnor.png
Arnorian Chestplate 1 Uncommon BodyArnor.png
Arnorian Leggings 1 Uncommon LegsArnor.png
Arnorian Boots 1 Uncommon BootsArnor.png
Arnorian Sword 1 Rare SwordArnor.png
Arnorian Dagger 1 Rare DaggerArnor.png
Arnorian Spear 1 Rare SpearArnorian.png
Compass 1 Uncommon Compass.png
Pouch 1 Common Pouches.gif
Lore Texts (ruins and Eriador types) 1 Rare N/A


Just be careful the owner isn't lurking about, as they are often close by. If you find a natural cave, just try to cover all branches of it (right hand rule), and you'll return with quite some wealth - if you return at all. Trolls always need another corpse to wipe their noses on.


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