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This article is about the blocks used to summon the troll boss. For trolls that have turned to stone, see here.

The troll totem is a block used to summon a boss mob. It resembles a stylised statue of a troll.

The complete totem is actually made out of three separate blocks: Head - Body - Base.


Troll totem parts can be obtained in two ways: As loot from some hoards, or as semi-rare drops from Hill-trolls. In either case, all three totem parts appear with equal probability.


For only players with negative Angmar alignment, the totem can be used to summon the chieftain.

Place the three parts on top of each other in the correct order. The orientation of the totem does not matter; in fact, when one part of the totem is placed, it automatically rotates the other parts to match it.

At night, the totem's mouth opens, which signifies that it is ready to summon the boss. Right-click the totem with any type of bone to trigger the chieftain's arrival.

The totem can also be a great decoration for evil players, but take precautions, that nobody summons a chieftain inside your house.

Troll totem with open mouth.