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They passed along the edge of a huge turnip-field, and came to a stout gate. Beyond it a rutted lane ran between low well-laid hedges towards a distant clump of trees. Pippin stopped.

‘I know these fields and this gate!’ he said. ‘This is Bamfurlong, old Farmer Maggot's land. That's his farm away there in the trees.’

–The Fellowship of the Ring, chapter 4, A Shortcut to Mushrooms

Turnips are an edible root like carrots and can be found all over the Shire. They were added to the Mod in Public Beta 28.


Turnips can be obtained in Hobbit hole pantries, as well as from Hobbit farms. They can also be bought from various farmer NPCs (see infobox) for 2-4 ( 2  to  4 ).


As with potatoes and other seedless crops, turnips can be grown by planting one on a block of tilled ground. The growth process can be shortened by using bonemeal on the growing turnip.


Raw turnips only heals 2 ( 2 ). However, it is possible to cook turnips in a furnace or Hobbit oven and produce roast turnip, which heals 6 ( 6 ). They can also be sold in pairs to Rohirrim stablemasters for 1 coin.

heat needed
raw turnip
any kind of fuel
roast turnip
Food of Middle-earth