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Three great fleets, long prepared, came up from Umbar and the Harad, and assailed the coasts of Gondor in great force; and the enemy made many landings, even as far north as the mouth of the Isen.

–Annals of the Kings and Rulers, Appendix A of The Lord of the Rings

Umbar, the land of Corsairs, is a biome very similar to the vanilla "plains" biome, found on the western coast of Middle-earth, South of Harondor and encased by Near Harad. Corsairs of Umbar spawn here.

Upon entering this biome one gains the achievement "City of Corsairs".

Sub-biomes Edit

Umbar Hills Edit

The Umbar hills are a much hillier version of the main biome. They make up much of the northern part of the Cape of Umbar.

Umbar Forest Edit

The Umbar forest is a sub-biome of Umbar that contains a greater concentration of trees. The Men of Umbar likely use these forests to supply materials for their great fleets.

Variants Edit

  • Flowers - A version of the biome with an abundance of flowers.
  • Forest - A more forested version of the biome.
  • Steppe - A very flat version of the biome.
  • Barren steppe - A steppe, but with no trees.
  • Hills - A hillier version of the biome.
  • Mountain - A mountain that rises from the surrounding terrain.
  • Light forest - A lightly forested version of the biome.
  • Dense forest - A densely forested version of the biome.
  • Dead forest - A version of the biome forested with dead trees.
  • Dense birch forest - A forest of densely clustered birch trees.
  • Forest hills - A forested version of the hill variant.
  • Apple-Pear orchard - An orchard containing apple and pear trees.
  • Orange orchard - An orchard containing orange trees.
  • Lemon orchard - An orchard containing lemon trees.
  • Lime orchard - An orchard containing lime trees.
  • Almond orchard - An orchard containing almond trees.
  • Olive orchard - An orchard containing olive trees.
  • Plum orchard - An orchard containing plum trees.


Mobs Edit

Vegetation Edit

This biome was similar to the vanilla plains biome. Oak trees dot the landscape. The relatively fertile soil hosts a broad variety of trees and plants, similar to the vegetation of the nearby river fed lands of Near Harad.

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