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Umbar Archers are a part of the forces of Umbar, they are supporting unit for the Umbar Soldiers, they can keep an enemy at a distance while the main force closes in for an attack, they are very efficient archers and although slow with their draw, the immense power of their arrows in undeniable, just like the soldiers, these troops stand proud on the line for their homeland, and they are ready and willing to stand with Lord Sauron in the fight against Gondor.


Umbar Archers can be found in the lands of Umbar and the Umbar Hills. They are mainly found guarding settlements, towns, and fortresses. The archers also wander around the land on patrols. Like the Umbar Soldiers, they defend the line at the edge of Near Harad (Region).

They spawn with Umbaric Armour, sometimes missing the helmet, and wield the infamous Bow of Harad which has a relatively slow draw speed, but does a lot of damage.


If they were to spot an enemy NPC or player, they will immediately try to attack said entity, this will continue until one of three things happen: the enemy dies, the Archer dies, or the enemy unit falls back(currently only available to players, not NPC's). You will escape the hail of arrows flying at you at around 30 blocks away.


These archers can be hired from an Umbar Captain within a stronghold in Umbar starting at around 150+ alignment with Near Harad, this process will cost about 30 coins and cost less as you increase and pledge to Near Harad, you can also buy a warhorn for these units for 2000 coins, but only if you have 1500+ alignment.


The Umbar archer can be killed and it can drop a variety of items, the most common of which is bones as most enemies. On occasion they may drop some food or a drink, and maybe an empty cup/mug, other miscellaneous items include things like paper, leather, arrows, etc. The rarest item drop for the Umbar archers can be either a piece of their armor, or their bow. They also provide +1 alignment for factions against Harad if killed.

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