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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

Umbar Soldiers are the guardians of the Havens of Umbar, the backbone of Umbar's armed forces, and the best equipped Haradrim warriors in all of Haradwaith. They defend their homeland from all invaders, and stand ready to serve Sauron in his war against Gondor.


Umbar soldiers spawn throughout Umbar and the Umbar Hills. They may also be found in villages, towns, and especially fortifications.

These NPCs are well-equipped, donning tough Umbaric armour, (sometimes without the helmet), and wielding strong and hard-hitting Umbaric weaponry in combat. Be especially cautious of those wielding maces--they can deal 9-10 HP per hit! Occasionally they can be found on horseback; in this case, the horse will be found wearing Umbaric Horse Armour.


When idle, Umbar soldiers will wander around their homeland. When spoken to, they will say stuff along the lines of how Umbar is superior to their Gondorian rivals in the North, and how the true legacy of Númenor runs in Umbar not Gondor. They appear to speak using a stereotypical Corsair/pirate accent. Occasionally, they will grow suspicious of the player, suspecting that they hail from northern lands, even going so far as to threaten to "cut [them] where [they] stand", so be careful!

If they spot an enemy player or NPC, they will rush the enemy and attack with the weapon at their disposal. They will defend their position until either their enemy is slain or they themselves have drawn their last breath.


You can hire these soldiers from Umbar Captains in their strongholds. In order to hire one, the player must have a minimum of +150 alignment with Near Harad, and at least 30 silver coins. As is always the case, price drops as alignment rises.

Advantages Disadvantages
Average armour. No ranged attack.
Average health. Getting to Umbar takes a long time.
Good attack strength.
Low alignment and cash requirement.
Can spawn mounted.


Umbar soldiers commonly drop bones. They may also drop food or beverages, junk such as paper or leather, and on rare occasions, a piece of their armour or one of their weapons.



  • I can smell the stench of the North on you. What's your business here?
  • Bleedin' Adûnâim up North think they've got it all right, well they've not, Person!
  • Stay clear of the shores of the Swan, Person. They're crawling with fighting Gondorians.
  • Stay south of Tolfalas if you intend to raid some of them fisher-folk, Person.
  • Did you come by road or ship?
  • I don't care that much for Sauron, but I'll gladly fight alongside his Urîk if they'll help us kill the Adûnâim.
  • We're never letting Gondor take Umbar again, Person.
  • We're too strong to ever fail against those Adûnâim now.
  • I love some good plunder and pillage, Person.
  • Slavery? It's what they deserve.
  • There's no fooling me, Person. I'll cut you where you stand.
  • I want to go out fighting again. Been too long!
  • We ain't as brutish as those Aphûr-lâi claim we are.
  • I won't rest 'til all the Aphûr-lâi are dead.
  • We rule the seas. Gondor doesn't stand a chance!
  • Yes, those mercenaries will fight for you, but will they share their plunder with you?
  • Bronze weaponry is far too weak if you ask me.
  • I wish we could have another beauty like Barûphel leading us.
  • We've got Umbar and Gâth-azrazâin, and old Ain, but up North even Osgiliath's in ruins now.
  • We long since abandoned the Adûnâim bloodlines. Made us stronger too, aye.
  • I don't trust those Corsairs, Person. Make me feel uneasy, they do.
  • And where've you come from? Not Gondor, I hope.
  • Those rats up north call themselves Adûnâim, but we've got the real legacy of Anadûnê right here.
  • I'd stay right out of the way of those Corsairs if I were you.
  • Our friends inland think much of themselves, with their fancy cities, but there was a time when we ruled them all.
  • We're the real Adûnâim, Person. And don't you forget it!
  • Lord Sauron is rising in the Land of Shadow. There'll be another war soon, I think.


  • You've led yourself into some dire circumstances, Person!
  • We've been fighting your kind for generations. There's no way you can stop us!
  • Lord Sauron, guide my strike!
  • Phôinûr's work shall not be undone by the likes of you!
  • Khôrumor's work shall not be undone by the likes of you!
  • The gates of Umbar shall not be broken!
  • I'll smite you back to the North!
  • Umbar will remain free, you northern rat!
  • Northerners always think they stand a chance!
  • Yes, flee back to the North!
  • Come here, Gondorian scum!
  • You've no business being here, Person!
  • For Umbar!


  • What is it that you command, Person?
  • I'm at your service, commander.
  • Tell me what to do, and I will see it done.
  • I'm proficient in all forms of combat, Person.
  • No matter the weapon I use, I'll see to it that the blood of your enemies flows.
  • Where're we off to next then?
  • We Umbarim are excellent fighters, ey?
  • Give me the word, and I shall burn your enemies' lands.
  • I'm not familiar with that formation.
  • Form a line? What good will that do?
  • I'm bestowed with the strength of a thousand men, so there ain't an army on earth that can best us.
  • We'll see this war to an end, Person.
  • Aye, commander. Good to see that wound healing up.
  • It's an honour to fight for you, Person.
  • I'd march for days if you wanted me to.
  • I'll be keeping my guard up, don't you worry.
  • We've been fighting Adûnâim for years. I'll show you how we do it.
  • Aye, whatever you say, I'll see done!
  • We'd be making a pretty penny if we enslaved them, too!
  • For Umbar!
  • For the Havens! For Umbar!
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