Umbarians are civilians inhabiting the lands of Umbar. They live in villages and towns scattered throughout the land, and will not attack a negatively aligned player unless provoked.


Similar to other Haradhrim, Umbarian citizens will only spawn in the their home biome of Umbar in their towns and villages.


They will generally roam freely near their house. They are Passive NPCs and will not attack unless provoked. If they are, they will defend themselves using Umbaric daggers. Because of their lack of armour and weak attack, they rely on their armoured kin to protect them.


When killed, the Umbarian will drop anything that can be found in Umbar chests with the same levels of rarity.



  • Fled from Gondor, have you? If you have, you're welcome here.
  • I love the tales of our Queen Barûphel, but I can't believe she wed one of them Gondorians.
  • I work at the docks. Plenty of need for a pair o' hands, ey?
  • Did you come by road or ship?
  • If you're used to the storms of the Sea, the Athrassir is a joy to sail upon.
  • We're too strong to ever fail against them Gondorians now.
  • Won't ever tire of the scent of the sea. Makes me feel at home, it does.
  • Don't worry, Person. We're used to having outlaws and renegades among us. Welcome!
  • We ain't as brutish as them Gondorians claim we are.
  • Ever seen the red sands, Person? They're far East.
  • Once I saw a great shadow under the waters. I've been trying to stick to the land ever since.
  • I wish we could have another beauty like Barûphel leading us.
  • We've got Umbar and Gâth-azrazâin, and old Ain, but up North even Osgiliath's in ruins now.
  • We long since abandoned the Adûnâim bloodlines. Made us stronger too, aye.
  • The Corsairs may call us land-rats, but if not for us, they'd have nothing to drink.
  • I don't trust those Corsairs, Person. Make me feel uneasy, they do.
  • And where've you come from? Not Gondor, I hope.
  • Those rats up north call themselves Adûnâim, but we've got the real legacy of Anadûnê right here.
  • Good day to you, Person! What brings you to Umbar?
  • I'd stay right out of the way of those Corsairs if I were you.
  • Our friends inland think much of themselves, with their fancy cities, but there was a time when Umbar ruled them all.
  • We're the real Adûnâim, Person. And don't you forget it!
  • Lord Sauron is rising in the Land of Shadow. There'll be another war soon, I think.
  • Keep one eye on those Corsairs, Person.


  • Come here! I'll tear you apart!
  • You've led yourself into some dire circumstances, Person!
  • My blade's all rusty just for you!
  • We've been fighting your kind for generations. There's no way you can stop us!
  • Khôrumor, guide my strike!
  • Phôinûr's work shall not be undone by the likes of you!
  • The gates of Umbar shall not be broken!
  • I'll smite you back to the North!
  • Umbar will remain free, you northern rat!
  • Maybe you should be the one to call the guards, ey?
  • Our cities will outlast your petty assault!
  • Where's Lord Sauron's assistance when we need it?
  • You think you're getting away with that? Must be one of the dumbest northerners I've met!
  • Aye, I can smell that filthy Aphûr-lâi stink wherever you go!
  • I've been drinking, but even four of you won't be a problem!
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