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Undyeing is a mechanism introduced in Public Beta 28 / Renewed Snapshot 5.4. It enables players to undo dyeing of pouches, leather hats, normal feathers, Swan feathers, smoking pipes, Harad robes, Kaftans and party hats. This is much like the ability to undye leather armour in vanilla Minecraft.


Undyeing of any of the aforementioned items requires a cauldron filled with water. An item's dye colour can be removed by right-clicking a cauldron that has water in it. Any undyeing action will consume one third of the volume of water that can be held in a cauldron so that after three undyeing actions, the cauldron will be empty. After undyeing, the undyed item can be dyed again with any of the dyes available in the mod.


In the renewed version, the mod adds new statistics to the ingame Statistics screen, so you can find out how many times you have cleaned a pouch or smoking pipe.


Undyeing is not to be confused with the Undying Lands, the planned continent far West of Middle-earth which the Elves can reach by sailing over Sea - though the inhabitants of that realm doubtless have a use for cauldrons and dyes as well.

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