On April 10th 2020, it was officially announced that the Lord of the Rings Mod would be gradually ported to 1.15 alongside the release of Update 36 for 1.7.10 (which will be the last update for the older version of Minecraft). Branded as the Mod Renewed, the 1.15 version will be released in relatively frequent 'snapshots' (akin to the vanilla snapshots) and will adapt all of the content added to the mod thus far to newer Minecraft versions.

This page will chronicle the snapshot process for the Mod Renewed until it catches up with the mod as it currently exists, after which point further updates will be dealt with as usual on the main Updates page.

Read the full, official announcement of the Mod Renewed here.

You can read the full changelog for the Mod Renewed here.

Snapshot 1 - (April 24th, 2020)Edit


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 1
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
Renewed 1.0

>>> Ported:
+ Added the LOTR Mod main menu screen
+ Added the Ring Portal
+ Added the basic Middle-earth dimension and its modified landscape generator
+ Added the original five biomes (plus river and Shire woodlands), generating randomly
+ Added various rocks and bricks, and their slab, stair, and wall forms
+ Added pillars and pillar slabs
+ Added some faction crafting tables
+ Added basic ores, ingots, nuggets, and metal blocks
+ Added gold, silver, and mithril rings
+ Added salt, sulfur, and nitre
+ Added glowstone ore
+ Added glowing dwarven brick
+ Added bronze, mithril, and some faction toolsets and armour
+ Added trees, wood, and wooden block sets for shire pine, mallorn, mirk-oak, charred, apple, pear, cherry, lebethron, and beech
+ Added wooden beams
+ Added mallorn ladders
+ Added simbelmynë, shire heather, bluebell, marigold, asphodel, and lavender
+ Added elanor and niphredil
+ Added lembas, gammon, green apples, pears, cherries, and suspicious meat
+ Added apple crumble and cherry pie
+ Added the saddle and iron horse armour recipes (changed to match the leather horse armour recipe)
+ Added fur
+ Added fur armour
+ Added the Red Book
+ Added hearth blocks
+ Added boulders
+ Added Mordor dirt and gravel, grass, withered moss, and stabbing thorns
+ Added pocket matches
+ Added large item models for the appropriate weapons
+ Added longer day length in Middle-earth
+ Added the Middle-earth sky renderer
+ Added latitude-dependent water colour
+ Added waterfall particles

>>> New in 1.15:
* Retextured blocks and items to fit the Texture Update style
+ Added a new handheld model for the Red Book
* Pillars can now be placed sideways
+ Added all-bark wood blocks, stripped blocks, pressure plates, buttons, and signs for mod woods
* Fruit trees now grow a mix of fruity and fruitless leaves, and can grow as either red, green, or mixed apple trees
* Pine trees now generate with stripped wood on their upper trunk
+ Added blasting recipes for all the ores and minerals
+ Added stonecutter recipes for Gondor blocks
* Included suspicious stew effects for LOTR Mod flowers
* Simbelmynë now makes white dye
* Increased the food saturation of lembas from 1 to 1.5 (hunger restore is still 10)
+ Added particle effects around durnaur blocks
* Slightly reduced the effect range of salting the earth
+ Salt can now melt snow layers (not snow blocks)
* Increased the amount of bone meal produced from the nitre recipe
* Hearth block crafting now makes only one block
* Hearth blocks have a different texture when lit
+ Added a chance for small Gondor rock or stone boulders to generate in Gondor

>>> Vanilla changes:
+ Added vertical placement for slabs
* Oak leaves no longer drop apples, as they are now obtained from apple trees

The first Renewed snapshot ported over key features of the mod such as the Middle-earth dimension, the first 5 biomes, the Red Book, and many basic blocks. In addition, many textures were updated to match the style of Vanilla 1.15, and trapdoors, buttons, stripped wood variants, and similar blocks were added for the mod woods. Finally, some changes were made to Vanilla 1.15, including the addition of vertical slabs.

You can download Snapshot 1 here (Minecraft 1.15.2).

Lord of the Rings Mod Renewed Test Drive Version 1

Lord of the Rings Mod Renewed Test Drive Version 1.0

A video highlighting some of the features of the first snapshot of the Renewed version, by Glflegolas.

  • Teaser for LotR Mod Renewed showing 1.15 main menu
  • Teaser for LotR Mod Renewed showing 1.15 vanilla
  • Teaser for LotR Mod Renewed showing waterlogging
  • Teaser for LotR Mod Renewed showing duel wielding
  • Teaser for LotR Mod Renewed showing 1.15 ring portal
  • Teaser for LotR Mod Renewed showing various items and blocks. (Was originally an April Fools joke, later confirmed to be real)
  • Teaser for LotR Mod Renewed showing building opportunities.
  • Teaser for LotR Mod Renewed showing lebethron trapdoors and buttons
  • Teaser for LotR Mod Renewed showing lebethron blocks
  • Teaser for LotR Mod Renewed showing lebethron blocks and a bell
  • Teaser for LotR Mod Renewed showing sideways pillars (above the door)
  • Alternate view of the sideways pillars (Sourced from TOS discord)
  • The image posted with snapshot 1's release, showing Lavender and The Shire

Snapshot 1.1 - (May 1st, 2020)Edit


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 1.1
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
Renewed 1.1

>>> Ported:
+ Added the Blue Mountains, Trollshaws, Eriador, Lone-lands, Ithilien, and Brown Lands biomes
+ Added stalactites and stalagmites, under a single 'speleothem' block for each type
+ Added beams for the vanilla wood types
+ Added maple trees and maple wood blocks
+ Added maple syrup
+ Added orc torches
+ Added common metal bars and some faction metal bars
+ Added elven wood bars
+ Added clovers and four-leaf clovers, and their potted variants
+ Added the Middle-earth tall grass variants
+ Added the missing slab, stairs, and wall for vanilla cracked stone bricks
+ Added underground water and lava lakes in Middle-earth
+ Added rocky terrain generation at higher areas
+ Added grass-podzol-dirt mixed terrain in treeish regions
+ Added a properly separate Middle-earth world time variable and the /lotr_time command

>>> New in Renewed:
+ Added many new stone types of speleothem
* Remodelled stalactites and stalagmites
+ Added double-size stalactites and stalagmites
* Speleothems can now be waterlogged
* Speleothems can now be placed on wall blocks
+ Added a new death message for falling upon a stalagmite
* Renamed Sarlluin and Sarngaran -> Luingon and Carangon, and Durnaur -> Durnor, for linguistic reasons
+ Added beeswax and candles
* Orc torches can now be crafted with either coal or durnor on any orcish table
* Changed the elven wood bars recipes so as not to conflict with trapdoors
* Wheatgrass now has a slightly greater chance to drop wheat seeds than other types of tall grass have
* Four-leaf clovers can now be found in biomes other than the Shire, though much rarer and following real-world rates
* The sun, moon, and stars (except Eärendil) now fade out gradually when approaching skyless biomes (i.e. Mordor) instead of a sudden transition
+ Added an ingame warning to help avoid the cause of a possible vertical slabs bug

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Retextured Gondor rock and brick
* Lebethron trees are no longer found in Gondor proper - only in Ithilien
* Rohan bricks now have random four-way rotations
* Made the moon slightly smaller
* Updated metal and mineral blocks with accurate hardness levels
* Vertical slabs, except pillar slabs, no longer have rotated textures (uvlock: true)

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed a bug with faction crafting tables sometimes duplicating the ingredients
* Fixed faction recipes displaying the standard crafting table in the 'New recipe unlocked!' popup
* Fixed mithril armour recipes using ingots instead of mithril mail
* Fixed some Mordor equipment recipes being registered to the standard crafting table
* Fixed a crash when trying to enchant mod armour
* Fixed mod ores being harvestable by any pickaxe level
* Fixed the Star of Eärendil appearing and disappearing suddenly

>>> Vanilla changes:
* Replaced the /weather command with an altered one that works properly in other dimensions

>>> Translations:
+ Added Italian, Korean, French, and Chinese translations

The second Renewed snapshot ported over several more biomes, with some changes to terrain generation and the addition of speleothems (later renamed to Dripstones) to replace the old stalagmites and stalactites. It also added beams and beeswax, as well as a range of other tweaks and changes.

You can download Snapshot 1.1 here (Minecraft 1.15.2).

Lord of the Rings Mod Renewed Test Drive Version 1

Lord of the Rings Mod Renewed Test Drive Version 1.1 - Stalagmites! Maple Syrup! Vertical Slabs!

A video highlighting some of the features of the second snapshot of the Renewed version, by Glflegolas.

  • The image posted with snapshot 1.1's release, showing dripstones and Clover
  • Image showing the Star of Eärendil, which is uniquely visible in all biomes, even Mordor

Snapshot 1.2 - (May 8th, 2020)Edit


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 1.2
As Mevans posted it on dropbox

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed the game sometimes freezing in a world made before renewed-1.2, caused by broken registry name remappings

>>> Translations:
* Updated Chinese, Hungarian, and German translations
+ Added a Ukrainian translation


>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Changed the thistle model

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed glowstone ores / crystals generating instead of Edhelvir
* Fixed some of the newer slabs rotating their textures when placed vertically
* Fixed the missing lairelossë sign texture

>>> Translations:
+ Updated Korean, Russian, French, Belarusian, Italian, and Pirate translations
+ Added a Hungarian translation


>>> Ported:
+ Added chandeliers, with a new model and new recipes
+ Added the Lothlórien, Iron Hills, Dunland, Emyn Muil, Lindon, and Southron Coasts biomes
+ Added the mallorn tree model with boughs
+ Added falling leaf particles
+ Added mallorn torches of all four colours
+ Added Edhelvir and Gulduril ores, gems, and blocks
+ Added aspen, cedar, and lairelossë trees and their block sets
+ Added the alternate birch tree model
+ Added athelas, dwarfwort, wild pipeweed, and wild flax
+ Added pipeweed, flax, and lettuce crops
+ Added Harad flowers: red and yellow sand gems, southbells, Harad daisies, hibiscus, and flames of Harad
+ Added the desert oak tree model
+ Added the missing vanilla stone wall
- Removed Harad
+ Re-added Harad

>>> New in Renewed:
* Candles can now be placed up to four in a block
+ Added crystal forms of Edhelvir, Gulduril, and glowstone
* Remodelled and retextured pipeweed, athelas, and lettuce
* Dwarfwort can now be found in the Misty Mountains
* Changed Emyn Muil terrain generation to be less extreme
* Replaced Emyn Muil hardened clay with granite
+ Added sandstone and red sandstone dripstones (speleothems)
+ Added crafting monuments in some biomes to serve as a temporary means of acquiring faction tables until proper structures are added

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Corrected Luingon and Carangon to Luinon and Caranon, for linguistic reasons
* Renamed speleothems to dripstones
* Improved dripstone placement behaviour
* Thistles, nettles, and fernsprouts are now pottable
* Changed terrain generation to make hills & mountains a little less steep and rivers more dominant in high terrain

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed the fernsprout rendering as a grey nettle
* Fixed a small missing segment of the candle model
* Fixed pumpkins generating in the Brown Lands
* Fixed strange islands of blue stone generating in water in the Blue Mountains
* Fixed Morgul Iron ore generating at half the intended rate

>>> Translations:
* Updated Chinese, Korean, Italian, and French translations
+ Added Russian, German, Dutch, Belarusian, Norwegian, Turkish, and Pirate translations

The third Renewed snapshot added some more biomes, including Lothlórien (with branched Mallorn trees and Mallorn Torches) and the Iron Hills. It also added plenty of herbs, flowers and crops, as well as Edhelvir and Gulduril (including new crystal forms) and new models for Chandeliers.

You can download snapshot 1.2.2 here (Minecraft 1.15.2).

Lord of the Rings Mod Renewed Test Drive Version 1

Lord of the Rings Mod Renewed Test Drive Version 1.2 - New Flowers! Crafting Monuments! More!

A video highlighting some of the features of the second snapshot of the Renewed version, by Glflegolas.

  • The image posted with snapshot 1.2's release, showing the new Edhelvir crystals and branched Mallorn trees
  • Images posted of new temporary 'crafting monuments' to aid survival gameplay
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