Legacy Renewed On April 10th 2020, it was officially announced that the Lord of the Rings Mod will be gradually ported to 1.15 alongside the release of Update 36 for 1.7.10 (which is the last major update for the older version of Minecraft). Branded as the Mod Renewed, the 1.15 version is being released in relatively frequent 'snapshots' (akin to the vanilla snapshots) and will adapt all of the content added to the mod thus far to newer Minecraft versions.

This page will chronicle the snapshot process for the Mod Renewed until it catches up with the mod as it currently exists, after which point further updates will be dealt with as usual on the main updates page. It will also showcase several of the images posted on the mod's Facebook page, and the highlight videos made by Glflegolas, for each snapshot.

Read the full, official announcement of the Mod Renewed here.

You can read the full changelog for the Mod Renewed here.

The renewed version of the mod can also be found on CurseForge here.

If you use the Just Enough Items Mod (JEI), you can download a LotR plugin (made by Malvegil) here.

The current renewed map

Snapshot 1 - (April 24th, 2020)


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 1
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
=== Renewed-1.0 ===
(24th April, 2020)

>>> Ported:
+ Added the LOTR Mod main menu screen
+ Added the Ring Portal
+ Added the basic Middle-earth dimension and its modified landscape generator
+ Added the original five biomes (plus river and Shire woodlands), generating randomly
+ Added various rocks and bricks, and their slab, stair, and wall forms
+ Added pillars and pillar slabs
+ Added some faction crafting tables
+ Added basic ores, ingots, nuggets, and metal blocks
+ Added gold, silver, and mithril rings
+ Added salt, sulfur, and nitre
+ Added glowstone ore
+ Added glowing dwarven brick
+ Added bronze, mithril, and some faction toolsets and armour
+ Added trees, wood, and wooden block sets for shire pine, mallorn, mirk-oak, charred, apple, pear, cherry, lebethron, and beech
+ Added wooden beams
+ Added mallorn ladders
+ Added simbelmynë, shire heather, bluebell, marigold, asphodel, and lavender
+ Added elanor and niphredil
+ Added lembas, gammon, green apples, pears, cherries, and suspicious meat
+ Added apple crumble and cherry pie
+ Added the saddle and iron horse armour recipes (changed to match the leather horse armour recipe)
+ Added fur
+ Added fur armour
+ Added the Red Book
+ Added hearth blocks
+ Added boulders
+ Added Mordor dirt and gravel, grass, withered moss, and stabbing thorns
+ Added pocket matches
+ Added large item models for the appropriate weapons
+ Added longer day length in Middle-earth
+ Added the Middle-earth sky renderer
+ Added latitude-dependent water colour
+ Added waterfall particles

>>> New in 1.15:
* Retextured blocks and items to fit the Texture Update style
+ Added a new handheld model for the Red Book
* Pillars can now be placed sideways
+ Added all-bark wood blocks, stripped blocks, pressure plates, buttons, and signs for mod woods
* Fruit trees now grow a mix of fruity and fruitless leaves, and can grow as either red, green, or mixed apple trees
* Pine trees now generate with stripped wood on their upper trunk
+ Added blasting recipes for all the ores and minerals
+ Added stonecutter recipes for Gondor blocks
* Included suspicious stew effects for LOTR Mod flowers
* Simbelmynë now makes white dye
* Increased the food saturation of lembas from 1 to 1.5 (hunger restore is still 10)
+ Added particle effects around durnaur blocks
* Slightly reduced the effect range of salting the earth
+ Salt can now melt snow layers (not snow blocks)
* Increased the amount of bone meal produced from the nitre recipe
* Hearth block crafting now makes only one block
* Hearth blocks have a different texture when lit
+ Added a chance for small Gondor rock or stone boulders to generate in Gondor

>>> Vanilla changes:
+ Added vertical placement for slabs
* Oak leaves no longer drop apples, as they are now obtained from apple trees

The first Renewed snapshot ported over key features of the mod such as the Middle-earth dimension, the first 5 biomes, the Red Book, and many basic blocks. In addition, many textures were updated to match the style of Vanilla 1.15, and trapdoors, buttons, stripped wood variants, and similar blocks were added for the mod woods. Finally, some changes were made to Vanilla 1.15, including the addition of vertical slabs.

You can download Snapshot 1 here (Minecraft 1.15.2 and Forge 31.1.27+).


Lord of the Rings Mod Renewed Test Drive Version 1.0

A video highlighting some of the features of the first snapshot of the Renewed version, by Glflegolas.

Snapshot 1.1 - (May 1st, 2020)


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 1.1
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
=== Renewed-1.1 ===
(1st May, 2020)

>>> Ported:
+ Added the Blue Mountains, Trollshaws, Eriador, Lone-lands, Ithilien, and Brown Lands biomes
+ Added stalactites and stalagmites, under a single 'speleothem' block for each type
+ Added beams for the vanilla wood types
+ Added maple trees and maple wood blocks
+ Added maple syrup
+ Added orc torches
+ Added common metal bars and some faction metal bars
+ Added elven wood bars
+ Added clovers and four-leaf clovers, and their potted variants
+ Added the Middle-earth tall grass variants
+ Added the missing slab, stairs, and wall for vanilla cracked stone bricks
+ Added underground water and lava lakes in Middle-earth
+ Added rocky terrain generation at higher areas
+ Added grass-podzol-dirt mixed terrain in treeish regions
+ Added a properly separate Middle-earth world time variable and the /lotr_time command

>>> New in Renewed:
+ Added many new stone types of speleothem
* Remodelled stalactites and stalagmites
+ Added double-size stalactites and stalagmites
* Speleothems can now be waterlogged
* Speleothems can now be placed on wall blocks
+ Added a new death message for falling upon a stalagmite
* Renamed Sarlluin and Sarngaran -> Luingon and Carangon, and Durnaur -> Durnor, for linguistic reasons
+ Added beeswax and candles
* Orc torches can now be crafted with either coal or durnor on any orcish table
* Changed the elven wood bars recipes so as not to conflict with trapdoors
* Wheatgrass now has a slightly greater chance to drop wheat seeds than other types of tall grass have
* Four-leaf clovers can now be found in biomes other than the Shire, though much rarer and following real-world rates
* The sun, moon, and stars (except Eärendil) now fade out gradually when approaching skyless biomes (i.e. Mordor) instead of a sudden transition
+ Added an ingame warning to help avoid the cause of a possible vertical slabs bug

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Retextured Gondor rock and brick
* Lebethron trees are no longer found in Gondor proper - only in Ithilien
* Rohan bricks now have random four-way rotations
* Made the moon slightly smaller
* Updated metal and mineral blocks with accurate hardness levels
* Vertical slabs, except pillar slabs, no longer have rotated textures (uvlock: true)

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed a bug with faction crafting tables sometimes duplicating the ingredients
* Fixed faction recipes displaying the standard crafting table in the 'New recipe unlocked!' popup
* Fixed mithril armour recipes using ingots instead of mithril mail
* Fixed some Mordor equipment recipes being registered to the standard crafting table
* Fixed a crash when trying to enchant mod armour
* Fixed mod ores being harvestable by any pickaxe level
* Fixed the Star of Eärendil appearing and disappearing suddenly

>>> Vanilla changes:
* Replaced the /weather command with an altered one that works properly in other dimensions

>>> Translations:
+ Added Italian, Korean, French, and Chinese translations

The second Renewed snapshot ported over several more biomes, with some changes to terrain generation and the addition of speleothems (later renamed to Dripstones) to replace the old stalagmites and stalactites. It also added beams and beeswax, as well as a range of other tweaks and changes.

You can download Snapshot 1.1 here (Minecraft 1.15.2 and Forge 31.1.27+).


Lord of the Rings Mod Renewed Test Drive Version 1.1 - Stalagmites! Maple Syrup! Vertical Slabs!

A video highlighting some of the features of the second snapshot of the Renewed version, by Glflegolas.

Snapshot 1.2 - (May 8th, 2020)


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 1.2
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
=== Renewed-1.2.2 ===
(11th May, 2020)

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed the game sometimes freezing in a world made before renewed-1.2, caused by broken registry name remappings

>>> Translations:
* Updated Chinese, Hungarian, and German translations
+ Added a Ukrainian translation

=== Renewed-1.2.1 ===
(10th May, 2020)

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Changed the thistle model

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed glowstone ores / crystals generating instead of Edhelvir
* Fixed some of the newer slabs rotating their textures when placed vertically
* Fixed the missing lairelossë sign texture

>>> Translations:
+ Updated Korean, Russian, French, Belarusian, Italian, and Pirate translations
+ Added a Hungarian translation

=== Renewed-1.2 ===
(8th May, 2020)

>>> Ported:
+ Added chandeliers, with a new model and new recipes
+ Added the Lothlórien, Iron Hills, Dunland, Emyn Muil, Lindon, and Southron Coasts biomes
+ Added the mallorn tree model with boughs
+ Added falling leaf particles
+ Added mallorn torches of all four colours
+ Added Edhelvir and Gulduril ores, gems, and blocks
+ Added aspen, cedar, and lairelossë trees and their block sets
+ Added the alternate birch tree model
+ Added athelas, dwarfwort, wild pipeweed, and wild flax
+ Added pipeweed, flax, and lettuce crops
+ Added Harad flowers: red and yellow sand gems, southbells, Harad daisies, hibiscus, and flames of Harad
+ Added the desert oak tree model
+ Added the missing vanilla stone wall
- Removed Harad
+ Re-added Harad

>>> New in Renewed:
* Candles can now be placed up to four in a block
+ Added crystal forms of Edhelvir, Gulduril, and glowstone
* Remodelled and retextured pipeweed, athelas, and lettuce
* Dwarfwort can now be found in the Misty Mountains
* Changed Emyn Muil terrain generation to be less extreme
* Replaced Emyn Muil hardened clay with granite
+ Added sandstone and red sandstone dripstones (speleothems)
+ Added crafting monuments in some biomes to serve as a temporary means of acquiring faction tables until proper structures are added

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Corrected Luingon and Carangon to Luinon and Caranon, for linguistic reasons
* Renamed speleothems to dripstones
* Improved dripstone placement behaviour
* Thistles, nettles, and fernsprouts are now pottable
* Changed terrain generation to make hills & mountains a little less steep and rivers more dominant in high terrain

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed the fernsprout rendering as a grey nettle
* Fixed a small missing segment of the candle model
* Fixed pumpkins generating in the Brown Lands
* Fixed strange islands of blue stone generating in water in the Blue Mountains
* Fixed Morgul Iron ore generating at half the intended rate

>>> Translations:
* Updated Chinese, Korean, Italian, and French translations
+ Added Russian, German, Dutch, Belarusian, Norwegian, Turkish, and Pirate translations

The third Renewed snapshot added some more biomes, including Lothlórien (with branched Mallorn trees and Mallorn Torches) and the Iron Hills. It also added plenty of herbs, flowers and crops, as well as Edhelvir and Gulduril (including new crystal forms) and new models for Chandeliers.

You can download snapshot 1.2.2 here (Minecraft 1.15.2 and Forge 31.1.27+).


Lord of the Rings Mod Renewed Test Drive Version 1.2 - New Flowers! Crafting Monuments! More!

A video highlighting some of the features of the third snapshot of the Renewed version, by Glflegolas.

Snapshot 1.3 - (June 28th, 2020)


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 1.3
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
=== Renewed-1.3 ===
(28th June, 2020)

>>> Ported:
+ Added the alloy, dwarven, elven, and orc forges
+ Added alloying recipes for bronze, elven steel, and dwarven steel
+ Added wood-charring recipes in the orc forge
* Mithril and orc steel must now be smelted in their respective forges
+ Added Númenórean bricks, pillars, and related blocks
+ Added brick pillars and pillar slabs
+ Added the Uruk crafting table
+ Added Uruk bricks, pillars, and related blocks
+ Added Uruk steel
+ Added Uruk equipment
+ Added the Nan Curunír biome
+ Added the hobbit crafting table
+ Added the hobbit oven
+ Added pine trees
+ Added fir trees and fir wood blocks
+ Added larch trees and larch wood blocks

>>> New in Renewed:
* Alloy-forge-type recipes are now configurable by datapack
* Forges now smelt at half the speed
* Retextured the forges
* Changed the forges' crafting recipes
* Shift-clicking items in forges is more helpful
* The hobbit oven now works more like an alloy forge, and can cook gammon by 'alloying' raw or cooked pork with salt
* Shire pine is now a biome-specific shape of pine rather than a separate tree and wood; shire pine doors and trapdoors remain craftable on the hobbit table
+ Added hobbit crafting structures generating in the Shire

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Retextured Mordor brick and pillars
* Corrected Luinon and Caranon to Luigon and Cargon, for linguistic reasons
* Removed the registry alias fix due to bugfix in Forge 1.15.2-31.1.91

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed the Middle-earth dimension not being registered during the initial world load
* Fixed the andesite stalactite model

>>> Translations:
* Updated Korean, Turkish, Dutch, and Russian translations
+ Added English (New Zealand), Portuguese (Brazil), Swedish, Polish, and Lolcat translations

The fourth snapshot ported the various forges and ovens to the mod with their recipes (and added some new mechanics) which can be configured with data packs. It also ported Uruk steel, equipment, blocks and Nan Curunír. Also ported were fir, larch and pine trees, the latter of which has been combined with the Shire Pine by now spawning (albeit with a different shape) in the Shire (don't worry, Shire pine doors and trapdoors are still craftable on the newly ported Hobbit crafting table).

You can download snapshot 1.3 here (Minecraft 1.15.2 and Forge 31.2.0+).


Lord of the Rings Mod Renewed Test Drive Version 1.3 - New Forges! Trees! Uruk Equipment!

A video highlighting some of the features of the fourth snapshot of the Renewed version, by Glflegolas.

Snapshot 1.4 - (July 7th, 2020)


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 1.4
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
=== Renewed-1.4 === 
(7th July, 2020)

>>> Ported:
+ Added plates: wooden, stoneware, and fine
+ Added mossy, cracked, and carved Gondor brick sets
+ Added mossy, cracked, and carved High Elven brick sets
+ Added cracked and carved Mordor brick sets
+ Added cracked and carved Rohan brick sets
+ Added the Forodwaith biome
+ Added the Northern Lights (currently biome-dependent instead of latitude)
+ Added the thatch block set
+ Added the connected textures engine, which mithril blocks once again use
+ Added drystone
+ Added wattle and daub
+ Added gold-, silver-, and mithril-trimmed dwarven bricks
* Blocks of copper, tin, bronze, silver, mithril, dwarven steel, elven steel, orc steel, uruk steel, edhelvir, and gulduril can be used as beacon bases

>>> New in Renewed:
* The mod's connected textures loader can be applied to any block model file
+ Added new thatch models
+ Added mossy Mordor and Rohan brick sets
+ Added mossy and cracked Númenórean brick sets
+ Added wattle and daub stacks
+ Added lilies of the valley in various forested biomes
+ Added foxes and sweet berry bushes in the Shire and various forested biomes
+ Added polar bears (rarely) in Forodwaith
* A wider range of biomes now grow ferns and tall ferns

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Retextured Mordor brick, pillar, rock and other Mordor blocks
* Retextured Númenórean brick
* Changed the sky and fog colours slightly in Lindon

>>> Translations:
* Updated Chinese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Lolcat, French, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Pirate, Turkish, and German translations

The fifth snapshot ported a great many blocks, including the connected textures engine (used by mithril blocks, Drystone and Wattle and Daub among others) that can now be applied to any block's model. It also ported plates and added several vanilla features to Middle-earth, including foxes, polar bears, lilies of the valley and berry bushes. In the newly-ported Forodwaith biome only, the Northern Lights were also added.

You can download snapshot 1.4 here (Minecraft 1.15.2 and Forge 31.2.0+).


Lord of the Rings Mod Renewed Test Drive Version 1.4 - Wattle this be about?

A video highlighting some of the features of the fifth snapshot of the Renewed version, by Glflegolas.

Snapshot 1.5 - (July 17th, 2020)


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 1.5
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
=== Renewed-1.5 ===
(17th July, 2020)

* Now requires Minecraft Forge 31.2.31+

>>> Ported:
+ Added the Middle-earth clouds renderer
+ Added the mod configuration file
+ Added brewing barrels, renamed to 'kegs'
+ Added wooden and ceramic mugs, and golden goblets
+ Added water, milk, chocolate, and apple juice drinks
+ Added brewable drinks: ale, cider, perry, cherry liqueur, mead, miruvor, orc draught, dwarven ale, dwarven tonic, athelas brew, rum, vodka, maple beer, carrot wine, cactus liqueur, melon liqueur, and soured milk
+ Added mallorn nuts
+ Added Morgul-shrooms
+ Added the advanced drunkenness camera effect
+ Added drunken speech
+ Added carved Luigon and Cargon brick
+ Added smooth Luigon and Cargon blocks and slabs
+ Added plates' breaking sounds
+ Added thrown plate dispenser behaviour
* Hoppers distribute input items evenly into alloy forges

>>> New in Renewed:
+ Added fancy food models for some items on plates, configurable by resource pack
* Plates can now serve soups, stews, and other things in bowls
+ Added boats for all mod wood types
* Mead is now brewed with honey
* Brewing recipes are now configurable by datapack
* Brewing recipes now support different brewing times, and experience rewards
* Kegs stacked vertically have a stand in the model
+ Added sweet berry juice
+ Added mossy and cracked Luigon and Cargon brick sets
* Smooth Luigon and Cargon blocks now follow vanilla smooth stone in their recipes and side-texture design

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Retextured Númenórean pillars
* Retextured red Haradric brick and pillars
* Retextured Rohan rock and pillars
* Retextured Luigon and Cargon rocks, bricks, and pillars
* Retextured Uruk steel blocks and ingots, and Uruk equipment

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed the double cracked Mordor brick slab model
* Fixed the northern lights not rotating properly with the camera during view bobbing
* Fixed hobbit ovens with custom names not dropping the named item
* Fixed maple syrup having the food properties of gammon
* Fixed mallorn leaves dropping normal sticks instead of mallorn sticks
* Fixed a server-side crash with thrown plates
* Fixed a lighting bug on the handheld red book model
* Fixed double stalagmites generating with a waterlogged top block if only the bottom is in water

>>> Translations:
* Updated Korean, French, Russian, Polish, Belarusian, Pirate, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Swedish, and Turkish translations
+ Added Spanish and Slovak translations

The sixth snapshot ported the mod's long-awaited brewing system (now configurable), with a selection of drinks and the drunken speech generator. It also added models for some food types when placed on plates (configurable using resource packs), clouds, and boats for the mod's wood types ported so far. There were a sizable number of retextures as well.

You can download snapshot 1.5 here (Minecraft 1.15.2 and Forge 31.2.31+).


Lord of the Rings Mod Renewed Test Drive Version 1.5 - BEER!!!

A video highlighting some of the features of the sixth snapshot of the Renewed version, by Glflegolas.

Snapshot 1.6 - (August 1st, 2020)


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 1.6
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
=== Renewed-1.6.1 ===
(2nd August, 2020)

>>> New in Renewed:
+ Added more variant models for mirk-oak leaves
+ Added mirk-shrooms

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed Mirkwood generating everywhere
* Fixed mirk-oak roots growing very extensively
* Fixed the missing holly sign texture

>>> Translations:
* Updated Polish, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), French, and Swedish translations

=== Renewed-1.6 ===
(1st August, 2020)

>>> Ported:
+ Added the Blue Mountains crafting table
+ Added blue dwarven equipment
+ Added blue dwarven bars
+ Added gold, silver, and copper treasure piles
+ Added smooth Mordor, Gondor, and Rohan rock blocks and slabs
+ Added holly trees and holly wood blocks
+ Added the Eregion biome
+ Added the mirk-oak tree model
+ Added the Mirkwood biome
+ Added gradual fog density transition between biomes

>>> New in Renewed:
+ Added a toggle in faction crafting tables to switch between faction crafting and standard crafting
* Blue dwarven equipment is now crafted with ordinary dwarven steel; there is no longer 'blue dwarven steel'
+ Added glittering particles around treasure piles
* Treasure piles are harvested more quickly with a shovel
* Kegs and treasure piles can now be waterlogged
* Mordor plants can be grown with bone meal on Mordor rock, dirt, and gravel
* Beech trees, ferns, foxes, and sweet berry bushes can generate in Eregion
+ Added a new model for mirk-oak leaves
* Mirk-oak leaves are now fully opaque to light

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Blue Mountains crafting monuments now contain the Blue Mountains table
* The wooden plate recipe now makes two plates
* Retextured the Morgul crafting table and Mordor gravel
* Retextured Dwarven armour
* Retextured some bars blocks
* Retextured Gondor pillars
* Slightly changed the colour of pear wood
* Vessel drink icons are now 32x32 by default, with the upper left quarter used for item icons and the right half used for keg liquid display
* Reduced the chance for athelas to generate

>>> Translations:
* Updated French, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese, Russian, Polish, English (New Zealand), German, Pirate, and Italian translations
+ Added Romanian and Japanese translations

The seventh snapshot ported the Blue Mountains crafting table and equipment, which is now made with Dwarven steel, as well as treasure (with new particle effects). It also ported Eregion and Mirkwood (with new and improved trees) and retextured several items. It also made a major change to faction crafting tables, adding a toggle to allow crafting of vanilla crafting table recipes on them.

You can download snapshot 1.6.1 here (Minecraft 1.15.2 and Forge 31.2.31+).

Snapshot 1.7 - (August 8th, 2020)


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 1.7
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
=== Renewed-1.7.1 ===
(9th August, 2020)

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed a DynamicIngredient crash upon joining a server
* Fixed chandeliers (except golden) missing their loot tables

>>> Translations:
* Updated Polish, Korean, and Japanese translations

=== Renewed-1.7 ===
(8th August, 2020)

>>> Ported:
+ Added the Grey Mountains, White Mountains, Fangorn, Woodland Realm, and Dale biomes
+ Added the huge Fangorn trees
+ Added green-oak trees and green-oak wood blocks
+ Added red-oak trees
+ Added mossy, cracked, and carved Galadhrim brick sets

>>> New in Renewed:
+ Added hanging webs on mirk-oak trees
* Fangorn now has custom grass and water colours, and a clear sky
* Huge Fangorn tree trunks now have stripped log interiors with wood exteriors
* Increased tree coverage in the Woodland Realm

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Reduced the biome size for Middle-earth procedural ('classic') biome generation
* Retextured Galadhrim and Wood-elven brick and pillars
* Retextured Mirk-oak doors
* Holly trees are now among the tree types which can grow with beehives

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed mallorn ladders not dropping when broken
* Fixed the orc forge not cooking meat into rotten flesh

>>> Translations:
* Updated Swedish, Spanish, Polish, Slovak, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Korean, Pirate, French, Chinese, Turkish, and German translations
+ Added a Czech translation

The eighth snapshot ported several of the more 'wooded' biomes, including Fangorn and the Woodland Realm, along with the green-oaks, red-oaks and massive Fangorn trees exclusive to those biomes. It also added the Grey Mountains, White Mountains and Dale. Lastly it added cracked, mossy and carved Galadhrim brick, and made Mirk-oaks a little spookier...

The focus for the snapshots around the time of 1.7's release is to add most of the major biomes so that Middle-earth map generation can be added without leaving too many gaps. For this reason, the sizes of biomes in this snapshot was reduced by around a quarter, to allow easier exploration of new biomes until map generation.

You can download snapshot 1.7.1 here (Minecraft 1.15.2 and Forge 31.2.31+).

Snapshot 2.0 - (September 5th, 2020)


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 2.0
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
=== Renewed-2.0 ===
(5th September, 2020)

>>> Ported:
+ Added the Middle-earth map generation and map screen
+ Added the Angmar, Harondor, Enedwaith, Vales of Anduin, Anduin Hills, Wilderland, Old Forest, Bree-land, Chetwood, Nurn, Umbar, Harad Desert, Northlands, and Northern Forests biomes
+ Added the mountain foothills biomes
+ Added the Mordor, Forodwaith, and Angmar mountains biomes
+ Added the Lindon Woodlands, Eriador Downs, and Lone-lands Hills biomes
+ Added the Sea, Island, Beach, Tolfalas, Lake, and Núrnen biomes
+ Added the Middle-earth (direct spawn) and Middle-earth Classic world types
+ Added seas in classic generation
+ Added arid grass
+ Added chrysanthemums: white, yellow, pink, red, and orange
+ Added cracked and carved dwarven brick sets
+ Added mossy, cracked, and carved wood-elven brick sets
* The northern lights are now latitude-dependent again

>>> New in Renewed:
* The map menu key is now 'M' by default
* The map image file now lives in /data instead of /assets
* Map metadata (origin point, scale factor, sea latitude properties, etc.) is now defined in .json files
* Map image and metadata can now be customised via datapacks
* The sea ice transition now uses Perlin noise instead of randomised single blocks
* The sea floor now transitions from gravel to sand going southward
+ Added kelp, coral, sea pickles, turtles, and all fish types in the Middle-earth sea, varying with latitude
* Improved island generation
+ Added white foxes and sweet berry bushes in the northern forests
* Lone-lands Hills now has a different grass colour from normal Lone-lands
* Changed the environmental colours in Nurn, and added more surface variety
* Arid grass has a lower chance to drop seeds than other grasses
+ Added Umbar crafting monuments in the biome
- Removed the blue chrysanthemum in favour of a red one
+ Added bronze lanterns and bronze nuggets
+ Added mossy and snowy dwarven brick sets

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Mirkwood and Fangorn now have correct water fog colours
* Retextured the mod menu buttons
* Retextured Edhelvir and Gulduril ores, including new animated variants
* Retextured Edhelvir and Gulduril blocks
* Retextured the Gulduril item
* Edhelvir and Gulduril crystals now have a 40% base chance to drop their resource (without fortune or silk touch)
* Retextured gold, silver, and mithril bars
* Retextured and remodelled Uruk bars
* Retextured Uruk brick and pillars
* Retextured Umbar brick and pillars
* Retextured dwarven pillars
* Retextured the Gondor, Rohan, Lindon, Rivendell, Galadhrim, Wood-elven, Uruk, Harad, and Umbar crafting tables
* Retextured elanor, niphredil, simbelmynë, asphodel, marigold, and lavender
* Retextured the Harad flowers
* Retextured silver blocks and ingots
* Retextured the salt ore, block, and item
* Retextured the nitre block
* Retextured elven torches
- Removed the fringes models for thatch blocks due to visual glitches
* Wattle and daub blocks now use scaffolding sounds

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed athelas generating too commonly
* Fixed icicles generating in water and being waterloggable

>>> Translations:
* Updated Chinese, Portuguese (Brazil), Czech, Pirate, Swedish, Turkish, French, Russian, Italian, Slovak, Spanish, and German translations
+ Added a Shakespearean English translation

The 2.0 snapshot added the long-awaited Middle-earth map generation, as well as 30 biomes to fill it up a bit - including a greatly improved ocean. The system is more customisable than the legacy form, with the use of data packs to change several map settings, as well as the image itself. It also retextured and added several blocks, as well as chrysanthemums, bronze nuggets and lanterns, and spiky Uruk bars. Notably, this was also the first snapshot to be posted on Curseforge.

You can download snapshot 2.0 here (Minecraft 1.15.2 and Forge 31.2.31+).

Snapshot 2.1 - (September 20th, 2020)


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 2.1
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
=== Renewed-2.1.3 ===
(23rd September, 2020)

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
+ Added different side textures for the Dol Amroth crafting table
* Remodelled vertical slabs for sandstones, cut sandstones, Mordor rock, and Rohan bricks to fit properly with their full blocks
+ Added variant texture models for cracked Umbar brick and snowy dwarven brick slabs, stairs, and walls

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed vertical versions of vanilla slabs not dropping their slab items
* Fixed lighting issues on vertical Dol Amroth brick slabs
* Fixed vertical slabs not rotating in structure block operations
* Fixed dead trees sometimes generating with a missing block in the trunk
* Fixed Middle-earth biomes' water turning white if Optifine is installed

>>> Translations:
* Updated Korean, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, German, Italian, and Shakespearean English translations
+ Added an English (Upside-down) translation

=== Renewed-2.1.2 ===
(21st September, 2020)

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed four-leaf clovers generating too commonly

>>> Translations:
* Updated French translations

=== Renewed-2.1.1 ===
(21st September, 2020)

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed the Arnor pillar slab model

>>> Translations:
* Updated Polish, Swedish, Japanese, Hungarian, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese, and Turkish translations

=== Renewed-2.1 ===
(20th September, 2020)

>>> Ported:
+ Added Arnor brick, mossy, cracked, and carved brick, and pillar sets
+ Added the Ranger crafting table
+ Added Gondor cobblebrick, mossy, and cracked cobblebrick sets
+ Added the Dol Amroth brick set, with new special models and textures
+ Added the Dol Amroth crafting table
+ Added the Dor-en-Ernil and Emyn-en-Ernil biomes
+ Added the cracked Umbar brick set
+ Added clay tiling and all coloured clay tiling block sets
+ Added fine glass and all coloured fine glass, and their panes
+ Added recipes for black dye from charcoal, brown dye from mixing colours, and light blue dye from dwarfwort
+ Added orc plating and rusted orc plating
+ Added the Middle-earth respawning mechanics
+ Added other players' icons on the Middle-earth map

>>> New in Renewed:
+ Added Ranger crafting monuments in Eriador and the Lone-lands
+ Added mossy and cracked Dol Amroth brick sets
+ Added Dol Amroth crafting monuments in Dor-en-Ernil
+ Added carved Númenórean brick
+ Added the mossy Umbar brick set
* Umbar bricks and pillars can now be crafted with either stone, sandstone, or a mix of both
+ Added carved red brick
+ Added clover blockstates for up to four clovers in a block
* Crystals and Edhelvir blocks can now be used to colour beacon beams
+ Added a new logo image
+ Added chat messages for when Middle-earth respawning mechanics take effect

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Vertical slabs no longer use coremodding, fixing some compatibility issues - now LOTR mod slabs have all 3 axes, and vanilla slabs have new corresponding vertical-only slab blocks (X and Z axes), with placement overrides for vanilla slab items
* Vertical slabs of smooth stone, sandstone, cut sandstone, red sandstone, and cut red sandstone now have rotated textures (uvlock: false) like pillar slabs
* The map teleport key is now ENTER by default, with its own keybinding in settings
* Reduced the generation rate of islands
* Edhelvir blocks are now translucent
* Retextured glowing dwarven brick
* Haradric crafting monuments now generate with bronze lanterns
* Bronze lanterns now have correct collision boxes

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed the Rohirric crafting table displaying a brick bottom texture and requiring rock in its recipe
* Fixed wild pipeweed generating too commonly
* Fixed bees being active at night in Middle-earth (and other modded surface-world dimensions)
* Fixed a crash when loading a world with the Ice and Fire mod installed

>>> Translations:
* Updated German, Polish, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese, Czech, French, Pirate, Spanish, Korean, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, Hungarian, and Russian translations

This snapshot largely focused on porting more blocks (155 in total), including Arnorian and Dol Amroth varieties as well as clay tiling and fine glass. It also recoded the vertical slabs feature for improved compatibility, and added the Middle-earth respawning mechanics. There were also (as always) several retextures, bug fixes and tweaks.

You can download snapshot 2.1.3 here (Minecraft 1.15.2 and Forge 31.2.31+).

Snapshot 2.2 - (October 1st, 2020)


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 2.2
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
=== Renewed-2.2 ===
(1st October, 2020)

>>> Ported:
+ Added map waypoints
+ Added fast travel
+ Added the /wpregion, /wpcooldown, and /ftclock commands
+ Added Angmar brick, cracked, and snowy brick, and pillar sets
+ Added the Angmar crafting table
+ Added the Coldfells, Ettenmoors, Harnennor, and Dagorlad biomes
+ Added Mordor rock's smoke particles, and for its slabs, stairs, walls, and dripstones
+ Added the alternative compass and clock crafting recipes with copper

>>> New in Renewed:
* Waypoints are now defined in .json files, and datapacks can customise them, remove them, or add new ones
* The waypoint route on the main menu screen can now be customised via datapack
+ Added orc plating and rusted orc plating slabs and stairs
+ Added wool slabs and wool stairs
+ Added the mossy Angmar brick set
+ Added carved Angmar brick
+ Added Angmar crafting monuments in the biome
* Changed the terrain generation and colours in the Ettenmoors
* Changed the terrain generation in the Coldfells to be like the previous Ettenmoors
+ Added new purple and red moor-grass in northern regions, replacing flowery grass and wheatgrass
+ Added double wheatgrass and double arid grass
+ Added dead bushes in the Brown Lands and Dagorlad
* Removed flowery grass and wheatgrass from Angmar and mountainous biomes
+ Added a new 'Western Isles' biome, distinct from the randomly generated 'Island', so that the western isles must be visited to unlock their waypoints
* Changed the fog colours in the Harad biomes to a slightly sandy colour

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed 'skeleton trap' horses being able to spawn from lightning strikes in Middle-earth

>>> Translations:
* Updated Japanese, English (Upside-down), and Czech translations

This snapshot ported waypoints (once again, these are customisable by data packs) and fast travel. It also added Angmar bricks (with new mossy and carved variants), the Angmar crafting table, and slabs and stairs for Orc plating and wool. It also added revamped the Ettenmoors and Coldfells biomes, as well as ported Harnennor and Dagorlad. Grass also received some additions and changes.

You can download snapshot 2.2 here (Minecraft 1.15.2 and Forge 31.2.31+).

Snapshot 2.3 - (October 18th, 2020)


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 2.3
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
=== Renewed-2.3 ===
(18th October, 2020)

>>> Ported:
+ Added map labels
+ Added chalk and chalk brick sets
+ Added pressure plates and buttons for the mod's six stone types
+ Added Dorwinion brick, mossy and cracked brick, and pillar sets
+ Added the Dorwinion crafting table
+ Added the Dorwinion and Emyn Winion biomes
+ Added cypress trees and cypress wood blocks
+ Added white sand and white sandstone blocks
+ Added white beach biomes
+ Added the Wold, Minhiriath, and Eryn Vorn biomes

>>> New in Renewed:
* Map labels are now defined in .json files, and datapacks can customise them, remove them, or add new ones
+ Added a polished chalk block set
* Chalk bricks and pillars are now crafted using polished chalk
+ Added chalk dripstones
+ Added a chalk layer beneath dirt in the Eriador Downs and the Wold
+ Added 'dirty chalk' as a transition between dirt and chalk
+ Added new red Dorwinion brick, mossy, and cracked brick sets
+ Added white sandstone dripstones
+ Added cut, chiselled, and smooth white sandstone block sets
+ Added stonecutting recipes for all factionless Luigon, Cargon, and chalk recipes, including all brick and pillar variants
+ Added stonecutting recipes for stone pillars, brick pillars, and carved brick
+ Added stonecutting recipes for all clay tiling blocks, including recipes made from the corresponding terracotta
+ Added crafting recipes for chain armour

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Renamed the 'Trollshaws' waypoint to 'Trolls' Cave'
- Removed some superfluous waypoints which merely referred to regions, and replaced some with map labels
* Changed the grass colour in the Weather Hills
* Retextured Mordor dirt
* Retextured mithril items
* Andesite now generates only in western coastal biomes and the Weather Hills
* Diorite now generates only in downland biomes, some hill biomes, and deep beneath some mountainous areas
* Granite now generates in most biomes (but not all), and more commonly in the lands around Eriador, and Emyn Muil

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed petrified Fangorn trees generating along the border with the Misty Mountains
* Fixed the placement of vanilla slabs and their corresponding vertical slabs ignoring entity bounding box collisions
* Fixed Middle-earth respawning using the wrong z-coordinate
* Fixed mod fences and fence gates not working as fuel

>>> Translations:
* Updated Chinese, Japanese, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, French, English (Upside-down), and Pirate translations

This snapshot added customisable map labels to renewed, as well as a wide range of blocks including chalk, Dorwinion brick and white sand (and their many derivatives - including some new ones). It also ported a few more biomes and changed the generation of andesite, diorite and granite to be more region-specific.

You can download snapshot 2.3 here (Minecraft 1.15.2 and Forge 31.2.31+).

Snapshot 2.4 - (October 25th, 2020)


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 2.4
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
=== Renewed-2.4 ===
(25th October, 2020)

>>> Ported:
+ Added Dalish brick, mossy, cracked, and carved brick, and pillar sets
+ Added the Dalish crafting table
+ Added the Drúwaith Iaur, Andrast, Lossarnach, Lebennin, Pelargir, Lamedon, Lamedon Hills, Blackroot Vale, Pinnath Gelin, Northern Wilderland, Rivendell, and Rivendell Hills biomes
+ Added blackroot plants and sticks

>>> New in Renewed:
* Redrew the map of southern Gondor
* Renamed the base 'Gondor' biome to Anórien
+ Added the Anfalas biome
+ Added Dalish paving blocks
+ Added Dalish crafting monuments in the biome
* Improved terrain generation in Dale
+ Added the Northern Dale biome, with snowy areas
+ Added snowy areas in Northern Wilderland
+ Added surface diorite and granite variation in the Trollshaws
+ Added Rivendell crafting monuments in the biome

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Foxes and sweet berry bushes can generate in Eryn Vorn

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed the cypress boat's name
* Fixed the Dorwinion crafting table having stone material properties
* Fixed the lack of Wood-elven crafting monuments in the Woodland Realm
* Fixed a river pixel in the Brown Lands
* Fixed a duplication glitch with crystals and dripstones

>>> Translations:
* Updated French, English (Upside-down), Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese, and Russian translations

This snapshot ported a host of biomes, with a particular focus on Gondor, which had its numerous fiefdom regions added and was substantially redrawn for greater accuracy (including adding a new 'Anfalas' biome and renaming the base 'Gondor' biome to 'Anórien') It also ported Rivendell and Northern Wilderland and added a new Northern Dale region, with improved terrain in the latter two as well as the Trollshaws. It also added the Dalish brick sets with new colourful paving blocks.

You can download snapshot 2.4 here (Minecraft 1.15.2 and Forge 31.2.31+).

Snapshot 2.5 - (November 8th, 2020)


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 2.5
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
=== Renewed-2.5 ===
(7th November, 2020)

>>> Ported:
+ Added tree clusters for improved tree generation
+ Added leaf bush generation
+ Added the Shire Moors and White Downs biomes
+ Added marsh terrain generation and the Midgewater, Swanfleet, Gladden Fields, Long Marshes, Nindalf, Dead Marshes, Mouths of Entwash, Ethir Anduin, Shire Marshes, and Nurn Marshes biomes
+ Added yellow irises
+ Added quagmire
+ Added rotten logs and their rotten wood products

>>> New in Renewed:
* Revised the map of Southern Gondor again
+ Added a new 'Western Gondor' biome to fill some area that was previously Pinnath Gelin
+ Added mallos flowers in Lebennin, Pelargir, and Ethir Anduin
* Changed the sky colour in Midgewater and added persistent fog
* Changed the environmental colours in Nindalf and the Dead Marshes to slightly less intense palettes
+ Added tree cluster generation to several biomes that didn't use it in Legacy
* Yellow irises can now be placed in one-block-deep water
* Rotten logs and beams are now hollow and can be waterlogged
* Rotten logs make only one planks block per log
+ Added driftwood on beaches

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Retextured Luigon blocks
* Renamed the 'Pinnath Gelin' waypoint to 'Hirluin's Halls'
* Increased the hilliness of the Weather Hills
* Increased the hilliness in Rivendell and added more boulders
* Moved the Rivendell biome so the river runs through the middle
* Stabbing thorns now generate in thicker clumps

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed full wood blocks displaying the wrong colour on maps

>>> Translations:
* Updated Shakespearean English, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), French, Polish, English (Upside-down), Russian, Belarusian, Pirate, and Italian translations

This snapshot ported Shire moors, the white downs and all of the marshland biomes found in the West of Middle-earth, as well as rotten logs (now hollow), irises and quagmire to make them feel more marshy. It also ported two plant-related generation features: tree clusters and leaf 'bushes'. It also added the 'mallos' flower, a new 'Western Gondor' biome and driftwood on beaches.

You can download snapshot 2.5 here (Minecraft 1.15.2 and Forge 31.2.31+).

Snapshot 2.6 - (November 21st, 2020)


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 2.6
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
=== Renewed-2.6.1 ===
(24th November, 2020)

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Removed thistles from Mordor generation
* Rotten logs and boulders will no longer generate on roads
* The client-side road curve generator now runs on a separate thread after entering a world in order to prevent world loading delay
* Reeds and rushes are now flammable
* Increased the amount of rushes along rivers
* Changed the map colours of mallorn, cherry, beech, maple, lairelossë, and red-oak leaves to match their block textures

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed the placement of the Bree-land waypoints to match their locations in the latest Legacy version
* Fixed the Great East Road not running east to Redwater Ford
* Fixed the road from Udûn through Carach Angren not passing through the mountain gap
* Fixed a Great East Road map label overlapping the nearby High Pass waypoint label
* Fixed the map screen's road points and label spacing not scaling with different map scale factors
* Corrected the 'Nobottom' road to 'Nobottle'
* Fixed marsh biomes generating mostly dry terrain
* Fixed rotten logs generating in the bottom halves of double grass blocks
* Fixed the water in the bottom half of waterlogged rushes and yellow irises disappearing if the top block is broken

>>> Translations:
* Updated Italian, French, English (Upside-down), Japanese, Polish, Russian, Shakespearean English, Chinese, Portuguese (Brazil), Turkish, and Pirate translations

=== Renewed-2.6 ===
(21st November, 2020)

>>> Ported:
+ Added roads
+ Added more of the Near Harad waypoints
+ Added reeds and dried reeds
+ Added reed thatch blocks, slabs, and stairs
+ Added the Gorgoroth biome

>>> New in Renewed:
* Roads are now defined in .json files, and datapacks can customise them, remove them, or add new ones
* Made road terrain-flattening more natural: roads now flatten the terrain less, over a wider range, and flatten linearly inwards instead of quadratically
* Common path-style roads now use grass paths in their generation
* Some roads now generate with different edge blocks
* Trees will not generate on road grass or dirt blocks
* Reeds are now always one to three blocks tall, with different textures for each stage, and can be placed either adjacent to water, or up to two blocks deep
* Reeds can now be grown with bone meal
* Reeds can be placed on quagmire
* Reed crafting now makes two pieces of paper instead of three
* Made dried reeds more friendly-looking
+ Added papyrus
+ Added rushes
+ Added water lily flowers
+ Added seagrass in marsh biomes
* Sugar cane now generates only in Harad and southern Gondor biomes
* The mod's leaves, saplings, grasses, flowers, mushrooms, fruits, crops, seeds, thatch blocks, reeds, rushes, and pies are now compostable
* Thatch and reed thatch blocks can now be used as furnace fuel
* Redesigned the normal 'Mordor' biome to closer match the book description - and moved the old biome generation to Gorgoroth
* Mordor grass and stabbing thorns can now be placed on ordinary grass and dirt
* Mordor and Nurn now generate a layer of Mordor dirt between ordinary dirt and Mordor rock
* Dagorlad surface terrain now includes greyish grass

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Removed dark oaks from Western Gondor and Andrast
* Removed lily pads from Ethir Anduin
* Changed tree generation in Eregion and Ithilien to use tree clusters
* Moved the Tarnost waypoint and nearby roads so they skirt around the hills
* Moved the Rivendell waypoint further into the valley

>>> Fixes (to earlier Renewed):
* Fixed waypoint placement being off by half a pixel
* Fixed the Forsaken Inn waypoint unlocking in Eriador instead of Bree-land
* Fixed the Lossarnach map label and the Crossings of Erui waypoint having moved outside of Lossarnach after the recent map changes
* Fixed fine glass, quagmire, edhelvir blocks, and non-waterlogged rotten logs and beams displaying water flowing down their sides when placed underwater
* Fixed stripped logs being strippable into stripped wood
* Fixed waterlogged rotten logs becoming dry when stripped

>>> Translations:
* Updated French, Polish, Japanese, English (Upside-down), Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese, Russian, Belarusian, Slovak, Italian, Turkish, and Spanish translations

This snapshot (after a brief hiatus to release Update 36.7) ported roads to the renewed version, with improved generation and data pack customisation. It also added reeds (as well as dried reeds and reed thatch), rushes and papyrus, and changed the generation in Mordor to match the books more closely, among many other tweaks and additions.

You can download snapshot 2.6.1 here (Minecraft 1.15.2 and Forge 31.2.31+).

Snapshot 2.7 - (December 5th, 2020)


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 2.7
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
=== Renewed-2.7 ===
(5th December, 2020)

>>> New in Renewed:
+ Added log, wood, stripped log, stripped wood, and beam slabs for all wood types
+ Added wood and stripped wood stairs for all wood types
+ Added branch and stripped branch blocks for all wood types
* Wood beams (and beam slabs) can now be used as furnace fuel
* Pine trees' sideways branches can now generate with log slabs as well as full logs
* Mallorn, cedar, and mirk-oak family trees' roots now generate with branch blocks
+ Added hedges along roads in the Shire
+ Added lapis-trimmed Luigon brick
+ Added dwarven torches

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Improved road generation in mountainous regions
* Ruined roads with distinct edges now have even more blocks missing from their raised edges
* Retextured Luigon blocks
* Retextured Rohan bricks
* Retextured pine logs
* Retextured the candle item
* Rotten logs now make two planks per log (up from one), and two wood blocks from four logs (up from one)
* Wooden plate crafting now makes eight plates instead of two - and they can also be crafted from log slabs

>>> Fixes:
* Fixed the mod logging an error extremely frequently when near water with the FTB Chunks mod installed
* Fixed the blast furnace not smelting copper faster than in the furnace

>>> Translations:
* Updated Polish, Hungarian, Spanish, Russian, and Belarusian translations

This snapshot was the first that didn't port anything directly from the Legacy version. Instead, its main focus was adding the rewards chosen by the winners of the recent Renewed building contest - namely slabs, stairs and 'walls' (named branches) for each wood type (including stripped variants), as well as beam and log slabs, adding a total of 225 new blocks (as shown in the image below). It also made several improvements to road generation and some textures, and added Dwarven torches and lapis-trimmed Luigon brick.

You can download snapshot 2.7 here (Minecraft 1.15.2 and Forge 31.2.31+).

Snapshot 2.8 - (December 23rd, 2020)


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 2.8
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
=== Renewed-2.8.1 ===
(24th December, 2020)

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Blubber can now be eaten

>>> Fixes:
* Fixed a crash sometimes occurring when opening the factions menu

>>> Translations:
* Updated French, Shakespearean English, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese, Japanese, Polish, and Spanish translations

=== Renewed-2.8 ===
(23rd December, 2020)

>>> Ported:
+ Added factions and the factions menu
+ Added faction areas of influence
+ Added the Middle-earth master menu
+ Added the on-screen Middle-earth compass
+ Added the Shire Reckoning date display
+ Added the /lotr_date command
+ Added wind ambience sounds
+ Added sun glare
+ Added rain mist
+ Added Misty Mountains mist
+ Added Middle-earth replacement rain and thunder sounds
+ Added Middle-earth replacement rain and snow textures
+ Added ashfall and sandstorm weather effects
+ Added alcohol tolerance

>>> New in Renewed:
* Factions, faction properties, relations, and areas of influence are now defined in .json files, and can be customised with datapacks
+ Added snow bricks, slabs, stairs, and walls
+ Added ice bricks, slabs, stairs, and walls
+ Added snow paths
+ Added fur and leather bundles
+ Added blubber and blubber torches
+ Added the Forochel biome
+ On multiplayer servers, an offline player's fast travel clock will now tick forwards at a rate of 0.1x the normal rate
+ Added temporary roads at Bree to stand in for the generated village
* Sun glare now yellows at sunrise and sunset
* Sun glare can now become oversaturated
* Ashfalls and sandstorms now reduce visibility
* Split the LOTRLevelData and LOTRPlayerData classes into separate server- and client-side instances

>>> Changes (to earlier Renewed):
* Boughed mallorn trees now generate with wider leaf canopies and a full-bark wood block to cap the trunk
* Retextured Uruk armour
* Retextured drystone
* Retextured pine beams

>>> Fixes:
* Fixed the boughs of mallorn trees overriding the vertical axis of the trunk
* Fixed boughed mallorn trees sometimes generating with a gap near the top of the trunk
* Fixed reeds sometimes generating deep underwater and replacing solid blocks
* Fixed new players not starting with a full fast travel clock

>>> Compatibility:
* The removal of apples from oak leaves' drops is now implemented with a Global Loot Modifier instead of a data file replacement

>>> Translations:
* Updated French, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian, Shakespearean English, and Turkish translations
+ Added a Venetian translation

This festive snapshot ported the faction system to Renewed, with the datapack customisation that has been emphasised throughout development. This allows future work on alignment and NPCs to begin, and is a major step for the Renewed version. Also added were several atmospheric additions from the legacy version, such as sun glare, mist, new and improved weathers, the on-screen compass and the Shire Reckoning date system.

Finally, it also added a new Forochel biome, faction, and several new blocks to make settlements in the far North more realistic.

You can download snapshot 2.8.1 here (Minecraft 1.15.2 and Forge 31.2.31+).

Snapshot 2.9 - (January 9th, 2021)


Changelog for Renewed Snapshot 2.9
As Mevans posted it on dropbox
=== Renewed-2.9.1 ===
(11th January, 2021)

>>> Fixes:
* Fixed a crash when trying to use the /alignment command on servers
* Fixed a mistake in the error message shown when trying to subtract too much alignment using the command
* Fixed a crash when joining a world if the mod's main menu screen has not yet been displayed
* Fixed a rare factions-related crash when joining a world

>>> Translations:
* Updated Chinese, Shakespearean English, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, Polish, Hungarian, and Russian translations

=== Renewed-2.9 ===
(9th January, 2021)

>>> Ported:
+ Added alignment
+ Added the on-screen alignment meter
+ Added the /alignment command
+ Added faction ranks
+ Added rank gender preference
+ Added pledging mechanics
+ Added certain waypoints being unavailable for enemy players

>>> New in Renewed:
* Factions' ranks are now defined in their .json files, and can be customised with datapacks
* Improved faction rank translation: all name variants are now defined in a single line with new syntax, removed redundancy, and any rank can be translated into separate masculine and feminine versions
* Moved Rohan's Esquire rank below Rider
* Waypoints' faction ties for fast travel are now defined in their .json files
* Waypoints unavailable due to enemy alignment now have a darker colour
+ Added fine zoom to the map screen (left shift + zoom)
+ Added a zoom scale display when zooming in and out
+ Added the /lotr_message command to display various preset ingame messages or custom message text to players
* The mod's minimum required Forge version is now specified as a dependency

>>> Fixes:
* Fixed the game crashing when right-clicking the air in adventure mode
* Fixed map labels rendering in front of the areas of influence title text
* Fixed the Forge mod update notification not rendering in the custom main menu screen

>>> Compatibility:
* Allowed connected texture block models to fall back to their default connection context if supplied empty model data by another mod's renderer

>>> Translations:
* Updated Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Pirate, Dutch, and English (Upside-down) translations

The first snapshot of 2021 ported the mod's alignment system to renewed, including the meter, ranks, pledging and command - with much of it configurable using data packs. It also added a command to display in-game messages similar to the one that is displayed on entering Utumno for the first time, and a fine zoom function for the map, among other things.

You can download snapshot 2.9.1 here (Minecraft 1.15.2 and Forge 31.2.31+).

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