As soon as the enemy had gained possession of the eastern end of the Fords there appeared a company of men or Orc-men (evidently dispatched for the purpose), ferocious, mail-clad, and armed with axes.

The Unfinished Tales, "The Battles of the Fords of Isen".

Uruk berserkers are the strongest Uruks to ever come out of the pits of Isengard.


These Uruks spawn in Rohan at night, and spawn any time of the day in the Fangorn wasteland, Uruk highlands and Nan Curunír.


Uruk Berserkers will attack any player or NPC with a negative Isengard alignment, and will do so with frightening speed and ferocity. When idle, they will wander the lands aimlessly, occasionally eating Maggoty Bread or drinking Orc Draught. They have even deeper voices than regular Uruks. As of Public Beta 26, they no longer have smoke above their heads. They are easily recognizable due to the White Hand that has been pressed onto their helmets.

In the FilmsEdit

In the films Uruk berserkers were the elite of Saruman's army. They stood around seven feet tall, and weighed over three hundred pounds. Before going into battle, they drove themselves into a battle-frenzy that made them virtually immune to any pain whatsoever. They took no regard to personal safety, wearing no armour (unlike in the Mod), and were expected to fight to the death. Their swords were five feet long, with a foot-long spike at the end; despite it being a cumbersome weapon, it was nevertheless effective; one hit from this weapon was sufficient to cut a man in half. It was an Uruk Berserker that cut down Haladir, an elven General at the Battle of Helm's Deep


These powerful units can be yours with an Isengard alignment of +300, pledge and 60 silver coins. Many people favour them as they have strong armour, health, and attack. They beat most mobs in one on one fights!

Advantages Disadvantages
High health and armour Can't ride Wargs
Can run quite fast Cannot pass through two-block high spaces
Very strong attack. No ranged attack
Intimidating to enemy players Quite expensive alignment-wise
Not weakened by sunlight Vulnerable to mounted archers
Quite cheap in coins considering its strength You need to pledge
Can outmatch any player-sized NPC in melee combat


Drop Rarity Quantity Image
Rotten Flesh Common 1-2 Rotten Flesh
Orc Bone Common 1 OrcBone
Orc Draught Uncommon 0-1 Orc Draught
Maggoty Bread Uncommon 0-2 Maggoty Bread
Uruk Steel Ingot Uncommon 0-1 Uruk Steel Ingot
Uruk Beserker Scimitar Rare 0-1 ScimitarUrukBerserker
Uruk Beserker Helmet Rare 0-1 HelmetUrukBerserker
Uruk Chestplate Rare 0-1 BodyUruk
Uruk Leggings Rare 0-1 LegsUruk
Uruk Boots Rare 0-1 BootsUruk
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