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My name is Mithrandir/Gandalf, and I have many other names too. I was sent over the seas by the Valar to stop Sauron, along with Radagast, Saruman, and two other wizards. Tolkien has chronicled nearly all my work, especially in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. There is too much to say about myself here so read the books!

When I'm not killing orcs or planning battles I like to edit pages on this wiki, ecpecially little tiny grammar errors, like this: "Yuo Shall not pass ! (by the way, I know a professor who shows the movie clip where I say that before his students take a big test).

I have vowed never to use abbreviations such as idk, lol, thx, and so on. I prefer to use real words (Some longer things I will abbreviate)

And absolutely do NOT ask for me to be added to this mod. Gen. Greivous or another administrator will ban you immediately. Although I am excited for when I will be in the mod.

In Minecraft, I am Lord_Glorfindel (A very good friend of mine).

My Middle Earth Mineventure[]

This is my journey on the official server!

It was a dark and stormy night. Then the next morning I decided to go to Middle Earth. I entered into the realm of blocks and creepers and there was a great blue before me and slowly things took shape and I was in a room. A lit room. A lit room with rules on the wall. I walked over to a sign and tapped it with my blocky hand. Suddenly I was outside of the room and I saw trees towering above me, but these trees were different, they looked like they had been uprooted and were levitating above the ground two or three blocks. I took no notice at the time and instead I took some wood myself.

I wandered far into the heart of a strange land filled with strange hole-dwellers who smoked too much, but my mind was occupied with a more pressing matter: Where would I make my home?

My problem was solved when I found a tavern that was somehow still intact. I went up to the counter and asked the bartender what the special was. It was perry, for 10 coins. I asked her (for it was indeed a maiden) if I could store my belongings in her bar.

"Where would we hobbits be without pipeweed?" She said, so I assumed she meant "yeah, sure go ahead."

Over time I gathered food and forged crude tools and weapons of stone. I was on the verge of building a new empire, but first, I decided, I would explore this strange, weird place.

I set out on foot for the east, and I trod upon the great road leading to the heart of Middle Earth. I had brought only the bare neccesities. At one point in my journey I felt a punch on my shoulder. I spun around, and there before me was an elf. He looked me up and down, and then he tossed a pouch my way. Now I had a diamond pickaxe, a Gondorian Bow, and some food. I thanked him, then continued on my way.

It was several days before I saw the feet of the Misty Mountains before me. Great and... Misty, they were. I trudged through snow, skidded across ice, leaped across cliffs, and ate roasted chestnuts.

Many a time I came to an impassible range and had to go round another way, but at last, when my toes were quite frozen, I came to the foothills of the Mountains. My plan was to travel along the river and then take refuge in Lorien. I began my journey again, this time only trees were there to hinder my passing, or so I thought. Suddenly, out of nowhere, literally, a voice came: "<Nazrug the Gundabad Orc: I'll bleed you like a stuck pig!>" and I felt a sudden pain in my back, but there was no obvious place from whence the blow came, but another came, and I fell, but still another blow fell, and I saw no more. I woke up again under a tree that had politely dropped a conker on my head. I had lost everything I had, and I needed to restock.

Back over the Misty Mountains cold,

To an Ft point where drinks were sold,

I did away in haste I say,

To mine and farm to go again.

In this time I lost my diary, and much of what I did in this time was lost, but from scribbled notes I pieced together that I reached Rohan, Gondor, Erebor, Mirkwood, and mined two Mithril ores. I reached Lindon and the Blue Mountains and gathered all the good crafting tables (except Durin's Folk) and prospered greatly in iron, leather, coins, and gold. In this time also my beloved hobbit bartender, Asphodel Sackville, was slain. The culprit was, I knew, a n00b, but I could not allow him to run the Shire, murdering as he went. I geared myself, enchanted a warhammer (this was before beta 25) and pursued him. I found him, shamelessly hacking down a hobbit. I had had enough. I took my hammer and smote him with it. He jumped back in alarm, giving the hobbit time enough to flee. He gazed at me at first in surprise, but as he realized what weapons I carried he fled, but ah, would that he had surrendered, for when he turned round, my faithful ranger shot him so he died. He left the game just after that. As I began to realize my victory, a sudden, jarring pain aroused my consciousness and I realized I was not alone, a fell Wraith of Sauron, Nebulae, had shot me from behind a bush. I tried to run, but another arrow smoke my breast, and I saw no more. Since then I have been more careful about hunting n00bs.

Now at last I have recovered my diary, and so I have written in detail my more recent adventures. I perceived that the food supply of my Rangers would not last, so at length I devised a plan to secure a good source of food. I thought that a journey to the land of Far Harad would secure my wish, and so I set out with but a few companions, for the land of the sun.

I ran through the realm of Gondor meeting little oppositio till at length I came to Harondor, and perceived a mighty fortress In the way. As I stood gazing at this menacing marvel, I felt a tug at my side and realized that an unshaven man (an elf would never do this) had run off with my dagger. Fortunately, I had my battle-staff in hand and when he would not yield I smote him, and he fled. But if I had thought the battle was over I would have been mistaken, for though I did not yet see it, my companions, wonderful archers of Mirkwood, fired their bows at I knew not what. I turned round, and I realized that a dark servant of Sauron, nay, even of Melkor was threatening my way. I reached in haste for my bow, hoping that this fell creature was not using a super-enchanted weapon, I fired. As the arrow glanced off his helm I realized at last who indeed it was that I was fighting. Senseisean he was, and wearing nothing valuable, he fled, and cast himself into the river, and he drowned there, though I don't know why. Seeing my foes were at last no more, I flanked the battlements and headed into the desert.

It was dry and flat as I ran, sweating through this arid desert. Of the men of Harad I saw but few. I knew enough geography to know that there was a fertile cresent far the in the south where I ought to head. I knew, of course, the danger which lay before me, yet I held on with grim determination that I should not back down on my quest. Would that I had.

Coming late one night upon a camp of e Haradrim, I perceived a small, tan, something scuttle toward me. At once I knew it was a scorpion, large enough to think my foot a morsel, and Infled before it into the camp. Then, the men of Harad saw me and chased me past their tents. I would have outran them, but for my weariness from travelling. When I had run as far as I might, I realized that I was not safe from my pursuers. I turned and fought them with my mighty battlepole and slew all but one. He was a strong man and I perceived his determination to have my head, but I had long since grown weary. He knocked my staff out of my hands with one swift swing of his halberd. I reached for my dagger. He drew nearer to deal my death-blow when suddenly he voiced a great cry, stumbled, and lay lifeless before me. The scorpion had followed us. As the great beast came to me I remembered my dagger and dealt it one quick thrust in the eyes and that was enough.

To be continued...