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When you take a picture but forget to go in F1...

Hallo! I'm 9koopa. I've been using the mod since around Beta 10 with Technic Launcher, and have been hosting The Rise of Morgoth since 2015, however as of 2019 I have ended the server and given it to my admins so they may continue the legacy.

My Minecraft username has changed since I got hacked by someone in Thailand. It is now Shakgriig.


I have made a few suggestions before but never really wrote down where, so here's a list.

Some Facts

My username Is Doramvaur.

Not really. Its Shakgriig.

I live in the USA.

I speak German.

My favorite Valar is Melkor.

My favorite Maia is either Sauron or Radagast.

My favorite Istar is Radagast.

My favorite Elf is either Earendil or Fingolfin.

My favorite Hobbit is Merry.