Calbeius or Urukgoth

aka Calb

  • I live in Bruhland
  • My occupation is Torment
  • I am A George Forman Grill

Greetings, Welcome to the Calbeius Page,Person! Edit

Greetings folks! I am Calbeius. I play on the DOME Server with various people. My purpose, and along with most of the people I play with, is to bring wrath and ruin to all the Free Peoples of Middle Earth! So essentially, Im Evil. I have several thousand alignment which each evil faction, mostly of the Angmar Faction. I have about +10000 alignment in the Angmar Faction. That pretty much explains that my favorite faction in all LOTR is Angmar. Why you might ask? Well what brought my interest to it was at first its name. Hearing the word "Angmar" always inspired me. Secondly is that it is consisted of Orcs, Wargs, Trolls, and much more. Orcs always have been my favorite race. Thirdly, its Banner and type of building structures look pretty awesome.

Concerning DOME, I am actually The First Lord of Angmar. This meaning I am the first one ever to claim Angmar on DOME.

But anyways on DOME, I enjoy Roleplaying with Good Folk, Evil Folk, and sometimes with myself (I know, weird right?) So I try to RP (Role-play) the most I can. Here is a list of the characters I have played on the server.

  1. Urukgoth: Urukgoth is seemingly what I would like to call "The Elf in Orc Flesh," which means that when Urukgoth was transformed into an Orc, he still knew the life that was before his transformation. But over time he soon transformed turned into a Servent of Evil. He became known during the Angmar War from 1300 - 1970 TA. That was when he was trained to be one of the strongest Orcs known to Middle Earth. Although as his age grew, he had some flaws. Somewhere around the 2400 TA, Urukgoth kept Angmar organized and prepared it for his purposes.
  2. The Witch King of Angmar: When Urukgoth resurrected The Remnants of Angmar, The Witch King was still governing Minas Morgul. About a hundred years later, or around 2500, Sauron informed his Chief Lieutenant of the current activities with the Resurrected Angmar, and told him that it was currently under war with the High Elves. As Glorfindel said that The Witch King would not return to his kingdom, he seemingly was wrong. The Witch King soon returned to govern Angmar once more, except their were some difficulties... The Witch King a couple years after he returned to rule Angmar was slain by Glorfindel during the Battle at Himling. Though eventually, Sauron resurrected The Lord of the Nazgûl and he soon ruled Angmar in secret. Soon a new power of Rhudaurian Hillman rose in Angmar. They were lead by Hwaldar II, who pronounced himself as "King of Angmar." The Witch King did not find this a big deal, as it did not make a difference. But once Hwaldar started attacking Angmars settlements, The Witch King decided to end Hwaldar himself. Flying to Kraldir, Hwaldars capital city, The Witch King was prepared to end his life. Although, Hwaldar had prepared for this. He had learned a Morgul Spell powerful enough to break the soul of the Witch King. It literally is described as "broke into pieces and floated into the skies of his realm." It isn't know what will become of The Witch King in the future. Some say he will be "put back together."

My Story on DOME Edit

The Beginning Edit

It was just a normal day for me, basically. I was just playing minecraft with one of my friends. I actually hadn't had the LOTR Minecraft Mod for a while at this time. I probably only had it installed for about 2 days. I installed it when it was at Beta 24, or when the Mallorn Ent was added. Soon me and my friend realized their were servers that used the LOTR Minecraft Mod and do role-play revisions of Lord of the Rings. At the time, i did not know a lot on Lord of the Rings. I didn't even know much of the background of most places. But soon, I would learn to love LOTR. This mod is actually what got me into Lord of the Rings. I just found out it was a mod and exploring the mod got me inspired. But anyways, back to what was relevant. My friend and I first went onto the Official Server. But, to be honest, that wasn't much luck. Mostly because the Shire was looted and no one wanted to help us. (Or to be honest, lots of the Shire was banner protected, and I couldn't break free from a two block deep hole.) So we didn't have any luck there. So then we instead joined up with The Dominion of Middle Earth. This was back in ancient times that I don't even remember specifically myself. Back then, Isengard was the strongest faction. The Owner of the Server, Garothmuk (or Koray) ruled Isengard. Im pretty sure thecoconutknight (or as we know him know, Umayr Salajr, Sultan of Harad) was still working on his builds in claiming Near Harad. Im not sure if Kjell (Or Dain, King of Durins Folk) had already become lord of Durins Folk yet, but I wasn't quite sure. But anyways, this is where we started off. At the time I wanted to join good only to gain their trust, then when I had enough power, I joined evil and begin my waging wars of conquest. But as that didn't seem to work out, I just joined the faction I enjoyed the most from LOTR in particular, Angmar.

Arriving at Angmar Edit

So a bit later, I noticed my friend had became a High Elf. He and another guy were inside Angmar and I needed help getting their. I asked if they could teleport myself into Angmar, and they did. When I did go their, I realized they were killing off my spawn. At the time, I didn't care if they killed any Orcs their. But soon after, I grew a feeling of hate towards anyone who entered Angmar and defied me. So basically, if you go their to kill off the Spawn of Angmar, and Im currently on, you'll be getting some trouble from myself and possibly others.

But anyways, when I arrived at Angmar, I only started on where I would be staying most of the time. This place right now is known as Malenhad. It didn't look as advanced as it does now, but it was mainly my main base of operations. At the time, I didn't even know what Carn Dum really was. Again, I didn't even know much about Lord of the Rings, and surprisingly Angmar's History. But their was a place in the early ages of my story, a current Carn Dum, created by Russians.

The Russians Edit

Shortly ater I constructed my base of operations, I was planning on becoming the Ruler of Angmar myself. I didn't know anyone who was wanting to take my place. But one day, I saw a player near a waypoint only known as Carn Dum. Sense I was positive with Angmar alignment, I was able to go their. I traveled towards the AFK Player, curious of his intentions. But soon, I saw that a base was being built here. I was amazed because their was a large fortress. However, i saw he had lots of Berry bushes, so I decided to take them. But as I was taking the bushes, he went away from his AFK state. I started my interrogation with the player. He said that he was with a couple guys who were planning on claiming Angmar. But to be honest, they weren't the most competent group for claiming. The main reason why is because none of those guys were online. Ever. I ended up joining their group, but when none of them were online, I regained the inspiration to ruling Angmar again.

Ruling Angmar Edit

Well, at the time, Im not currently ruling Angmar. Its a long story that I will most likely explain on this page, just not here. But, I might as well tell my experinces ruling Angmar. Sense Angmar isn't the biggest biome, yet it isn't the smallest, you might want WPs in lots of places in Angmar. Also, sense not a lot of Angmar is explained (meaning we don't really know any other city besides Carn Dum.) it gives you the chance to use your imagination and create your own cities. Although, you could use other websites or even games to name your cities. I usually name the cities in Elvish and Black Speech in the name of their purpose. One of my cities is named Vorkilor. It means "Northern City." Its named that because its a city in the northern parts of Angmar. But either way, ruling Angmar on many servers gives you the choice to play a well known and pretty cool character, The Witch King of Angmar.

Now, at first, I did not want to be the Witch King, although lots of people suggested it. I was so invested on my own character, Urukgoth, leading Angmar. This mainly was because I believed the Witch King abandoned his Kingdom and was primarily focussed on weakening Gondor. However, most servers say that because The Witch King is within the Angmar Faction, he is decided by the King of Angmar and staff on who gets to play it. This means I believe you can pronounce a Mordorian to be the Witch King and the Lord of Minas Morgul, although in my own opinion, I like the Witch King being within Angmar, and ruling it.

The Mysterious Crime, Edit

Now during my previous rule in Angmar, their was a crime that was committed against me, and yes I get why it was made, or if it was just because I claimed the build for myself. This was long before present day, like in the Winter Season of 2015. I was just minding my own business when I realized my vault was robbed. It was protected and everything (meaning protecting the chests with the [Private] plugin) and yet they robbed me of my belongings. I assumed hacking was used in this. But it was none other than my previous masters that committed this crime. Yes, I mean The Russians that were planning on claiming long before me.

Now I didn't even know they were coming back. They were gone for 10 months for goodness sake! Anyone who's gone for that long surely doesn't deserve a claim such as this. Although, I did claim with their build, and I get how revenge could have been played their. But nobody had the right to steal my belongings, no matter who's build it was. But, none of this mattered in the future, because of this next story right below this one.

The Great Doom Edit

'The Great Doom' is just the codename I like to use for the word 'reset.' Basically when the Owner or the Staff decides that the server needs to reset the server map. Mainly because of a new update that included a ton of new things that would require the new update. Im not sure what update this was for though. I believe it was for when the Tauradain were added. But anyways, how this story is important is because I didn't want the Current Carn Dum anymore. Mainly because it wasn't MY own build. I wanted to claim Angmar with a build I constructed with my own hands. So I didn't send anything to the Staff for this to happen. Which, was for one, a problem, and yet what I wanted. One of the reasons it was a problem was because I didn't save my first base of operations, Malenhad. So basically all my belongings had been erased in the reset. But after the reset I found another base I still currently have called "Nan-Gurth." After the reset I had built Malenhad to be a Training Camp, or basically where I put beginning recruits to start off. Carn Dum was the main build I wanted to finish, and I am still currently building.


The Battle at Weathertop Edit

Ah yes. The Battle at Weathertop is one of my favorite battles that I took part in on the server. I do like taking part in all forms of RP on Dome. I myself do make Role-play when I have the chance. I do hope soon I can get back into that, but I have been busy with stuff. Enough chat, lets get down to the story.

This battle took place a long time ago. During this time, I was a Moderator on DOME, and helped set up the thing. I was Urukgoth, at the time I was known as the Orc King of Angmar. If you go into DOME Lore and such, Urukgoth reorganized Angmars forces and became its leader for some time. Anyways, the main objective of this Event was simple: Kill the Halfling. Basically all the Forces of Good took defensive positions up top Weathertop, with the single purpose of protecting the Ring Bearer, or the Halfling. Our job, being the Forces of the Lord of the Rings, Sauron, had to kill the Halfing and claim the Ring for the Dark Lord Sauron. Once the Sun was setting, we began our dash towards the ruins of Amon Sûl.

We put our charge in a swift manner, and ran quickly towards the ruins. We were eager to slash the flesh of our enemies, and take what is rightfully our masters. Once we got into view of Amon Sûl, the battle technically began. The Elves, Dwarves and Men started sending down arrows at us, so a majority of us took cover. Eventually, due to the presence of all these good guys, Orcish Invasions started to spawn. Along with it being Night time, it was a huge advantage to us. A con to this moment was the fact an servant of evil had negative alignment with Angmar, which sickened me for a moment. Then we resumed on our objective, and proceeded upward to cover more ground.

Soon enough we made it to the edge of the base ruin. Within the base ruin was practically every good player participating in the event. When this event started, their were about 16 evil players, and 24 good players. So the night and the invasions were a great advantage to us (hehe, I mentioned that already.) Currently our main strategy to win this was the Strategy of Attrition. Most of the good players hovered over the ruins and shot at us. When we had the chance, we hit em as much as we could. Those that were either pushed out or were foolish enough to jump out and take the crowd, were killed first. Soon enough their numbers were little, and called for a retreat. We initiated a charge on the enemy, and eliminated the most of them. Soon enough, we killed the Ring Bearer. Soon enough the Staff turned into Nazgûl and started Roleplaying. I wasn't really part of it, sense it was basically re-enacting the Battle at Weathertop scene from the movie. So I basically headed back to Angmar with a great source of loot on my hands. That was a great day.

Wars Edit

The War of the Islands and the Iron Home Edit

Hehehe, the Wars with the High Elves are quite interesting if you think about it. Let me tell the story.

To start, it was indeed a really long time ago. I believe in the early 2016 year. I was constructing more of Carn Dûm, when I heard something in chat.

Saw that Calbeius?


Glorfindel declares war on Angmar (for lore reasons, no hard feelings?)


No hard feelings? Seriously? He must think of me as some sort of child. I am most certainly not one, and actually beat him several times in sieges. Ok, now I sound like a child. Never mind, lets continue.

Back then, what ended this war was with a battle called The Battle of Himling. No one certainly won the war. Basically because no one had reached 5 siege wins with a difference of 2. No one had reached it, and what ended it was because Angmar had disappeared. The faction of my followers disappeared because Glorfindel was a cheater during our sieges. We believed he found ways to call our sieges forfeits and their sieges victories. It was extremely frustrating, and seeing as staff thought it legal, we left to find better and more fair judgement.

We eventually returned, or well, I did. My other comrades left for good, or were busy with life. I had returned to prepare Angmar for another war against my enemies. So to make sure I was safe of any war, I disbanded Angmar. After all this time Angmar was still a kingdom apparently. But, either way, I disbanded it to perfect my constructions.

But then, he came.


The Second War against the Noldor Edit

Urg, Arvasil. I have mixed relations with the player. I'll explain why.

Arvasil on the server was a server admin, and was mostly known as Theoden, King of Rohan. Although he had taken a retirement from his position to try something else.


Originally, I had believed Arvasil to come and serve the true and rightful master of Angmar *cough* *cough* myself. At first I was peaceful with him until I came on one day and saw this messaged to me.

[King of Angmar][K]Arvasil: Well this is awkward

And oh boy, was I angry. I was more infuriated to be quite clear. I was already plotting how I was going to end everything he owned, but although that seems a little much. But thats what happens when I get this angry. Thats what hatred does.

But seeing how all of it was legal and the fact that Angmar was disbanded and reclaimed, I soon saw the misunderstandment of my ways. I soon started to follow him, but that also was a mistake.

The sieges were fine, but eventually he mentioned he had to go on a vacation, a weekly vacation. Thats when he left. After the week we waited for him, and most of our members started leaving due to his inactivity. I soon asked Staff on the Facebook page what has become of Arvasil. The Staff replied with this:

"I believe he said he won't be back anytime soon and gave up Angmar and the Witch King"

Such a foolish decision. A Worthy leader doesn't give up Angmar. A Worthy leader either looses a kingdom or continue conquoring inferior ones. This quote, if proved to be true, makes Arvasil a fool. This is entirely my opinion by the way. If anyone has their own opinion on Arvasil then ok. I, however, believe him to have wasted our resources and time on this.

So, basically due to Arvasils decision, the War was done this again. Apparently "Angmar disappeared" even though I was still here. I soon resumed on my original plans, and that is where I am now.

The Moral of the Story is, don't let fools claim kingdoms. They may lead them into irreparable harm.

Although if it is an enemy kingdom, by all means claim it. It will only make things easier.

The End.


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