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Far over, the Misty Mountains cold...

The Catfishperson F.A.Q

Please read before leaving any message on my wall.

Q: Why do you want my soul?

A: I don't really, it's a joke, look here.

Q: Wait, so you´re a Cat, a Fish and a Person?

A: -.-

Q: Why does Darned Rabbits hate you so much?

A: Because he's my brother...

Q: Why do you Catfish on a LotR mod minecraft wiki?

A: I don't approve of what the word catfish has come to mean. I definitely don't ever engage in that kind of activity, I simply am obsessed with catfish (the animal.)

Q: What should I do if I encounter Darned Rabbits on a Server?

A: Kill him on sight! Believe me, you'll be doing yourself and the server a huge favor.

Q: Why did the Catfish cross the river?

A: To devour the idiot who asked question 2...

Now for some polls

Listen to this for an adrenaline rush:


Song of the Lonely Mountain Performed by Neil Finn "The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey" Soundtrack

About Me

  • I have memorized over 120 digits of pi.
  • I play clarinet, bass clarinet, bass drum and mostly bassoon (I hope to become the first kid ever at my school to play contrabassoon.)
  • In addition to my pet catfish, I also have a pet dog, and a pet little brother...
  • Don't eat catfish
  • I am highly philosophical, and atheist-agnostic.
  • I have been banned from this wiki a total of six times. All of which were either jokes, accidents, or at my request.
  • I am a Bernie Sander Supporter tbh.
  • I can recite the alphabet faster backwards than forwards.
  • I use the abbreviation "tbh" excessively.
  • I live in the best of the United States of America.

Gundabad Uruk Equipment picture.

I took a picture of Gundabad Uruk equipment for the page, but the image was removed for the sake of a gif. I really liked that picture, so I will display it here;

Gundabad-Uruk weapons.png

Some of my better Suggestions (Highly outdated.)

The Best suggestions I that I haven't myself made. (Ranked)

  1. Of the Races of Middle Earth. (33 kudos)
  2. Gundabad Overhauling. (75 kudos)
  3. River Monsters. (91 kudos)
  4. Utumno Structures. (With a few changes) (26 kudos)
  5. Dark Land Suggestions. (104 kudos)
  6. On the Goblins of the High Pass. (34 kudos)

Some Interesting Links