Dark dwarves 2

aka Kumulk aka Alfrid

  • I live in Zhengzhou or Lake Town
  • My occupation is Benevolent overlord
  • I am male

 Hello i am dark dwarves 2  i am from Texas the state of well nothing but dead grass and less dead grass. and love lotr, legos,minecraft, and magic. i have viking and German heritage and love the Celts!

leave a like if you want to talk or liked my old forums: "balrogs", "whats your favorite lotr villain"  "blue wizards" "fell beast" and "whats better a dwarf crossbow or an elf bow". I hope for the best and cant wait to start having fun. until school starts of course!!

Lotr meme 9


My favorite Things in lifeEdit

  • Lord Of The Rings
  • Starwars
  • good chats!!!!!
  • my piece of junk cat daisy
  • minecraft
  • warhammer (40k and regular)
  • magic the gathering
  • building.

If your wondering dark dwarves are dwarves that fought for suaron or helped goblins out. i based mine after warhammer dark dwarves.

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