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Welcome Person,

I figured that I needed to stop being lazy and write a profile page at some point so here it is.

I am a Lord of the Rings fan who enjoys both dwarves and uruks. I spend a lot of time on this wiki, but very rarely play the mod it's for. While I have not yet read the LotR books, I read much about them and hopefully will eventually finish once my aforementioned laziness ends.

Fun-ish Facts

  • I enjoy dinosaurs, pizza, and video games (hence the name)
  • I enjoy a good debate (not an argument)
  • I have lame picture editing "skills" which people seem to find mildly amusing for whatever reason
  • I'm running out of things to say
  • Thanks for reading this by the way
  • So yeah
  • The second half of these facts are mostly rambling

Mod Favorites

  • Favorite Factions: Blue Mountain Dwarves, Durin's Folk, Uruks
  • Favorite Mobs: Dwarven Axe Thrower, Uruk Pikeman, Saruman, Swan
  • Favorite Biomes: Gondor, Shire
  • Favorite Structures: Rohan Fortress, Dunlending Fortress
  • Favorite New Features: Drinking, Structures
  • Favorite Planned Features: Siege Weapons, Boats, Structures, Oliphaunts

For reading all this, here's what you get.

Staff of the Lord of the Rings Mod