Elestan Larcalaite

aka vaclav999

Chat moderator
  • I live in Arta Minyortala Eleno (Official Server)
  • My occupation is Contributor to the LotR Wiki, Armahan
  • I am male

I play on the Official Server and the Awakening server daily. I also sometimes play on the Isildur's Bane server. My in-game name is vaclav999.

Roleplay Backstory Edit

An elf that lived in Rivendell for a long time and studied the lore there. One day, while on his way to help Gondor and Rohan, he saw a stone troll in the woods near Rivendell. Something was glimmering in his hand. It was a ring made of mithril. Elestan took it out of the troll's hand and put it on. He discovered that it increased his speed, agility and reflexes greatly. It was one of the lesser rings of power.

Interesting facts about me Edit

I am a scout in real life.

I played Minecraft since 1.2.

Favourite admin/moderator: Thorin Stonehelm

Wiki Goals Edit

  • Get 500 edits Achieved
  • Get 1000 edits
  • Get 5000 edits
  • Become moderator/chat moderator Achieved
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