Hi, Fronacen reporting from Missouri. I'm a college student who has been following the Lord of the Rings Mod for quite some time (I remember the addition of Mirkwood and Mirkwood Corrupted). I'm a really busy person in real life, but I've always kind of kept my eye on this mod, and I've enjoyed watching it grow.

Minecraft wise, I enjoy building, and so I'm in Creative a lot, experimenting with different building styles, but every once in a while a mod peeks my interest, and lures me into Survival mode (like this mod). Though I don't understand a lot of the newer mechanics in Vanilla, I generally play 1.11/1.12 because that's where the mods are currently. However, I am always happy to come back to 1.7.10 for this mod.

The LotR Mod: My Views Edit

I love this mod, and I really enjoy seeing what gets added. Every little detail just makes the game even more awesome, and I can't wait to see where else this mod will go.

Favorite... Edit

Faction - Galadhrim. I love all of the elves (even Dorwinion's), but something about the Galadhrim just speaks to me. Funny enough, I'm not a bright colors person, but I love the Armour/Weapons and Mallorn Wood.

Armour - Though the Galadhrim's is awesome, I love the Blackroot Vale's Armour.

Weapons - I normally stick with Lindon Weaponry (AKA, Battle Staff, Bow, and Spear).

Tools - Blue Dwarve's, primarily because blue is my favorite color, but also because of how good the tools are.

Biome - Shire. It is so peaceful, and the bright colors are perfect for the country-side lifestyle I'm used to.

Thing to do in the Mod - Explore. I like running around and seeing all of the in-game biomes. I also love gathering all of the goods. I can and then displaying them.

My Current Mod Wish-list Edit

At this point, I'm not rally focused on anything particular being added specifically. I think that the mod team is don't a great job, and I'm excited to see what new features are added. However, I do have a short list of what I hope gets done sooner rather than later...

  • A "Dead" sub-faction of the High Elves for Eregion - Includes adding blocks, armor, and weapons. It has (kinda) happened with both Arnor and Black Numenoreans, why not Eregion? 
  • Bree-Land - Will help flesh out the Western region of Middle-Earth. 
  • More Game-enhancing Mechanics - Though I love updates that focus on improving factions, said additions are often "cookie-cutter", and are more-or-less things that have to be added for the faction to properly function game-wise. They also don't add a lot the game-play of people that aren't part of that faction. I love Game-enhancing Mechanics (like the Modifiers) because they make the game deeper AND improve the game-play experience for everyone equally. 
  • More "Collectibles" - Basically, I want more things spread throughout Arda that are just for collection (and possibly some special uses). I love the idea of extra craft-ables/items that you can only pillage/buy from factions. 

Of course, I'm still really happy with what has been done so far, and I'll excited for the future!

Some of my Suggestions Edit

I've done a number of suggestions in the past, with many becoming endorsed. I try not to over-crowd suggestions from me all at the same time, so even though I may have 15+ ideas I want to suggest, I like to push 1 or two ideas at a time until it is clear they either are endorsed or if they are not popular enough to get endorsed.

If you wish to view any of my suggestions, here are some I am really proud of...

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