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I have loved LOTR for a long time. I am 17 and live in New York City (jk, California). Gimli is a boss. My minecraft username is iwellner45 and I play a lot on the server LOTR.VGMC.US, the official LOTR server. I am a blue dwarven King on the server, Durins City, the high kings right hand man, and the heir to the throne. I have been playing the LOTR Mod since Public Beta 15. This is a picture of the invisible twerking man. (:

My story:

I was sitting in my shack in lame Vanilla Land, feeling very bored. My life was depressing. All I did all day was eat pumpkin pie, drink warm milk, and make pigs have babies. I missed the beer I once had. I missed fighting real opponents with real weapons, not just the drunken green dudes out at night and the ancient looking archers who used to have a life. And don't even mention fighting those guys with the obnoxiously loud and explosive farts. But most of all, I missed my trusty battleaxe named Shlomo the Goat.

I went to the local tavern, where Bob the dude was working. His real name was Ashpudeliousnesslying Grantedingtyiung Potatoesareforlifeijious but most people just called him Bob. When you here tavern you think beer right? Wrong! This tavern only had warm milk. Bob's robes were all stained white from the milk laying all over the place. They just had it out since they couldn't even afford more than one bucket. But the tavern had a lot of interesting customers and Bob knew a lot about far off places. So I went to him for advice on my depression.

"Bob," I said, "I need something to do, something exciting, something with chopping off heads!"

"Well, GimliBurper," he said thoughfully, "There is this one place I like to go on my day off. It's called Arda or something, but most people just call it Middle Earth. There's a bunch of dudes there that you can chop off their heads."

"Tell me more Bob!" I exclaimed.

"They call me Gandalf the White around there and they think I'm some holy guy or something because of my white robes. Apparently, they think the thing that happens when bad people in the tavern smell my milk and run away is magic! They give me good horses then I drive bad people away there too with my milky armpit smell! For some reason they gave me some white stick but that's chill with me. Dude, lemme show you how I get there."

I thought he was just crazy but sure enough, he took me out back and there was a strange looking floating ring. I stepped inside and everything went black.

I woke up in a awesome world full of other players like me, small people with big feet, tall elves with flowing hair, black orc dudes, strong, sturdy men and best of all, little dwarf axe dudes with big beards. I decided to follow the little dwarf dudes and they led me to some mountains that were blue! There was this king guy there called squatch_thunder7 who let me have a valley and build a fort! It was awesome! And best of all, I got my beloved battleaxe (named "Shlomo the Goat") again.

The End!

My Favorites:

Favorite Biome: Blue Mountains! I really love the blocks and the low tree filled valleys. Blue Mountain Strongholds can get you looted out! With no evil NPCs and tons of resources, the Blue Mountains is a perfect place to start off for a good player!

Favorite NPC: Blue Mountains Dwarves. These sturdy folk craft great weapons (equivalent of diamond), great armor (iron with better durability), and love to drink ale!

Favorite Mob: Rhinos! Rhinos don't care where they are going, they'll ram through everything including NPCs, fighting mobs (lions, crocidiles, etc), and other players!

Favorite Ingot: Blue Mountains Dwarven Steel. I also really like Galvorn!

Favorite Weapon: While I may fight with a mithril sword for more attack damage, Blue Dwarven Battleaxe is the best (must be named "Shlomo the Goat"). No. Questions. Asked. Period.

Favorite Armor: Again, I like Blue Dwarven and Galvorn.