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I have played the mod for some time after Beta 8 was released, but then lost interest in Minecraft all together. I started playing again in Beta 21 and haven't stopped since.

The Official Server[]

I've been active on The Official Server since May 2016. I joined the Tauredain and became king, but recently switched over to the Galadhrim Elves of the Golden Wood.


Mounts are amazing! But in my opinion, people should use them way more often. That's why I am in the business of making suggestions regarding mounts and so far it's going pretty well.

Mount suggestions:[]

- Buying mounts:

- Training / upgrading mounts:

In the planning:[]

- Improving existing suggestions regarding mounts

- Different taming mechanics

- Feeding system

- Combining every suggestion (including those from other people) together into one suggestion to rule them all!