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Good Day, Profile-Picture-Wanderer!

I know, I'm an Orc, but that doesn't mean I'm instantly evil. Sure, I prefer playing as evil on servers and crush the free people, but I like boh sides of Middle-Earth

Besides playing as an Mordor Uruk, or playing like a Rhudaur Hillmen Chiefthain on my big evil survial worlds, I also like alot of good Faction, like Gondor and its cool Fiefdoms, the Dwarves with their unmatched armor or the ancient Noldorin Elves, which have the best History in Middle-Earth.

However, Gorbag is my favorite orc, you may wonder why:

The thing is, if you read the books, you migth remember that Gorbag was a little bit different than the other orcs. He didn't like the big war and the nazgûl and wanted to live as a "peacheful" bandit-like farmer on a ranch, far away from the Nazgul and Sauron.

History of myself:

I was born in Angband, as a son of a rich orc leader, who remember his times as an elf. But my Dad was killed by an famous guy: It was Maeglin, he killed my Father, because:

NOTHING! Just because he was a orc. But my father was, like me and alot of other orcs in the first age, peacheful. But he feared Melkor, so he made his orders.

I fled from Beleriand and went to the New-Founded Goblin-Town. I Goblin-Town I became a leader of the nearly independent orc town.

But when Gil-Galad and Elendil attacked Mordor in the last alliance, i had to go to war. I was one of the few orcs, which survived this terreible battle. From this Day, I had enough. I had enough of Sauron and his terrible Rules.

So I decided to stay in Nurn and I became a Master-Chief there, but when Sauron returned from Dol-Guldur, I had no choice: I was now a servant of the witch-king in Minas Morgul, and I was the Leader of Gothmogs Bodyguards, Gothmog, was the steward of Minas Morgul.

But I need to went to Cirith Ungol, to tell my "Friend" Shagrat something. But he tried to kill me, after I wanted to steal a mithril harnisch to became the money to flee.

I awoke in the big halls of Mandos. He said to me, he give me a second change, becuase he see still elvish blood in me.

Now, I'm the Leader of Udûn and New.Minas Ithil. We are the last peacheful orcs in the fourth age. We have friendship with Gondor.

And it looks like, that we return to our old elvish blood, because we now enjoy singing great elvish songs, of the biggest battle of the second Elder Days: The Battle of Minas Tirith. Even now, 8000 years after Saurons Fall.

Poll Time:

Answer, what do you think of me in this blog post!

Favorite Stuff in the mod:

Evil factions: 1.Mordor 2.Khaganate 3.Angmar, 4.Near-Harad

Good factions: 1.High-Elves, 2.Gondor, 3.Durins Folk. 4.Dorwinion

Future Evil factions: 1.Wainriders 2. Ruffians 3. Angband

Future Good factions: 1.Avari, 2.Beornings, 3. Red Dwarves

Good Armor: Galvorn

Evil Armor: Morgul

Neutral: Mithril

Good Banner: High-Elves, it look awesome

Evil banner: Near Harad

Block: Orc Bombs 3xstrenght, Shire Wood

Weapon: All Utumno Stuff, Mithril Stuff and Saurons Mace

Biome: Old Nurn (The Nurn with the dark-brown grass), Today: Dorwinion

Structure: Wood-elven tower

Favorite Stuff RL: (Realive)

Colur: Blue (Ligth-Sea Blue)

Land: Italy

Isle: Sicilly and caribic

Nation who i hate: ISIS, they "figth" for islamic religion but kill real and good muslims, jews and christ!

Animal: Lion and my Dog Jango.

Mod-Creator: Mevans!

President: Obama and Nelson Mandela

I don't support Merke (I dislike her tbh)l, I support the SPD*-Politician and possibly our next chancellor Martin Schulz

2000px-Flag of Baden-Württemberg (state, greater arms).svg.png

*Social Democratic Labour Party of Germany, oldest german party

I'm a discussion moderator since FR, December 30, 2016:

Pictures: German and Italian Flag, Flag of my german home state Baden-Wuertemberg and Flag of Sicilly

Staff of the Lord of the Rings Mod

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Fun facts:

My Dad is italian (and a little bit albanian. My mum is from Germany (state: Baden-Würtemberg), where I currently live,

I speak: Italian, German, English (all variations), spanish and want to learn france and want to learn portuguesse, albanian and france

I can basic quenya and sindarin, but I don't learn it anymore

I'm an german-italian patriot democratic socialist who supports most (but never all) of the european union. No, patriotic german doens't mean Nazi, I'm totally against any kind of Rasism

Iam a loremaster of the Third Age of Middle Earth and i know a lot of the first age and most other works of tolkien

I read most of tolkiens Middle earth books, expect these who aren't translated in german, but i already bough them in english

I'm a devout catholic.

I never asked for Gandalf, Smaug, canon features etc...

Here are two Memes
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