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Hello there, and welcome to my profile (that does sound rather weird, I must admit). I am Helcaryón, formerly a Lore-Administrator on The Elder Days, Lore-Administrator within the Eras of Arda Team, and a Head-Moderator of The Awakening LOTR Server (there seems to be a pattern...) I have been playing this mod since the beginning of 2016, and have been enjoying it (mostly) ever since.

I regret (in part) to say that there is not much else related to the mod to say about me. For a year or so I have been a part of The Inkling Party (the mostly inactive facebook based group which seeks to root out and vanquish all heresy in the name of Tolkien), and at around the same time I joined the wiki, with my contributions thus far being incredibly miniscule (leading to me wondering why I am counted as a Wiki Contributor or the Official Discord, let alone a Veteran...)

Facts about Me:[]

  • I was born on the twenty-seventh of September north of Stockholm.
  • My Myers-Briggs type is INTJ (Introvert, Intuitive (N), Thinking & Judging)
  • My favourite book by Tolkien is The Return of The King, mainly to do with the appendices, which I only recently found out are not included in all copies of the book (!).
  • My favourite character in all of The Legendarium is Samwise Gamgee, for our shared love of potatoes.
  • I have read The Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales, The Lost Tales (parts one and two) and the Children of Húrin (Narn i Chîn Húrin), the first four only in Swedish and the rest in both Swedish and English.
  • I primarily use an iMac for my online activity, to the dismay of many.
  • In-game, I go by the username Helcaryon, and can be found on Ilu Ambar.
Hríve taltie mi orontilmar, losselóti firir úrenen. Menel mire mi andúne-rilmar, Anar taure ata cuit' ar nén. Tule rato alcarinqua laire, helwa-ahyala ve falmali culde nandar vaita áre-faire ar nu aldar liltar ehteli.