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How His Acquaintances See Him[]

 HighElvenDoge, born in London, England, now lives a peaceful life with the High-Elves of Lindon, and spends his days slaying orcs and roaming the Eriador Hills with his dog, Doge. Some days he will cross the Misty Mountains and spend time in Lothlorien, walking among the flowers and having picnics under the Mallorn trees. Other days he will go to Mordor and spend time killing trolls, but he would always return home in time for dinner: rabbit stew.

HighElvenDoge is considered by many people a sociopath and a perfectionist. This is hardly true; he saves his lack of feelings for enemies only. Also, a sociopath is not the same thing as a psychopath (as Gen. Grievous1138 would know [personal fan of HighElvenDoge, coincidentally]). A sociopath is someone who is said to not have any real "feelings" and so don't entirely understand or comprehend those of others. As a result, they tend to have little true friends.

(Kudos to my assistant Matias for writing this for me)

Facts About Me[]

  • I have a truce to all orcs except for Angmar Orcs and Mordor Orcs.
  • My role as the Utumno Inspector is very annoying; nothing is ever in regulation (what's the excuse, Melkor?).
  • I have died only once on any Minecraft Game (Not including servers. I have died twice on servers).
  • I torture all Dwarves I find. In this way I found hidden code in the LOTR mod coding which codes for tortured dwarves.
  • I enjoy thinking of ways to improve the LOTR mod. But I never have time to post my ideas.
  • All who ask for Sauron, I kill.
  • All who try and brave the Halls of Dogeos die at the hands of my tortured creatures and my special DogeWargs.
  • I am politically neutral. Period.
  • I used WorldEdit to remove Meneltarma and shift it 300,000 blocks west to where it belongs. This took many hours and created an insanely large amount of lag and some stranges Jazz-Elf spawnings.


  • "Doge- Legendary Creature. Ability- Much Power. When Doge enters the game, all creatures gain ten power." -A card from Magic; the Gathering.
  • "POWER"- Darth Sidious, Revenge of the Sith (Star Wars Episode 3)
  • "To the Walls! Defend the Walls!" -Gandalf, Peter Jackson film trilogy of Lord of the Rings

Lore about Me[]

Ghroge was born in the Years of the Trees, a child of a Maia and an elf of the Noldorin of Tirion. He travelled north with the Noldor, but departed during the burning of the ships of Losgar. Ghroge became a wanderer, not knowing where he will sleep from one night to the next. Throughout the First Age he passed knowledge of the enemy's movements to the Elves. At the end of the First Age Ghroge retreated to Lindon, and dwelt there until the coming of the Numenoreans. When they came, he moved deep into the Woodland Realm, and was never heard of again until he moved to Lothlorien, and then back to Lindon, just in time for Frodo Baggins to celebrate Bilbo's 131st birthday.

Builds In Progress[]

Currently I am working on a version of Pelargir. Situated right next to the Pelargir waypoint, the Pelargir Base will be duplicated; one for use in my survival World and one to be used in my build world. As of the 9th of July, it is nearly half finished, with the second half of the interior to be built and the docks, not to mention the ships. Note that the Ship's Mod is also being used, alongside the LOTR (duh) Mod, OptiFine HD, FastCraft and NEI.

Following the completion of Pelargir, the Bridge between Pelargir and Ithilien will be rebuilt, this time using stone. A small Ranger Camp will be built on the other side of that bridge, as well as a small dock. After that small build, we will return to Gondor to build Minas Tirith, at 1/20th of the size. The rest of Gondor will be built in a Clockwise direction.

After Gondor, Middle-Earth will be built in the following order:

  • Mordor
  • Rohan
  • Beorningland
  • Vales of Anduin
  • Rauros
  • Dagorlad
  • Núrn
  • Adornland
  • Dunland
  • Enedwaith
  • Minhiriath
  • Misty Mountains
  • Moria
  • Eregion
  • Rivendell
  • The Shire
  • Tyrn Gorthad
  • White Downs
  • Tower Hills
  • Lindon
  • Blue Mountains
  • Forodwaith
  • Utumno
  • Eriador
  • Angmar
  • This list is really tiring to make. Might finish later.


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