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Mae govannen, mellyn! On this page I shall list my most popular suggestions, with a short description.

Biome Improvements: An enormous suggestion, going around every area in Middle-earth and offering biome changes for them. My most lengthy series as well.

- The Barrow-Downs

- The Old Forest

- The Dead Marshes

- Emyn Muil

- Southern Vale of Anduin

- Lorien and Surrounds

- Rohan

- Ered Nimrais

- Ithilien

- Nan Curunir and Fangorn

- Gondor

- Enedwaith

- The Shire

- Western Eriador

- Eastern Eriador

- Misty Mountains

- Northern Vale of Anduin

- Mirkwood

- Mordor

- Lindon

- Northern Wilderland

- Forodwaith

- Far Harad

- Near Harad

The Middle Men: A group of suggestions on the Middle Men of Middle-earth, from the Hillmen of Angmar to the Dead Men of Dunharrow.

- The West-March and Adornland: A suggestion on the hithero-unmentioned inhabitants of Rohan's Westmarch.

- Of the Hillmen of Angmar: A suggestion concerning updates to the current Hillmen of Rhudaur, including a sorcerer feature.

- A Few Secretive Hunter-Folk: About the Men of Eryn Vorn, in southwestern Minhiriath. Brotherband fans will enjoy the reference.

- On the Dunlendings: Improvements for the Dunlendings, making them more primitive, and introducing a new looting element to their culture.

- Temples and Remains of the Men of the Shadow: Concerning the Men of the White Mountains and the structures and items they left behind.

- A Country of Fields and Tamed Woodlands: A suggestion on the Breeland and its inhabitants, especially its lack of any soldiery.

Adorn, Isengard, and Other Things: A relatively unspecific group of suggestions concerning Rohan, Isengard, and Dunland.

Of Elite Units: Suggestions for elite units for various factions.

Some Lore-based Changes, Plus Faction Changes: Several lore-based modifications to the game, along with a new concept on faction balance.

Farmers and Hunters: New farmer and hunter units for several different factions.

Armor-Piercing, Critical Hits, and Elven Weaponry: A collection of suggestions including special attacks and weapons that do more damage.

On the Geography of Middle-earth: A relatively unspecific group of new biome changes, more or less superseded by the Biome Improvements series.

Of the Realm of Lindon: An overhaul on the features of the Last Fair Realm. Written with aid from a former friend, and my most-kudosed suggestion.

On the Realm of Lothlorien: A overhaul of the features of the Golden Wood. Written with aid from a former friend.

On the Frequency of Invasions: Lessening the spawning of invasions in the game, with specific factions targeted.

Vegetation of Middle-earth: A large suggestion with descriptions and textures for every kind of plant, flower, and tree mentioned in the book and not in the mod.

The Removal of Plate Armor: My personal pet peeve. This suggestion talks about removing plate armor and includes concept art.

Rebels and Deserters: A suggestion on brigands and deserters found in the world, serving no one but themselves.

The Mewlips: An easter-egg biome, with the evil Mewlips of which legends tell featuring.

Retextures for the Elves of Lindon: My pride and joy, textures for the High Elves of the Last Fair Realm. This was partially implemented

Golden Taurethrim Weapons: A few golden weapons, with textures, to go with Ancient Taurethrim armor.

Mounted Champions of Harad: A new elite cavalry unit for the Southrons of Near Harad, with a unique heavy armor.

The Rivers and Beacon-Hills of Gondor: Changes based on Tolkien's essay delving into the etymology of several names in Gondor.

Orcish Brimstone: Pyromaniacs will love this one: a unique flame for Orcish factions, that cannot be extinguished by water.

Faction Horses: Unique horses for the Elves, Rohirrim, Mordor, Dunedain, and Swan Knights, with their own buffs and powers.

The Fires of Industry: Various blocks and features surrounding the industrialized nature of Mordor and Isengard

Scabbards: Cosmetic scabbards for players and units to wear.

Caves, Ravines, and other Vanilla Features: A suggestion concerning the presence of caves and ravines, and their effect on immersion and scenic beauty.

The Dreaded Steel-Bows of Numenor: The famed metal longbows of Westernesse, with a unique black arrow to boot.

Bows of Isengard: Bows for the Fighting Uruk-hai of the White Hand, as spoke of in The Departure of Boromir.

Isengard Reformed: A fundamental change in theme to the faction of Isengard, with numerous new structures, units, and biomes.

Remove the Corsair Camp Pillar: On getting rid of a random Numenorean Brick pillar that spawns in Corsair Camps, essentially implying they carry around a stone pillar to stick in their campsite.

The Banners of Umbar: Lore-based banners for the Corsairs of Umbar, featuring red and black coloration and a semi-complicated star pattern.

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