The Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod Wiki

I am a Rider of the Mark. That's really it. I'm not really going to try to make a whole new character, But, eh. I really like Rohan, and am a big fan of the Taurethrim. I also dislike the Morwaith because I like the Taurethrim, though I think the savanna is beautiful, and I don't like the dunlendings because they don't have many items, and because they attack Rohan. I don't like Dorwinnian, because they're too colorful, and I don't like elves and men in the same faction. Also, I really like Near Harad at the moment.

The books by Tolkien I've read are as follows,

The Three LotR books(2x)

The Hobbit(2x)

The Children of Hurin(2x)

Unfinished Tales

The Silmarillion

Tales from the Perilous Realm(Roverandom+Farmer Giles of Ham+The adventures of Tom Bombadil+Smith of Wooton Major+Leaf By Niggle)

The story of Kullervo

The War of the Ring

Book of Lost tales*

*Still reading or preparing to read