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The Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod Wiki

Notice: The comments of this page are still available here, however, I can't guarantee they will be there forever. I suggest the any important links/information from the comments be moved onto this page.

A new server has been created by the core of the hARDA community called It's an even hARDA world.

If you have items or builds on this (old) hARDA server that you wish to have transfered to the new server, please tell us on the combined hARDA server discord at

Why another Lord of the Rings mod server?[]

It's a hARDA world is a Lord of the Rings server focused on survival role play and building, using More Player Models to impersonate the various races of Middle Earth (for example, if you set your appearance to one of a hobbit, you'll barely see above one block high! You can use any of the playable LOTR's NPC skins). Our main focus is not on PVP, raiding and war but these are all possible, provided you mutually agree on it previously.

While there are other survival LOTR servers out there, at the time of the server launch we hadn't found any providing an "organic", balanced experience.

Among the things that could be seen:

  • server owners installing so much Bukkit plugins that the vanilla Minecraft & Lord of the Rings gameplay is seriously affected,
  • administrators abusing their powers, using unavailable magical artifacts, sometimes offering or selling enchanted items or captive non player characters,
  • players abusing player location commands and teleportation to assault others,
  • cheaters using fully enchanted mithril sets of weapons and armors, probably obtained through X-Raying or administrator complacency,
  • servers suffering from so much lag that mining is a pain and mobs can't even fight back.

We think that playing in these conditions is just a waste of time!

Instead of that, we want to play the hard way:

  • in hard difficulty setting for tougher opponents,
  • unassisted (randomly) enchanted items,
  • amplified hunger for greater realism.

Our only concessions being:

  • the use of (lootable) death chests, because items shouldn't disappear without reason, especially scarce enchanted items,
  • the possibility to trade items between players, regardless of distance because of the size of the world, preferably using the silver coin currency,
  • the possibility to name items for free, because this is ridiculously expensive in the vanilla game,
  • the use of moving ships to sail on the rivers, seas and oceans.

Finally, we want to fully use the standard factions, alignments and way points system present in the LOTR mod:

  • players start in their faction territory, instead of the Shire, and with already biased alignment toward their traditional allies and ennemies,
  • and there is no teleportation system other than the one provided in the mod: you are entitled to one teleportation to at defined way point per Minecraft day (20 minutes in real time).

We have a very active private forum for things related to the server (technical and game issues, suggestions, projects) or the gameplay (world news, exchanges between players of the West, of the dark side, FAQ with answers).

Our server is in France but the chat is in English.

The server currently has one unofficial discord chat:

We welcome mature players of any age.

The story[]

You awaken as an shapeless soul in a dimly lit underground hall.

Harda s awakening hall.png

Eru lets you decide what incarnation you will have on Arda. You see banners along the walls, with golden signs below them. You're told to push your will against one of them in order to choose your destiny (the bronze signs are only here in case you accidentally go back to the Hall to safely return to Middle Earth):

  • Elves of Dorwinion, Lindon, Lothlórien, Mirkwood
  • Dwarves of Durin's folk (Iron Hills), Blue Mountains, Red Mountains, Moria, Kvoth (the Bangari)
  • Orcs of Mordor (Núrn), Dol Guldur, Gundabad (Misty Mountains), Angmar, Minas Morgul, Nan Ungol
  • Uruk-hai of Isengard (Uruk Highlands) and Black Uruks of Mordor
  • Men of Blackroot Vale, Bree, Dale, Dol Amroth, Dorwinion, Dunland, Forodwaith, Gondor, Ithilien, Lamedon, Lebennin, Loassarnach, Moredain, Near Harad, the North (Rangers of Eriador & Dunedains), Pelargir, Pinnath Gelin, Rohan, Rhudaur, Rhúdel, Tauredain, Umbar
  • Shapechangers of the House of Beorn (which are allowed to dwell as bears)
  • Hobbits of The Shire
  • Half Trolls of Pertorogwaith
  • Ents of Fangorn

(you can also have a look at the factions roll, to see who's playing what, or choose a difficulty level based on the frequency of invasions in your choosen biome:

  • No invasions (easy): Lothlórien, Núrn, Misty Mountains (?), Near Harad, The Shire, Pertorogwaith
  • Rare invasions: Lindon, Angmar
  • Uncommon invasions (hard): Mirkwood, Iron Hills, Blue Mountains, Dol Guldur, Eriador, Dunland
  • Common invasions (very hard): Uruk Highlands (?), Rohan)

After choosing, you awaken on Arda in the body of one member of the race you have choosen (well, due to technical limitations, at the moment you have to select it manually using F12).

You're equiped with the prefered weapon of your faction, a full armor set (unless you are a Hobbit, as most of them have no use for that), a whole stack of bread, a small bag (Hobbits get a larger one, along with a pipe and pipeweed) and a questing book. Men of Rohan also get a saddle (being born on it!).

You are at the (banner protected) headquarters of your faction. Still weary from your incarnation, you fall on a bed and sleep for a few days. You are roused from bed by the commanding officer of the headquarters (with a kick in the ribs if you are an orc), who tells you to "get a life" and come back to him when you'll be worthy of commanding others of your faction (sorry, you won't be a self proclaimed king right from the start... but see below for instructions on how to enter the rat race).

Anyway, you start to feel hungry and understand you'll first have to work on finding a steady food supply. These bodies seems to have needs far beyond your previous shapeless state...

You promise yourself you will return some day, perhaps as the Lord of some lands, ruling from a magnificent castle.You head for the doors, the world awaits you!


How to become a king[]

As a famous last century thinker said, "It's good to be the king!". So we can understand why most people want to be king of their faction.

But as another (multi century) thinker said, "There can be only one!" and he added:

Give me your kings, let me squeeze them in my hands,

Your puny princes,
Your so-called leaders of your land,
I'll eat them whole before I'm done,
The battle's fought and the game is won,
I am the only one.

–Queen:Kurgan's Theme

As we already said, everybody here starts as a commoner, so we'll need a system to decide who's going to be king of a faction. And of course, it's going to be hard (remember, "It's a HARDa world").

Obviously, in Middle Earth, leaders are distinguished by their military prowess. The nobility system being also inspired by the feudal system of middle ages Europa.

Here's our proposal.

Once you meet the following conditions (hired soldiers must be from your faction), you will automatically gain a nobility title (if you want to stay a commoner, please say so on the relevant forum):

Ranks and their powers on the way to become a King
Title Alignment with your faction Hired soldiers Suggested build size and citizen attraction Additional powers
Traitor < 0 None None
  • None
Commoner 0-499 None None
  • None
Squire 1+ None None
  • /tpaccept - Accept a teleportation request
  • /tpdeny - Reject a teleportation request
Knight 500+ None None
  • None
Baron 1000+ At least 5 At least a 8 radius keep (bronze banner protected)

1 citizen attracted / active IRL week

  • /tpa - Ask the player if you can teleport to them
  • /tpahere - Asks the specified player to accept transport to your location
Count 2000+ At least 25 At least a 16 radius castle (silver banner protected

2 citizens attracted / active IRL week

  • None
Duke 3000+ At least 50 At least a 32 radius castle+village (gold banner protected)

4 citizens attracted / active IRL week

  • None
Prince 5000+ At least 75 At least 2x 32 radius palace+town (gold banner protected)

8 citizens attracted / active IRL week

  • None
King 5000+ At least 100 At least 4x 32 radius palace+town (gold banner protected)

10 citizens attracted / active IRL week

  • Decide faction titles
  • Set faction spawn
  • Cast traitor status

Your title will appear in a distinctive way in the chat, on the faction roll and in the faction scoreboard.

As a member of the nobility of your faction, you should select a lord among the people above you in the titles hierarchy (immediately above if there's someone there), or you'll be a vassal to your King.

On a voluntarily basis, commoners can also select a lord (of at least Baron status) or become a squire to a lord (of a least Knight status).

As a vassal, you'll come to him with your hired soldiers when he requests you to do so. But you can also request his protection when you're under attack (in order to do that, players of at least Baron status, will have access to additional teleportation commands, which should be used only with your Lord or your vassals).

In exchange for his protection, you'll pay the taxes he requests from his vassals (commoners are not entitled to do this, except when they choosed a Lord).

A Squire will assist his Lord in any duty requested. A Lord will have to provide food and fighting gear to his Squire. Squires are exempted from taxes, as being a servant to a Lord would be sufficient payment.

Failing to comply with the above conditions might result, at the request of your Lord, to the forfeiture of your nobility title (you'll get the Traitor status instead).

Most probably, your Lord will lead you into war or expeditions against other factions. So think twice before entering the rat race, because war is a risky and costly business...

One last word: there can be only one King per faction. The first one to get there, gets the title, as well as additional powers (to be used wisely):

  • choosing to have the spawnpoint of his faction set in his city
  • choosing the titles of the nobility of his faction
  • casting the traitor status on players of his faction (along with a negative alignment between -500 and -1. This status will be automatically revoked when the player regain positive alignment with his faction)

After a King has been crowned, the players reaching the same alignment score will stay at the Prince status.

However, should a King be absent for more than 30 days, his title would revert to the active prince with the highest alignment.

I'd rather want to be a pacifist[]

That's fine. We officially support the pacifist way of life.

In the different faction spawns, there will (soon) be a sign for those who want to follow the pacifist path (meanwhile, you can request the title change on the relevant forum).

But to keep the title, you'll first have to balance your initial biases by getting 0+ alignment with all factions (except Fangorn, Dark Huorns and Utumno). For maximum difficulty, try to be a Gundabad pacifist!

Attacking pacifists is strongly discouraged! (if the enemies of my friends, are my enemies, then you'll get lots of enemies...).

Pacifists having proved their virtue, will be offered to join the secretive mage Order of Kalma (even less known than the Istari!), devoted to the cult of Life as a whole, the mastery of the body and healing practices. After completing a secret quest, you'll forget your previous faction and belong from then on to the Order of Kalma.

By questing with all Mod factions (except FANGORN which mandates kills to gain alignment, and DARK_HUORN and UTUMNO which are opposed to everyone else), mages will be able to rise through the ranks of the Order:

Ranks and their powers on the way to become a Grandmaster
Title Alignment Total 1) Rank 2) Scholars Additional powers
Pacifist 0-49 0 Commoner
  • None
  • None
Apprentice 50-99 1100+ Baron
  • /tpaccept - Accept a teleportation request
  • /tpdeny - Reject a teleportation request
  • /feed - Satisfy your hunger and dispell exhaustion
Guru 100-149 2200+ Count
  • /tpa - Ask the player if you can teleport to them
  • /tpahere - Asks the specified player to accept transport to your location
  • /feed others - Relieve other people hunger and exhaustion
  • /heal - Heal yourself to full health, fill your hunger bar, but not your exhaustion
Master 150-249 3300+ Duke
  • /heal others - Heal other people to full health, fill their hunger bar, but not their exhaustion
  • /kit grow - Make plants grow
  • Bypass feed cooldown
Grandmaster 250+ 5500+ Prince/King
  • Shapechange - Any player model allowed
  • /fly - fly as a winged creature
  • Breath underwater as a water going creature
  • Bypass heal cooldown
  • Moderators powers, just like Kings
    (/mute, /kick, /tempban)
1) At the moment, you need alignment for 22 factions. The various alignments add up to this value.

2) Comparable rank of other factions (see above)

While doing so, they will attract followers (currently Hobbits), and gain additional powers (there's a 120 seconds cooldown period for feeding and healing powers, and fly is unlimited).

The Grandmasters of the Order are said to have extraordinary ones!

Finally, as there is no competition among pacifists, there can be several Grandmasters.

I want to be the founder of a village / town / city[]

As you have seen above, Lords starting at Baron status and Pacifists attract citizens. Some come for protection and others for tuition.

These citizens come in your inventory as spawn eggs of the base members of your faction, on Sunday, every real-life week where you have been active on the server.

You can either place them in a village, town or city that you have built, or exchange them with the server for more sophisticated citizens: commanders, smiths, merchants, etc. (but no soldiers, farmhands or slaves, because you can obtain these from a recruiting NPC).

For this, you'll need to use an vanilla crafting table, and place:

  • 8 eggs around an item to obtain a recruiting NPC (chieftain, commander, captain, warlord, lord, slaver, creature keeper, marshall, shirriff chief, etc.)
  • 4 eggs (crossed, not on diagonal) around an item (usually the one they are holding in hand) to obtain a trading NPC
  • 1 egg in the center with an item on its right to obtain either another base member of your faction (for example, a dorwirion elf from a dorwinrim).

Here are the recipes for this (click the Expand link below to unfold the table):

Spawn egg crafting
Faction NPC # Eggs Item
Angmar Orc Chieftain 8 Banner of Angmar
Orc Trader 4 Poisoned Angmar Dagger
Blackroot Vale Bowlord 8 Banner of Blackroot Vale
Blue Mountains Commander 8 Banner of the Blue Mountains
Merchant 4 Small Pouch
Miner 4 Blue Dwarven Pickaxe
Smith 4 Blue Dwarven Hammer
Dale Dalish Captain 8 Banner of Dale
Dalish Blacksmith 4 Blacksmith Hammer
Dalish Baker 4 Dalish Pastry
Dalish Merchant 4 Small Pouch
Dol Amroth Captain 8 Banner of Dol Amroth
Dol Guldur Chieftain 8 Banner of Dol Guldur
Orc Trader 4 Poisoned Dol Guldur Dagger
Dorwinion (with men) Vintner Guard Captain 8 Banner of Dorwinion
Dorwinion Vinekeeper 8 Green Grapes
Dorwinion Man Merchant 4 Small Pouch
Dorwinion Elf 1 Green Grapes
Dorwinion (with elves) Captain of Bladorthin 8 Banner of Dorwinion
Dorwinion Vintner Elf 4 Glass of Wine
Dorwinion Elven Merchant 4 Small Pouch
Dorwirrim 1 Red Grapes
Dunland Dunlending Warlord 8 Banner of Dunland
Dunlending Bartender 4 Mug
Durin's Folk Dwarf Commander 8 Banner of Durin's Folk
Dwarf Miner 4 Dwarven Pickaxe
Iron Hills Merchant 4 Small Pouch
Dwarven Smith 4 Dwarven Hammer
Fangorn Ent 8 Oak Sapling
Gondor Gondorian Captain 8 Banner of Gondor
Farmer 8 Iron Hoe
Blacksmith 4 Blacksmith Hammer
Bartender 4 Mug
Greengrocer 4 Apple
Lumberman 4 Iron Axe
Stonemason 4 Stone Block
Brewer 4 Mug of Ale
Florist 4 Orange Tulip
Butcher 4 Raw Beef
Fishmonger 4 Fishing Rod
Baker 4 Bread
Gundabad Orc Chieftain 8 Banner of Gundabad
Isengard Uruk-hai Chieftain 8 Banner of the Uruk-hai
Uruk-hai Trader 4 Poisoned Uruk Dagger
Ithilien Ithilien Ranger Captain 8 Banner of Ithilien
Lamedon Lamedon Captain 8 Banner of Lamedon
Lebennin Lebennin Levymaster 8 Banner of Lebennin
Lindon High Elf Lord 8 Banner of the High Elves
High Elven Smith 4 High Elven Sword
Lossarnach Lossarnach Captain 8 Banner of Lossarnach
Lothlorien Galadhrim Lord 8 Banner of Lothlorien
Galadhrim Wanderer 4 Small Pouch
Galadhrim Smith 4 Galadhrim Sword
Mirkwood Wood-elf Captain 8 Banner of the Woodland Realm
Wood-elven Smith 4 Wood-elven Sword
Mordor Orc Commander 8 Banner of Mordor
Slaver 8 Lead
Spider Keeper 8 Orc Skull Staff
Orc Trader 4 Poisoned Mordor Dagger
Moredain Chieftain 8 Banner of the Moredain
Huntsman 4 Moredain Spear
Hutmaker 4 Hardened Clay
Near Harad Warlord 8 Banner of Near Harad
Drink Trader 4 Mug
Mineral Trader 4 Iron Pickaxe
Plant Trader 4 Oak Sapling
Food Trader 4 Apple
Merchant of Harad 4 Small Pouch
Pelargir Pelargir Commander 8 Banner of Pelargir
Pertorogwaith Half-troll Warlord 8 Banner of the Half-trolls
Half-troll Scavenger 4 Poisoned Half-troll Dagger
Pinnath Gelin Pinnath Gelin Captain 8 Banner of Pinnath Gelin
Rhudaur Hillman Chieftain 8 Banner of Rhudaur Hillmen
Rohan Rohirrim Marshall 8 Banner of Rohan
Rohirrim Farmer 8 Iron Hoe
Rohirrim Blacksmith 4 Blacksmith Hammer
Rohirrim Meadhost 4 Mug of Mead
Rohirrim Lumberman 4 Iron Axe
Rohirrim Builder 4 Rohan Brick
Rohirrim Brewer 4 Mug of Ale
Rohirrim Butcher 4 Raw Beef
Rohirrim Fishmonger 4 Fishing Rod
Rohirrim Baker 4 Bread
Rohirrim Orcharder 4 Green Apple
Rohirrim Stablemaster 4 Lead
Rhudel Easterling Blacksmith 4 Blacksmith Hammer
Easterling Warlord 8 Rhûnic Sword
Easterling Lumberman 4 Iron Axe
Easterling Stonemason 4 Stone Block
Easterling Butcher 4 Raw Rabbit
Easterling Brewer 4 Mug of Pomegranate Wine
Easterling Fishmonger 4 Fishing Rod
Easterling Baker 4 Bread
Easterling Huntsman 4 Fur
Easterling Farmer 8 Bronze Hoe
Easterling Goldsmith 4 Gold Ring
Easterling Bartender 4 Mug
Tauredain Chieftain 8 Banner of the Tauredain
Shaman 4 Bottle of Poison
Farmer 8 Tauredain Hoe
The North Ranger Captain of the North 8 Banner of the Dunedain of the North
Dunedain Blacksmith 4 Blacksmith Hammer
The Shire Hobbit Shirriff Chief 8 Banner of the Hobbits
Farmer 8 Iron Hoe
Orcharder 4 Bronze Axe
Bartender 4 Mug

If you are in a Hobbit or Dwarven faction, you'll also be able to marry couples in order to further multiplicate your population. Such is the Power of Love!


Major builds[]

Thanks to the EpicQuestz team for their kind permission to use their builds (see them on their Youtube channel).

Player's builds[]

Here are a few of our player's builds with screenshots or pictures galleries:

  • Amon Faeoron, the magnificent Mirkwood castle of Lord ~Draug
  • Barad Peredhil, a stronghold by Lord ~Draug, between Dunland and Eriador
  • Umbar, an incredible city and port build by Lord ~Oldur
  • New bridge , roads and guard posts in the Shire, improvements by Pacifist Ffets
  • The fortress of Carn Gûl, a dark castle in Angmar by Lord Dragonovith, now destroyed and long lost
  • Dol Amroth, the swanport of Dor-en-Ernil, built by it's king Shipcommander
  • Thornsley, a Bree-land trading town, built by King ~Rorgil
  • Amon Sûl, also known as Weathertop, built by Aldandil

Many more await you in hARDA…

Builders instructions[]

Avoid building near the predefined way points, as these regions might be overwritten when we import Points of Interest !

Also don't settle or build in a 3 chunks radius (a 112x112 blocks zone) around your faction headquarters, as these areas might be overwritten if we have to restore them from backup. You can verify the region file you are in with the /showlocation command.

Builders, you won't have free blocks or fly mode because the normal way of doing things here is the hard way: survival build, using only blocks you collected or traded, without fly.


Last but not least, you can have working Ships on the server!

To do it, first build a ship (any shape you want, but only certain blocks are allowed, and you have to use a minimum of 25% wood / hay / thatch / reed blocks for buoyancy, plus a certain amount of wool blocks for sails). Then put a "Ship" sign (you can also name your ship and its owner):

Harda movecraft ship sign.png

The usable craft ID are:

  • FastShip (10 blocks speed, made from 1K blocks max, with 33+% of sails)
  • Ship (5 blocks speed, made from 10K blocks max, with 20+% of sails)
  • SlowShip (2 blocks speed, made from 100K blocks max, with 10+% of sails)
  • portcullis

Then put a "[helm]" sign somewhere else:

Harda movecraft helm sign.png

The text will be replaced by a helm representation, like this:

Harda movecraft rudder sign.png

Then put a "Cruise: OFF" sign (it has to be on a plank block, facing the bow of the ship):

Harda movecraft cruise sign.png

To launch the ship, you'll have:

  1. To claim the ship by clicking on the "Ship" sign with an empty hand
  2. To launch the ship by clicking on the "Cruise" sign
  3. To direct the ship by clicking on the direction wanted on the "[Helm]" sign

If you have a stick in hand, you can also move in the direction you are facing by right clicking it.


First of all, to use mods you'll need to install Forge (download 1.7.10-Latest version from here) and connect to Minecraft using your (newly created) Forge profile.

Then you'll need the following mods to join our server:

Usually, you just drop their Jar or Zip file in the C:\Documents and Settings\<YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods directory on Windows.

Newer versions of the Mod are only partially compatible with More Player Models. If you join for the first time and your screen is black, don't panic! Open the More Player Models menu (normally f12) and set the "Point of view" configuration switch to "Off" (in the lower right corner of the screen).

We also have recommended texture packs (in this order, from top to bottom):

  1. Hobbiton Texture Light, derived from the Hobbiton texture pack.
  2. Werian (from which Hobbiton is itself derived)

Finally, add the server to your multiplayers config:

Name: It's a hARDA world
Our texture pack is configured for automatic download if you ask for it.

Removing the server texture pack[]

If you activated the automatic download of our resource pack and do not want it any more, edit the server configuration above, set "Server Resource Pack" to "disabled", then go to your ".minecraft/server-resource-packs" folder and remove the HobbitonTextureLight files.


Please read the rules carefully, and comply with them. Trespassers will be banned!



  1. Live to see another day: quickly assure a sustainable food supply (hunger is harder than usual around here...)
  2. Life is fragile: be careful and think about cooperating (especially with other players from your faction)
  3. Life is hard: you can take items from killed players and unlocked chests
  4. Be yourself: choose a player model compatible with the race you want to play (human, elf, dwarf, orc, etc.)


  1. Avoid permanent ban: do not cheat (X-Ray, etc.) or even try (we have a full battery of things to counter and detect this)
  2. Respect other players: do not insult others, don't kill newcomers, do not destroy blocks in other people's builds (griefing), do not destroy blocks or steal equipment in your faction headquarters (this include asking for Gandalf there!), do not trap way points and do not kill hired units while their owner is away
  3. Respect your alignment: avoid attacking your allies, avoid trading with your enemies, do not claim land on enemy territory, do not masquerade with a deceitful player model (again, we have ways of knowing)
  4. Don't ambush other players: do not hide on the map and do not TP jump on other players to attack them (PVP & wars have to be previously mutually agreed in the chat)
  5. And last but not least, there are no divine interventions: do not expect anything from the admin (who uses no special powers) and don't ask for promotion

Common sense and correct behavior also apply! Remember the idea is to have some good time playing together...


The Server owner uses the Minecraft ID HubTou and the nickname ~VieilleBranche for playing and his daughter's account HelTou for admin duties.

He can be reached through this page or by an email sent from the forum.

The list of Moderators will be posted here in a few days...

Commands available[]

Help & information:

/help: View the list of available commands.
/motd: View the "Message Of The Day" and the time it is in Middle-earth.
/rules: View the server rules.


/list: List all online players.
/afk: Sets your status as "Away From Keyboard" (AFK).
/nick: Change your nickname.
/realname: Display the username of a player based on nick.


/helpop: Message online admins.
/mail: Manage inter-player, intra-server mail.
/me: Describe an action in the context of the player.
/msg: Send a private message to the specified player.
/r: Quickly reply to the last player to message you.


Exchange items between players regardless of distance, preferably using silver coins as the currency.

The system is sometimes glitchy. Beware of dishonnest courtiers! Exchange the most valuable things face to face, because the server won't be held liable in case of loss.

/trade <player>: Request to trade with <player>.
/trade accept: Accept a trade request.
/trade decline: Refuse a trade request.
/trade toggle: Disable the sending of shift-right-click trading requests for you.

Item naming:

/itemname <text>: Names the item you're holding for free.
/lore <text>: Edits the lore of the item you're holding.
The character "_" is used for spaces, or removing texts.

Access control:

Put a sign in front of a chest with a first line saying [Private] (including the square brackets) and following lines listing the players allowed to open it. If you leave out the list, your name will be added automatically.

Put a similar sign next to a door or trap to restrict access to the players listed. Make sure, that the rest of the building is banner protected, otherwise intruders will be able to take out your walls.

You can also protect enchanting tables, crafting tables, furnaces, forges, anvils, hoppers and unsmelteries.

/lockette <line number> <text>: Edits signs on locked containers. Right click on the sign to edit.
/lockette fix: Fixes an automatic door that is in the wrong position. Look at the door to edit.

Claiming land:

Remember that you can claim a 32/16/8 blocks radius cube of land by putting a faction banner on a gold/silver/bronze block.

Teleportation between Lord and vassals:

Players of at least Baron status have access to the following commands:

/tpa <player>: Asks the player if you can teleport to him.
/tpahere <player>: Asks the player to accept transport to your location.

Their vassals can answer with these commands:

/tpaccept: Accept a /tpa request.
/tpdeny: Deny a /tpa request.

Magic (pacifist order members only):

/feed: Magically restore you own hunger bar or that of another player.
/heal: Magically restore you own health or that of another player.
/fly: Magically fly around. Admins probaly are able to /fly as well.

Death chests:

If you happen to die, your belongings will be kept in a (double) chest. Although, the message says your stuff will be kept for 168 hours (one real week), the system behaves somehow weird and the chest will converted into a normal chest after that time, which stays forever. But beware, it's First In, First Loot! Others might loot it as well.

A message in the chat will remind you of its coordinates. Be sure to note it! (use the chat command scrolling function to bring it back if needed). If it's too far up, you won't be able to see it any more. Then your only salvation to look up the coords is opening the file

AppData -> Roaming -> .minecraft -> logs -> latest.log

or the log of the respective date and seach for "death chest" to find your death message.

Please also note that there are no death chests in the Nether dimension. Items are dropped on the ground and are quickly corroded by the toxic environment. Adventuring there is risky, you have been warned ...

Faction change:

The preferred way to change faction is to make a request to the administrator.

You have two options:

  • Your character will be completely resetted. You'll start again in the Awakening Hall with fresh alignments, waypoints, ongoing/completed quests, achievements, alcohol tolerance and inventory.
  • You have compatible alignment with the faction you want to join. We only change your faction. You receive no faction kit, you have to rally by feet your faction territory and then set home there by sleeping in a bed.

However, if you go back to the Awakening Hall, you can change faction yourself by clicking on a golden sign (you'll keep the regions you unlocked, your previous quests, and so on, as there is no command yet in the Mod to reset that).

Discipline (moderators only):

/mute: Allow/forbid players to talk in the chat.
/kick: Kick players from the server.
/tempban: Ban players for a certain time. Please report the incident on the forum. Only admins can /ban players permanently.

No staff abuse! Use those commands only for rulebreakers if necessary after you warned the player in the chat.

Technical commands:

If you run into technical issues, the following commands might be helpful:

/mem: View the server performance (a TPS of 20 is best, expect lags below 15).
/chunkinfo: Identify the file containing the part of the world you're located in (a filename such as r.X.Y.mca giving the region file where you are located).

New recipes[]

As there are no more diamonds in Middle-earth since Public Beta 22 of the Mod, we modified the recipe for crafting an enchantment table by replacing diamonds with gold blocks and obsidian with silver blocks (but the old recipe is still active).

vanilla crafting recipe
Block of Gold
Block of Silver
Block of Silver
Block of Silver
Block of Gold
Block of Silver
Enchantment Table

We also provide a recipe to produce small pouches, as there is really no sorcery in making these and some pacifist players could have a hard time getting them (especially before Public Beta 29, where you couldn't get them from mini-quests).

vanilla crafting recipe
Small Pouch

By popular request, and although you can fish them, we provide a recipe to produce name tags (many at a time works here. Don't ask me why!), again it's not rocket science.

vanilla crafting recipe
Iron Ingot
Oak Wood Planks

Although there's no necessity for it, here's a way to dispatch all those rotten flesh you collected (left-shift usable here).

vanilla crafting recipe
Rotten Flesh
Rotten Flesh
Rotten Flesh
Rotten Flesh
Rotten Flesh
Rotten Flesh
Rotten Flesh
Rotten Flesh
Rotten Flesh

For evil players, at least those living in lands devoid of regular iron ore, we provide a recipe to craft buckets from Morgul iron ore.

vanilla crafting recipe
Orc Steel Ingot
Orc Steel Ingot
Orc Steel Ingot

Finally, there are also new recipes to craft chainmail armour.

vanilla crafting recipe
Iron Bars
Iron Ingot
Iron Bars
Iron Bars
Iron Ingot
Chain Helmet
vanilla crafting recipe
Iron Ingot
Iron Bars
Iron Bars
Iron Ingot
Iron Bars
Iron Ingot
Iron Bars
Iron Bars
Chain Chestplate

vanilla crafting recipe
Iron Ingot
Iron Bars
Iron Bars
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Iron Bars
Iron Bars
Chain Leggings
vanilla crafting recipe
Iron Bars
Iron Ingot
Iron Bars
Iron Ingot
Chain Boots
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