The Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod Wiki

About Myself[]

  • I live on the Eastern Shore of the Old Line State.
  • I am a history and literature buff in every sense of the phrase, especially when it comes to matters nautical and military.
  • I've enjoyed sailing, fishing, wildlife and the outdoors since the age of five- an odd combination with my more "nerdy" pursuits.
  • The Dúnedain of Gondor and Arnor are the race/faction that resonates with me the most, for their learned ways, seafaring and martial skills, and especially Gondor's steadfast resilience to evil.
  • I consider myself well-versed in Professor Tolkien's lore, and have read his works numerous times.
  • I find the Lord of the Rings Movies to be of a very high calibre, although they do have their flaws.
  • The Hobbit Movies, however, are travesties.
  • I believe matters of Canon should take precedence in Mod development.
  • I have been waging a Crusade against double-bitted axes, double-bladed staves, and the "Thor's warhammers" that can still be found in the Mod, for they are unfeasable and reek of stereotypical modern fantasy.
  • Boar, Rhino, and Elk riders also get under my skin.
  • My favourite mod update was probably the Fiefdoms Update.