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Some things you may be wondering about me[]

What the hell does your name mean? Check out these links: - -

*May I also add that some of you might have certain opinions on the appearance of L. periphragmoides. Know that I did not choose my name based on that. I simply find that species and its relatives fascinating in general, and the name sounds cool as well.

Why do you like spiders so much? I feel that they are horrendously misunderstood creatures. People think only of what small harms or discomforts they cause to us (a small counter for their many benefits), but completely dismiss the amount that they likely mercilessly slaughter (yes, I said slaughter, as spiders are animals with feelings, just like dogs and cats, and just like ourselves in many respects).

How do you create the clear background NPC images? I created a page on this. I'll add a link once I get the hand of wiki code.

Some things about myself[]

I am a relatively new user to the mod, but have been reading this wiki 3 years prior to actually creating an account and installing the mod. I enjoy it greatly, and my favorite aspects are as below:

Good faction: Tauredain

Evil faction: Gundabad

Weapon: Gondolinian Sword (don't know whether the hole is intentional or not however), or Gundabad Uruk Bludgeon

Structure: Tauredain village

Mob: Mirkwood spider (one of the first things anyone will find out about me is that I am an enormous arachnophile)

Biome: Far Harad Jungle

Tree: Baobab - looks so cool and realistic

NPC: Gundbad Uruk or Uruk Berserker

Equipment set: Tauredain or Gundabad Uruk

Here are a few other things about me:

- I am an ameteur modder myself (the foundations were built by Youth Digital's Mod Design 1 course). Since then, I have been gradually advancing my modding capabilities. I might attach some screenshots later.

- I am very passionate about mycology (study of fungi), and have recently found what is suspected to be a new species of mushroom. I also found what could possibly be the first record of the stinkhorn Clathrus archeri in mainland Queensland. I have been given private visits to the Queensland Herbarium.

- I also have a deep love of spiders, having kissed a huntsman on school camp at Moogerah Peaks, and thrice let a Golden orb weaver (Nephila plumipes) walk around on my face.

- I get faintly sick when I see a dead spider (or any other bug that isn't a cockroach)

- I have a pet scorpion, python and centipede, as well as a large fishtank containing 8 fish (all of which are catfish, and one of them looks suspiciously like a Sareng catfish, featured on River Monsters).

  • In spite of this, I am still a relatively normal person

- I enjoy sketching a drawing various plants, animals and fungi.

- It was I who suggested and provided the textures for the Gundabad Uruk Pike, Spear and Daggers, and additionally suggested Tauredain Bludgeons, Battleaxes and Pikes, along with the Gundabad Uruk Bow, which were implemented with slightly different textures.

- I'm a perfectionist

- After 5 years of playing Minecraft, I still use the default Steve skin.

- I am an outspoken atheist

- In sympathy with Mevans and Grievous, I support painfully incinerating those who ask for Gandalf.

- I know NOTHING about sports and popular culture.

- I have the 2016 Loremaster's shield.

My friends on this wiki (in no particular order)[]



SamwiseFilmore - This is because of images, right? :P


Catfishperson - Who dose not hate spiders.

Campinator(when he isn't screwing up with images)

Grievous the Droid



Thorin Stonehelm

Deadly Forest - Who love all your textures


Lord Numair

Blitz Air - Who is interested in all his pets

Dinopizzagamer - Who also read this page

Lord Poniros - Who felt he earned a cookie after reading this page.

WillyTheWyvern- Who was able to make it through through the insect pictures

Lord Epicus!- who has such a high resistance to boredom, he felt free to add his name to the list.

Gorbag12 who really like his textures

Recneps despises earwigs.


High King Ithilion, who is jealous because Lys's superior textures get added instead of his.

CreeperKid354 who has recently come to terms with his fear of spiders

Esquire Mortimer Leclerc, Master Brewer, who found himself also fascinated by centipedes, despite being known to stay indoors for fear of insects

(If you have such a high resistance to boredom to read this whole page, feel free to add your name to this list)

My Suggestions[]

My Adorable Pets[]

PedeIcon.pngBannerLysurus.png  Lysurus]]  BannerLysurus.pngPedeIcon.png

Pages of Interest
A story of turning fear to fascination - a recommended read for both bug lovers and any phobics who want to conquer their fears
My page on creating proper infobox images
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Dorwinion Elven Equipment
Dwarven Weapons
Banner of Minas Morgul (Implemented)
Dalish Gates
Dorwinion Gates
Rohirric Gates
Orcish Gates (Implemented)
The Uruks of Dol Guldur

My favorite pages[]

I don't know what this is for, but it is cool

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