The Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod Wiki

"Ba'jur bal beskar'gam, Ara'nov, aliit, Mando'a bal Mand'alor— An vencuyan mhi." - Resol'nare - the central tenets of Mandalorian life.

I'm great fan of Mandalorian franchise and tradition. I've been playing this mod since Public Beta 3 and I play Minecraft only to train Free People of Middle-Earth for Assassin's path and techniques so they can fight with filthy Orcs and protect their own villages, when the soldiers fail to.

My favorites in mod[]

  • Armor: Galvorn and Ranger of the North (they look amazing and the Ranger's looks like Assassin's).
  • Weapons: Of course bows (Galadhrim, Rohan, Mirkwood and High Elven look the best), Anduril, Elven Swords and Daggers, Near Haradrim Sword and Dagger, plates (if there would be broom just like in AC II it would be at the first place xD).
  • Mobs: Ranger of the North, Dunleding (i can make them my Assassin's), Elves, Near Haradrims.
  • Biomes: Forodwaith, Near Harad, Lindon, Shire.
  • Factions: I am at Free People side.
  • Structures: Near Harad Village, Rangers camp, Wood-Elven House.
  • Ultimate foe: Midges (they're soo annoying and hard to get rid of them - thanks Mevans, that they exist only in Midgewater)

Some facts about me[]

  • My nick in Minecraft is Dha_Werda_Verd.
  • I'm playing this mod since The Public Beta 3, so it's pretty long ^^
  • I come from Poland... yes this strange country in the middle of Europe.
  • I live in a town closer to the Ukrainian border than it could be safe now.
  • I support Gen. Grievous1138, who supports hanging people who ask for Gandalf.
  • When you guess my age, you will solve the secret of The Da Vinci Code.
  • I know about 360 ways of murdering Poles used by UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army).
  • I know that Mandalorians know about 17 (I'm not good at numbers) terms for killing someone by knife.
  • I sometimes tend to behave like an admin, but I'm not one... but maybe one day...
  • I can speak Polish, German (not so good), English, and Mandalorian (I'm still learning).
  • I am Catholic.
  • I am archery, fencing and sharpshooting enthusiastic.

Did you know...?[]

  • ...That Middle-Earth in Sindarin is named Endor... [ I bow at Star Wars fans here ;) ].
  • ... That Poles and Russians are genetically adapted to consume higher amounts of alcohol than any other nations? If you don't believe, read this (unluckily it's in Polish, so you'll have to tranaslate it),111396,title,Smiertelna-dawka-alkoholu-to-dla-Polaka,wid,13607334,wiadomosc.html - somewhere about 3 and 4 paragraph.
  • ... That when in name Legolas you'll separate "Le" and "golas" you'll get in Polish language something like "le naked" ("le" have not translation, but it looks like french "le" word).
  • ... That I recently realised, that my nation's name, "Polish" has in english... more meanings... and they make me feel kinda... not fully valuable (if you know what I mean) xD.
  • ... That Poland is a country placed so "well" on Europe's map, that most of the war's bigger, than between two countries were involving our ground?... At least we've saved Western shebs from Bolshevik and Ottoman invasions (Battle at Radzymiń/Warsaw 1920 and The Relief of Viena 1683 <John III Sobieski and the Polish Hussars>) :D.