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Hello, Person! Welcome to the profile of Obsidianwizard, a wholehearted user who aspires to make this wiki a better place. You can find me on the Tales of Ages: A New Age server, I'm the owner and funder there!

If you have any queries or requests, visit my message wall! I'll do everything in my power to answer your questions- no matter how meaningless or intricate they are, or undertake your requests- be it crafting you a customized signature, or a complex line of wiki code!

I've been playing the LOTR mod since beta 13, and it remains as my most favorite minecraft mod to this day. I've been on this wiki for a year now, not all on this account. I manipulated several accounts prior to this one, the usernames of which I cannot speak of.

I am credited for creating numerous articles on this wiki related to Beta 26. Said articles are as follows:

 Mod Favorites[]

Favorite Game: Minecraft

Favorite Server: Tales of Ages: A New Age

Favorite LotR evil character: Morgoth or Sauron

Favorite LotR good character: Aragorn or Ossë

Favorite LotR faction: Easterlings or the Servants of Morgoth

Favorite Mod faction: Utumno (If Utumno doesn't count, then Mordor) or Durin's Folk

Favorite Mod npc: Balrog or Tormented Elf

Favorite Mod weapon: Gondolinian Sword

Favorite Mod armor: Mithril Armor (Simply OP)

Favorite Mod biome: Far Harad Volcano or Red Mountains

Servers & Characters[]

Fun Facts about Me[]

  • I'm a black belt in Tae Kwon Do
  • I could possibly be one of the worst builders you have met (In Game)
  • I live in New York
  • I am Christian
  • I Co-own the Custom LOTR Wiki
  • I Co-own the Tales of Ages server
  • I've been playing this mod since beta 13!
  • I do 3 sports at the moment; tae-kwon-do, cross country, and wrestling

List of people who have seen my profile[]

Feel free to put your username here!

Notable Websites[]

Notable Quotes[]

Don't cry because it's over, smile.

–Dr. Seuss

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

–Oscar Wilde

I never want to hear that excuse again, that because some else has done-or would do-something that means that you should too. It's lazy, repugnant, and indicative of an inferior mind. Am I clear?

–Oromis, Eldest

My Wiki Goals[]

  • Accumulate a total of 100 edits
  • Accumulate a total of 500 edits
  • Accumulate a total of 1000 edits
  • Accumulate a total of 2000 edits
  • Accumulate a total of 3000 edits
  • Accumulate a total of 4000 edits
  • Become a wiki Chat-moderator
  • Become a wiki Forum/Content Moderator

Noteworthy In-game Commands[]

Hire-able Balrog:

summon lotr.Balrog ~ ~ ~ {HiredNPCInfo:{AlignmentRequired:-66666,CanMove:1,IsActive:1,HiringPlayerUUID:<UUID>},Equipment:[{id:4504},{id:0},{id:0},{id:0},{id:0}]}

You will need to replace the <UUID> part of the Balrog command with your own player UUID.
Huge credit to Sinthorion/Sinthoniel for helping me partly with this command.

Shadowfax Horse:

/summon lotr.Horse ~ ~1 ~ {Tame:1,Saddle:1,Attributes:[{Name:generic.movementSpeed,Base:1},{Name:horse.jumpStrength,Base:2}]}

Featured GIFs[]

The Dancing Banana

The Dancing Pickle

The Dancing Potato