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  • I live in Mordor
  • I was born on September 29
  • My occupation is Orc-enthusiast
  • I am eating Man-flesh.

“Trolls live the lumpish life."
~J.R.R. Tolkien, probably.
OneBehindTheHair will earn their reputation for cruelty and bloodlust by murdering future president you, approximately a week from now. Presumably they will escape custody, and remain at large for years.

About Me, the One Who Lies Behind the Hair

-I'm a self proclaimed mysterious, attractive, and intelligent 'writer', and I enjoy writing short stories, usually about characters I make up.

-I'm into LotR, and am planning to read the Silmarillion as soon as I can. My favorite characters are probably Sauron, Gandalf, Sam, Uglúk, and Shagrat.

-As you could guess from my infobox and two of my favorite characters, the Orcs are my prime interest in the LotR universe. Uglúk stands out to me as probably the most noble an Orc can get, and Shagrat is just interesting to read about.

-I'm pretty good at drawing, although perspective, certain positions, closed fists seen from the back, and shading escape my understanding. I like to design Orcs and Trolls, and have an array of non-Tolkien related characters I've come up with.

-I've created an original Balrog by the name of Baragraug. In my terribly written lore for him, in the only paragraph I liked, he's defeated at the last battle before Angband is taken and Melkor defeated, and is crushed under Ancalagon. He radiates an aura of fire so powerful that I decided it would probably be impossible to defeat him without something like dragon-hide, so I thought it would be a good way to end him.

-I like building with the mod, and I have endless frustration with the limits of vanilla building blocks.

-According to the first website that came up when I searched 'Myers-Briggs personality test', my personality type is Logician (INTP-A).

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