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St 6

What is the point?

St 5-0
This mod provides purely cosmetic benefits and is made to make your discord look cool!

What is a Rich Presence?

A Rich Presence is a thing for discord that shows up when others in your discord server click on your name.

See Images below


How To Use

  1. Install Lotr Drp
  2. Run The Game 
  3. Configure Lotr Drp  Save The Config File And Run Your Game!
  4. Congrats You're Done!

How To Install

  1. Install Discord Rpc Make Sure To Get discord-rpc-1.3.1-all.jar
  2. Get The Latest Version Of Lotr Drp
  3. Put The Lotr Drp Mod And Discord Rpc In Your Mods Folder
  4. Your Done!

How To Configure

  1. Find The Config FIle Located In The Config Folder In A File Named "lotrdrp.cfg"

you can edit it there or go to mods gui in the main menu and find LOTR Drp and click configure. Click expand below if you are using LOTR Drp 1.3 or under.

  1. Generate The Config File By Running The Game
  2. Find The Config FIle Located In The Config Folder In A File Named "LOTRDrpCfg"
  3. Edit The Config To What Ever Suits You!

True Means On

And False Means Off

For Instance

[Otis-Is-The-Best] = True

Configuration Options

[Enable-Drp] =

If The Drp Is On

Default True

If It's True The Drp Will Turn On.

So If You Want To Tun The Drp Off Set It To False.

[Enable-Servers] =

If The Drp Shows Custom Server Presences

Default True

There's No Reason To Turn This Off But I Guess Some People Will Use It.

[Theme] =

The Drp's Theme

Default default

To Set The Theme Change The Default To One Of The Themes Below.


  • default
  • pvp
  • quest
  • book
  • smoke-ship
  • mithril
  • horn
  • pipe
  • coin
  • true-silver
  • compass
  • bounty
  • flesh
  • gondolin
  • random (chooses a random theme)
  • Seasonal themes that come around certain seasons


Supported Servers

Support Menes When People Are Playing On There Server The Servers Icon Will Show Up On The Bottom Of The Drp.

And Instead Of The Servers Ip, It Will Say The Servers Name.

Here Are The Current Supported Servers.

Want A Server To Be Supported? Contact Otis On His Discord Server.


What is a Rich Presence?

A Rich Presence is a thing for discord that shows others what you are doing inside a game.

Here is what it looks like when you run our Presence.

What is the point of this Rich Presence?

Just because something exists does not mean it shouldn't be messed with!


Besides why not?

Our main reason is to make your discord look cool!!!

Common Bugs

Why is the presence not showing up?

Fix, Make sure you are using the discord desktop app.

If You Just Updated Your Drp Restart Your Game To Delete Regenerate And Run The Config For Updates.

Change Log

Added +

Removed -

Fixed %

Changed &


+ Everything!

 + Smoke Ship Theme!
 + Kebab Theme!
 + Supported Server Battle For Middle Earth!
 % Bug With Logo And Info Not Showing Up!
 + Update Checker
 + Command Check Update
 & LOTR Mod Version To Be A Bit Smaller And Readable

  % Added a space before the ip when you are playing on an unknown server
  % Bug with the not showing up
  + Supported Server Second Server That Wont Rule Anything
  % Fixed Problem With The Command /checkForUpdates

  + Now Works With B34!
  % Fixed Spacing Problems With Server Icons

  + Indev Version Checker
  + Config File
  - The Old Config File
  + Config Gui
  - Old Config File Updater
  + Config File Updater
  + Supported Server Gates Of The East
  - Kebab Theme Because It Looks Like Crap And I Can't Seem To Make It Look Any Better
  % Problem With New Servers Not Loging
  & The Text On The New LOTR Mod Version So That They Are Not V Version 34.2
  + Updated To LOTR Mod B34.2

  + Ingame Loging
  + Theme Mithril
  + Theme Pipe
  + Theme Coin
  + Theme True-Silver
  + Theme Horn
  + Theme Compass
  + Theme Random (Chooses A Random Theme)
  + Seasonal Themes

  % Some server ips not working for supported servers

  + Now Supports LOTR Survival

  + Now Supports New Harda And Old Harda

  % Crash With The Random Theme
  - Support Fome Because It Closed
  + Bounty Theme

  %Typo In
  % Default Theme To Random
  + Supports Spark Of Arda
  + Gondolin Theme
  + Flesh Theme
  + Supports Dome
  + Supports Private Testing Server
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