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Speak, friend, and enter!
Speak, friend, and enter!
See ya later!

Just keep firing until you hit something!

–Captain Kathryn Janeway, of the Federaton Starship Voyager

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About Me[]

Hi, my name's Jackal (awful, I know), but you can just call me Jack. Please no Jackalopes, or Jack-asses. Just plain Jack'll do (pun not intended). I've been playing the mod for awhile now. I played it once or twice in Beta 3, but thought "Meh. Just another one of those mods which will die out, as usual." Boy, was I wrong. Look at it now! Magnificent, the work done so far. Keep up the good work, Mevans!


I love reading the Lord of the Rings and accompanying canon, and playing the mod. I'm currently working on re-creating Middle-Earth in Minecraft. I also love Star Wars and Star Trek, especially Star Trek: Voyager. On top of all else, I love playing rugby, and I also play the Cello.

Current ME Projects[]

  • The Berserk of Ithilien, a playthrough of LOTR as a mildly crazy gondorian who slays orcs and Southrons and is general feared by Gondor and Mordor alike. Lives in a big cave with walls, floors and the roof made from the melted-down remains of all his enemies.
  • Ninzaya Sand, a playthrough of LOTR as the bastard son of a high-ranking Southron Nomad-General, who is sent to the front lines in Harondor to fight Gondor. Ninzaya Sand lives on the back of his Camel, Swiftfoot III.
  • Lord Pumpkin of Gondor, a playthrough of LOTR as a wealthy and renowned lord of Gondor living in a besieged castle in Ithilien. He has to prioritise the survival of his people until help arrives, but how long can one gate stand against 10,000 orcs?
  • Recently Ended Life Beyond the Living, a hardcore challenge of living in Forodwaith with nothing but a suit of warg fur armor, two seeds and twelve wood blocks. No torches, no beds, and the weather does damage at night, regardless of warg fur armour.

Favourite Mod Stuff[]

NPCs: To kill, all types of Orcs. To be friends with, all Gondorians except levymen. To trade with, Dwarves. To fight alongside, Lindon elves.

Armor: All the new Near Harad armor added in Update 34.

Animals: Bears and Boars. Anything with B_ars.

Hired Units: Hobbit Shirrifs in Wood-Elven Scout Armour with Poisoned Mithril Daggers.

Biome: Minhiriath all the Way.

Faction: The Southrons of Near Harad; no finer faction has been made by the crafts of Mevans and Gruk, unless it may be Gondor.

Biggest Edits[]

+6237 to Which Faction Should I Choose?

Interests Outside LOTR[]

  • Hermitcraft, a group of elite Minecraft players who play together on the Hermitcraft server in Vanilla Minecraft.
  • Stellaris, a space empire simulation game totally worth the $100+ all the DLC cost (get them on Winter or Summer sales for a big discount, or watch the YouTuber ASPEC for a chance to find rare discounts on Stellaris!)
  • Cities Skylines, a SimCity-but-way-better by the same people who made Stellaris, Paradox Interactive
  • IKEA Furniture. Seriously, I have way too much of it.


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