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If you have any questions about the wiki or the mod in general, feel free to send me a message.

User Rankings[]

The final update for 2015 is now out!

This is a list of the main contributors of this wiki, ranked in order, not of number of edits, but of the total size of edits to articles on this wiki. Because every comment or message posted on this wiki counts as an edit, this list is important as it shows not how active a user is, but how much they have put into editing the main pages of this wiki. This list was used to calculate the Loremaster 2014 Shield and 2015 shield. The page listing the users can be found here


I have a Musescore account where I upload any piano songs that I might be working on/arranging/learning. Feel free to go and check it out sometime, and if you also have an account, then send me a message and I will go and check your works out too!

If you want to suggest anything, feel free!

Tolkien's Middle Earth[]

This is an essay I wrote on the topic of The Lord of the Rings. I hope you enjoy it, it can be found here.

The Story of Eru[]

A brief story of Erubadhron, told of his life in Middle-Earth. It can be found here


Textures can be found by clicking the links in the 'Handles' template at the bottom of this page.

Now announcing that I am accepting custom weapon requests. Just post a request here.

About Me[]

My name is Daniel, I’m 17 and I’ve been playing this mod for well over a year now and have enjoyed seeing it grow over that time. I hope to help this wiki become the one-stop-shop for minecrafters who use this mod to get all their information.

I love The Lord of The Rings and all of Tolkien’s other books set in Middle-Earth. As you may have guessed from my profile picture or even from my name, I also love Doctor Who. I live in Australia and I play basketball and cricket, I also have played the piano for a long time and I spend most of my spare time when I’m not at school doing these activities. Just like Areades I probably spend more time on the wiki than in game. I also do other crafts such as painting and wood-work, and I enjoy reading the works of John Flanagan.

In the future of this mod (when boats are added), I hope to command a trading fleet that travels the length of Middle-Earth's Western and Southern coastline. I will most likely have a large base in Lindon and a few smaller ones in other areas.

Biggest Contributions[]

1: (+6936) . . Near Harad Traders

2: (+5176) . . Blue Mountains Merchant

3: (+3971) . . Uruk-Hai Trader

List of Mod Favourites[]

NPC: Probably the travelling traders, either the Galadhrim Trader or the Blue Mountains Merchant or the Merchant of Near Harad. I like the message you get when they pop up in your location and I think the idea behind the mobs themselves are really cool.

Hireable Unit: Slaves of Nurn and Black Uruks. The Mordor Spiders Riders are also cool (I live in Nan Ungol and in Near Harad)

Biome: The Vales of Andurin is my favourite biome as it is a beautiful place and I love the layout of the land here. Nan Ungol is also a favourite as it is where I currently reside. I also have a large fortress in Near Harad

Weapon Set: Black Uruk Bow and Black Uruk Scimitar, a Mithril Dagger as well.

Armour Set: I wear Black Uruk Boots, Leggings and Chestplate with a Black Dyed Leather Hat that has a White Feather in it.

Shield: Loremaster 2014 as it is a symbol of all the time I have spent on this wiki. I also probably feel closer to this shield because of the many hours I spent calculating my user rankings list which is used to choose who gets the shield. Thanks Mevans :D

Animal: Mordor Spiders, because they can climb everything, but also Elks because they look cool. Least favourite is the Dik-Dik because they lag out my game too much.

And if you have actually read through all this to the end and read all of it then you are the best human being on this planet :P :D

(Feel free to edit the section below and add your name if you actually read this far.)

List of The Best People Ever[]

  • Orneno Tauron
  • Faramir1234
  • Auraestus
  • Rayn Turammarth
  • Ashen_Soul
  • Beijing1000
  • Celebrimor123
  • Commandogregor1234
  • Direranger50
  • Duxarium
  • Edacnik
  • endermaster998
  • EpicSpacePanda
  • GandalftheTurquoise
  • Gen. Grievous1138
  • GimliBurper
  • Glflegolas
  • G.U.F.I.A.Z.
  • Heartgold1234
  • HerobrineFani112
  • High King Ithilion
  • Karos the Vanyar
  • Lizard squadron
  • Mandalor the Wolffe
  • MePlayzGamez
  • minimonke
  • MrHobit1234
  • NXT_20
  • Obsidianwiz
  • Rocket Engineer
  • Ronshol The Black
  • SamwiseFilmore
  • Shrek The Almighty Ogrelord
  • Sinthoniel
  • TheblueWizard
  • TheTennIsKnight
  • TheOther FTW
  • War Pig1237
  • zTrok
  • ThomasBricks

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