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Loremaster 2015: The Final Update

Welcome back! This update I was actually on time thanks to some timely reminding by Mevans so thanks for that. Anyway to the specifics. By default I included members that were active in editing main page articles in this list. If you are someone who resides primarily in the forums then don’t expect to see yourself on the list. Only data from wiki article, category, or template edits will be counted. This means that any user, talk, forum post, blog post or message will NOT be counted towards any scores as this page is being used to calculate who will get the Loremaster 2015 Shield.

Included in the main table are the top 10 users on the wiki this year, all of whom will be getting the Loremaster 2015 Shield! Congratulations! There are a few members who got quite close, so special mentions to War Pig1237 (39853), Bat (26441), Rocket Engineer (14860), Speganomad (19944), Thorin Stonehelm (11746).

Other users whose contributions were calculated to be between 1000 and 10000 bytes (in alphabetical order): Areades, Argali1, Auraestus, Beauhunt III, Commandogregor1234, Edacnik, Elestan Larcalaite, Eureka Enderborn, Faenor of the Silver Laurel, Feldpausch All4, GimliBurper, High Prince Imrahil, HubToo, MG, Patrick.vtap, Recneps and finally TheblueWizard.

Loremaster Shield Wielders 2015

1. Glflegolas (229970)

2. Mevans (160968)

3. Beijing1000 (150553)

4. Quipp (107233)

5. Sinthoniel (105664)

6. SamwiseFilmore (92141)

7. GandalftheTurquoise (88153)

8. Gen. Grievous1138 (64287)

9. Ffets (57813)

10. EpicSpacePanda (46215)

Loremaster Shield Wielders 2014

1. Beijing1000 (352167)

2. Glflegolas (216900)

3. Gen. Grievous1138 (125954)

4. Sinthoniel (109100)

5. Areades (99937)

6. Quipp (99146)

7. Ffets (55321)

8. Thorin11 (48100)

9. GimliBurper (14492)

10. Auraestus (11816)