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An accurate depiction of me

Greetings Drúedain I welcome thee to my humble home in the woods you found while I told nobody where it is...

Anyways, you visited me and now you probably want to know more about me.

Let me start off with my place of birth. I was born on the isle of Númenor in the Drughu woods a little time before Aldarion came to power. My Father's name was Knúfmë and my mother's is Frigae. My father was a notable Drúedain wise-man and he started what was soon to be my project, putting the Drúadan grammar on paper!

In my first few years I lived a happy live on Númenor, often playing with the Elven children, wich improved my Sindarin.

But then Aldarion came to power and many Drúedain (including my parents) got afraid of what would happen now and left the isle. When we entered the forest of Bughan's father we were led to his city, and there we had a further happy life and I became friends with Bughan.

Eventually my father died, but he didn't finish the grammar so I took that job upon me, but soon found it to be hard thus I asked Bughan for help and since then we've been working on it (soon to be finished).

I can speak Drúadan, Westron, Adûnaic a little and a bit of Sindarin.

Now I've told you something about me, tell me something about you and maybe we'll become friends

Friends on the wiki[]

  • WilliTheWyvern
  • z'Trok
  • CreeperKid354

My accomplishments[]

  • (soon to be) Creating a custom Drúadan grammar
  • Getting a shield for translators