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  • I live in New Mexico
  • My occupation is College student
  • I am Male

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A Bit About Me Edit

Hello, Person!  I have been keeping track of this wiki ever since I started playing the mod. In September 2017 I decided to finally get an account here so I could help out. I enjoy collecting and studying fossils, composing music, and writing stories in my spare time. I have a fairly large collection of fossils, as well as seashells, leaves, minerals, and more.

Some things that you may not know about me:

  • I have forged (ok welded, but forged sounds cooler) myself an enormous sword out of scrap metal.
  • I created the character Sir Lazuli long before I ever played, let alone heard of Minecraft. Though the name does come from the mineral “Lapis Lazuli” (I just like the sound of it), it is a coincidence that Lapis Lazuli is present in Minecraft and not the cause for the name.
  • I can be found on Discord.
  • I am not, however, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of the other mainstream social media sites.
  • I’ve taught myself bits of Python, Java, Ruby, and Swift.
  • Sir Lazuli has an amazing theme song.
  • Sir Lazuli doesn’t actually belong to Middle-earth, but rather a fantasy world I created.
  • I have played some Dungeons and Dragons.
  • My favorite board game is probably Catan. I particularly enjoy the Cities and Knights and the Seafarers variants.

Where I am from Edit

I live in a magical place called the Land of Enchantment (aka New Mexico). Here are some things you might not know about my home state:

  • The climate in many areas here is perfect for growing green Chile. We put this spicy food on just about anything you can imagine. It’s not hard to find it on or in pizza, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, omelettes, burritos, breads, soups, and just about anything else you can imagine (I’ve even seen places selling ice cream with green chile, though that is somewhat unusual).
  • Other major crops, besides Green Chile, include pecans, hay, and cotton. New Mexico also produces a lot of dairy.
  • A lot of farms use flood irrigation to water their crops. This method involves drawing water from rivers like the Rio Grande, channeling it through acequías, or ditches, and every week or so flooding the crop.
  • Every year in early October we have the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. This is the largest gathering of hot air balloons in the world, with over 500 participating each year.
  • While the High Desert biome does make up a significant portion of this state, New Mexico is not exclusively desert. There are also mountains and forests and plains.
  • In spite of many representations, there are no Saguaro cacti growing naturally in New Mexico! A much better desert plant to represent us is the Yucca, our state flower. We also have a lot of prickly pear and cholla cacti in places.
  • It’s not uncommon to see houses built out of mud here. The mud is fashioned into sun-baked bricks called Adobe. The style of adobe building influences almost all architecture across the state, but mostly only older buildings are actually built with this material. Occasionally a new building will be made with it because of its aesthetic appeal.
  • Chaco Canyon is a canyon full of stone Native American ruins that are around a thousand years old. Roads have been found radiating out from it in straight lines across all of that corner of New Mexico. It also has three enormous stone slabs leaned against a cliff so as to shine on certain petroglyphs in a specific way during astronomical events like the solstice or equinox.
  • Our state fossil is Coelophysis bauri. Over a thousand skeletons of this small dinosaur were found buried in flood sediments at Ghost Ranch near Abiquiú (fifty miles north of Santa Fe, New Mexico).
  • New Mexico is covered with the remains of volcanoes, though none are still active. Notable ones include Capulin Volcano, an near perfect cinder cone, and the Jemez Mountains, a sprawling supervolcano that still has some active hot springs. There are also some areas with a strange landscape formed by recent lava flows, called Malpaís.
  • Around Christmas it’s not uncommon to see buildings decorated with luminarias instead of Christmas lights (though Christmas lights are still common). While there are fake electric ones, real luminarias are brown paper bags with sand in the bottom and a small lit candle on top of the sand. They do sometimes catch on fire if it is windy, but generally the bag just burns down to the sand level and stops without causing any major trouble.
  • The first atomic bomb was detonated at the Trinity site in New Mexico.
  • Besides the well-known Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico also has Lechuguilla Cave, the seventh longest known cave in the world. Its most notable feature is its enormous delicate gypsum crystals, which can be up to 20 feet long.
  • During the Ice Age, as hard as it is to believe, Woolly Mammoths inhabited New Mexico. I know a guy who knows a rancher who found some mammoth bones digging a well in his backyard (he declined to let paleontologists excavate the rest of the field, but donated most of the ones he dug up to the Natural History Museum).
  • New Mexico has a lot of turquoise. This blue stone is commonly found here in jewelry, especially with silver.

Pages Edit

These are just a couple links to lists of my pages.

Here is a link to my log of all my forum threads, if you are interested.

My Threads

This is a link to my catalogue of personal pages, really just for my reference.

My Pages

Lore Knowledge Edit

I have read The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales of Númenor and Middle-earth, and a few other shorter works by Tolkien. I have seen the movies, and overall I enjoyed them. I have always liked the books better, but I also think the movies (mostly The Lord of the Rings, not so much The Hobbit) contributed some good things to the world of Middle-earth. That being said, I am loyal to the original lore.

Favorites Edit

Some of my favorites with regards to this mod and Tolkien:  

Book: The Fellowship of the Ring  

Movie: The Fellowship of the Ring (Extended Edition)  

Character: Faramir  

Villain: Smaug  

Mod Weapon: Rivendell Sword, Barrow Blade, Dalish Longbow, and Pebbles. I also like Battlestaffs for their versatility.

Mod Armour Set: Gundabad Uruk Armour - the helmet just looks amazing. 

Mod Faction: Dale

Mod Biome: Vales of Anduin is a nice general wilderness area with enemies, traders, and beautiful terrain generation. Of all the places I’ve been to, however, the one that best recreates the atmosphere of the books is Eregion.

Mod Tree: Lairelosse, Pine, and Maple.

Mod Plant: I love the textures for Niphredil and Tears of Yavanna. I also think Reeds look awesome and I like their usefulness.

Mod Block: Quagmire

Mod Gemstone: Opal  

Mod Mechanic: Unit hiring  

Mod Achivement: Here be Dragons?  

Mod Title: [Pest Control]

 If I could add one thing to this mod it would absolutely be Dragons! Second to that the things I am most anticipating are siege weapons and functional muscical instruments.  

My Lord of the Rings Mod Bucket List Edit

These are some fun things I’d like to try in the mod in either the near or distant future. If I get around to any of these, I’ll mark them as completed.

  • Play as an Elf. Probably High Elves, just to try the different building styles and gameplay. I think it would be fun sometime. (Completed! I played as Rivendell for quite a while and made a very nice underground base).
  • Play as a Ranger of the north.
  • Play as a member of the Taurethrim. They are just so different, and I think the building style would be fun to try. (I have actually done quite a bit of building in creative mode for them). On that note,
  • Build an awesome Indiana Jones style Taurethrim temple in the jungle, filled to the brim with the most evil redstone traps imaginable. If I ever do this I might have to figure out how to share maps so people can try it for themselves (and die a bunch of times).
  • Slay the Hill-troll Chieftain in a survival world. Never done it, but I probably should. (I have only killed the chieftain on a server where bosses were broken so it was a pretty easy fight).
  • Slay a dragon, when added. I have of course defeated the Ender Dragon in a vanilla survival world, but I’d like to fight a fire-drake in Middle-earth.
  • Walk all the way to Harad in survival without teleporting to players who already have. I started the journey in singleplayer but reevaluated my life choices around the start of the Harondor Desert.
  • Get a white warg rug (real white warg, not ice Utumno warg).
  • Fight an Orc Dungeon. I’ve heard them but never actually dug one up, and in all my time mining I have not run into one. (Completed! - I ran into one mining. I have found many since).
  • Sail to Meneltarma.
  • Tame Gollum.
  • Hang a weapon rack on a wall and tell people it’s the Invisible Trident of Destiny.
  • Fish for rings on my birthday.

Sir Lazuli’s Story Edit

Please note, these events did not happen in Middle-earth, but in a different world of my own, so don’t worry that any of it is non-canon.

Sir Lazuli was once a simple potato farmer in a little village in the countryside. One day in late summer a dragon* descended from the sky and alighted in the potato field intent on attacking the village. Sir Lazuli faced it with nothing but a stout iron shovel, and miraculously fended it off. The wyvern left and the village was saved from utter ruin, but the potato crop was less fortunate. With the season coming to an end and his only living, the year’s harvest, ruined, Sir Lazuli took up some rusty armour and weapons he found in his attic, sold his land, and rode off on his plow-horse to slay dragons and defend the weak.

* I haven’t actually made up my mind whether I want this to be a dragon or a wyvern for the final story. I’m not sure which one better fits with the overarching plot.

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