This is simply a list of my personal pages, so I can keep track. Edit

Message WallEdit

Message Wall Greeting:Sir Lazuli My message wall greeting.


User:Sir Lazuli/sig My signature base page.
User:Sir Lazuli/sig2 My signature redirect page (for fixing image problems).
User:Sir Lazuli/thanksgivingsig My Thanksgiving signature base page.
User:Sir Lazuli/thanksgivingsig2 My Thanksgiving signature redirect page.
User:Sir_Lazuli/christmassig My Christmas signature base page.
User:Sir_Lazuli/christmassig2 My Christmas signature redirect page.


User:Sir Lazuli/scratch My scratch page for testing out wiki code.
User:Sir Lazuli/scratch/Recipes Just the complementary recipe page for messing around.

Forum PostsEdit

User:Sir Lazuli/threads My log of forum threads.


User:Sir Lazuli/kudos A write up for when kudos is not working.
User:Sir Lazuli/letter A test of a letter style template (WIP).

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