• My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
Tower Guard
Starplayer in his Tower Guard armour.
Combat statistics
Health Points 100
Armour General Swan Knight Armour
Armour Points 100
Attack Strength 50+
Faction Dol Amroth
Other information
Spawning locations Dol Amroth
Drops Nothing suckas!
Alignment Requirement 100000+ Gondor
Cost in Silver Coins 100000 coins
Hiring NPC General of Dol Amroth
Added in Unknown
In LOTR servers I will usually be a Gondorian (swan knight) or a High Elf of Lindon. Currently I am a Ranger of Eriador on the Age of Ascension LOTR server. Right now I'm trying to play the pacifist path. Wish me luck!

LOTR Servers I've played on Edit

  • Official
  • Steel Armies
  • The One Ring
  • Facenetcraft (now Alliances of Arda)
  • Alliances of Arda
  • IsildursBane
  • RoyalKingdoms
  • Third Age RP
  • Network of The Last Alliance
  • LegendNation
  • Awakening
  • Regimes of Middle Earth
  • A New Age: The Dominion of Middle-Earth 
  • Age of Ascension 

Interesting Facts about Me Edit

  • Played Minecraft since Indev
  • Only got an account about 1 year ago
  • Remembers the time when minecraft suvival was free and creative mode inventory sucked
  • When I used to play vanilla I was obsessed with creating battles between the zombies/zombie pigmen against the Iron Golems and my doggie minions. Since playing LOTR mod beta 21, I have moved on to making battles between the LOTR npcs.
  • Does several tests with LOTR npcs to test qualities and effectiveness
  • Uses alot of dwarven steel
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