About MeEdit

Hello there, Person! My name is Thr33Way (Though that name was unfortanatley taken on the wiki) and I'm a fan of This mod and Tolkien's book! I am sided with the free people as an Eorling of the Mark and adventure my way through Middle Earth excitedly, making both friends and enemies.


Favourite FoodEdit

I take the liking of eating Bread (especialy on the Official server) as it is easy to make and Rohan is one of the very few factions that have farmhands.

Favourite BiomeEdit

Obviously my favourite Biome is Rohan but I also like Ithilien, Umbar, the Far Harad Jungle and the Shire

Favourite WeaponEdit

I usualy use a mithril sword (legendary, orcbane, chilling and hardy) and sometimes a mithril halberd (lcuky, orcbane) for a bow I will use a Galadhrim Bow (Striking)

Favourite ArmourEdit

Certainly Mithril Armour for combat but otherwise Wood-elven Scout Armour. For looks Gondolinian Armour

Favourite NPCEdit

100% Oddment Collector

Favourite StructureEdit

I just love the design of Easterling Towns, though when the terrain is unevean it may look ugly

Favourite MountEdit

Patrick my Rohan Horse

Tolkien Books I've ReadEdit

  • Beren and Luthien
  • The Atlas of J.R.R Tolkien's Middle Earth
  • The Encyclopedia of Middle Earth
  • The Hobbit
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • The Silmarillion
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