The Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod Wiki

My favorite things to do in this mod[]

  • set good aligned structures on fire
  • if they cannot be set on fire proceed to blow up with orc bombs
  • set npc's on fire
  • wish for more structures so I can repeat the cycle
  • Visit X: [CENSORED!], Z: [CENSORED!]  <--- Thanks... for ruining my fun and help for the newbies, then again I forgot this even existed and it predated your policy on it (at least I think)

The real world[]

I like to: -learn large amounts of information about history, or science.



- mess around with friends

-talk to people I like


Favorite wiki moments[]

-Da powah to make circle of withrr skeleton skulz and bring bak Melkor. Yes that was Melkor2, he was... amusing.

-The stupid Jagex troll.

The person I despise.[]

-SamwiseFilmore, for not having the guts, to say he hated me to my face. Anyone who speaks ill of me behind my back is little more than a snake unworthy of any politeness, respect, or anything else of that sort in my eyes. My opinion of him is so low now that if he said he had a bad day in a chat or something my response would be "good" or "that's great".

The Nerd Trivia[]

Phyrexian symbol by drdraze-d6ba6hx.png

  1. What is the symbol?
  2. What is my profile picture?
  3. What is the Meneltarma?
  4. What is the main biome on Arrakis?
  5. Where is Trantor located?