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Hello Person,

welcome to my profile page.

Some informations about me can be found in the box on the right.
I'm the developer of the NEI plugin, the Music Pack Creator and other tools, for more informations about these see below.

Mods and tools created by me 

Official Discord server: Join now with: These mods/plugins/tools/... were created by me:

I'm contributiing to the following projects:

  • PvPMode : Allows players and servers to have more control about PvP
  • MPM LOTR : Fixed compatibility issues between MPM and LOTR

Feel free to give feedback or suggest new features!


My Github repositories can be found here:

The best features of the mod (outdated):

Features that I wish that they'll be added one day

  • Much more weapons
  • More depth (More flowers/grass-types/stone-variants, ...)
  • Various gameplay features, to example armour-weight
  • Clientside mounts Implemented
  • Cubic Chunks
  • ...