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Hello Herobrine, welcome to my page.

If you are looking for my texturing skills please go to my discord:

If you cannot use discord, feel free to leave a message on my message wall; however, I am much more active on discord.


Hi. Looks like you got past the texturing part of the page, which means you probably are bored and looking through profiles to see people in the community, so I'll give a bit of an introduction of what I've done, a short read, hopefully enjoyable, but if you want any other detail from me, contact me via discord or message wall.

Things I Have Done[]

I have made some music, as shown below. I have also created the armor you can see to your right. In case you were wondering, all of the metal in the costume is from cans. The helmet is a watering can, and the rest is soup cans. I am currently attending college, and thus do not have a lot of time, which means you won't see me on the wiki all that much, but I do check the skin requests board every now and then to make sure they get done. I could say more, but I won't, and I hope to speak to you later, cheers.


If you have read this short thing...[]

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