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About me[]

Me name be James Bladehound and I be guildmaster of the guild: Dragon Gardener. I started out in a guild called Drako Clan which I left at me first opprotunity. I then began me own guild, which I named Dragon Gardener . Oh, all this stuff is on me guild page already! If ye want to join me guild, leave me a message on me talk page and I'll give ye the code needed to join. As I've said before, there be a lot more on me guild page.

On the Wiki, I know a bit about making Userboxes and Page Banners, which I greatly enjoy. I write about the memorable events which take place in me guild. Events like the time when Mutineer Matt twice attempted to seize power from me and destroy the guild. Once again, you can read about that on me guild page.

My favorite pages[]

  • Dragon Gardener

My Pirates[]

  • Mevans ,The Pirate Captain
  • James Bladehound, Guildmaster
  • Gen. Grievous1138, The Gunner.
  • MysteryFTW, The Person who cleans the decks.

More Info[]

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